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Senior religious leaders declare that an act of Congress isincompatible with the core principles of the nation.. s question…
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You type your question and if it is unanswered someone or an expertcan answer your question, or if you have a friend on Answers.com. Anyone can answer a question on Answers.com if they sign up, so youare basically asking anyone.
I don't think that anything would be wrong with them. . . hmm. . . why dont you test them? Kidding. . .i wouldn't keep them if you're really trying NOT to get pregnant.
hi im here to help you ,Patients suffering from back painassociated with a herniated disc may find themselves looking tounderstand more about their condition and the herniated discsurgery options available. A herniated disc is caused by theintervertebral disc tearing or ripping, exposing the nucleus...
What will I be able to do when I've finished this with the rational and irrational numbers.
Pentose sugar Hydrogen bonds Nitrogen bases
If the woman is healthy and it turns you on it shouldn't do any harm, its definitely healthier then drinking coke.
de por si tener sexo sin condon seria una falta de responsabilidadcon tu pareja y contigo mismo.
You help others answer questions and ask questions yourself.
if you get it in your eyes then yes
There are no restrictions on pulling up information within anyclassroom, regardless of level. However, it would be wise toexamine any pages that are going to be shown to children ahead oftime, to make sure they are appropriate for the classroom. As withany wiki-based site, anyone can post here, and...
The answers here are "living documents," not just staticdiscussions. This site is very much like Wikipedia - in fact, ituses a modified form of the same software - but the tone isslightly different. People can come by and modify an answer to weedout the garbage and enhance a correct answer. That's...
Any normally functioning woman who has had her first period, but not yet had menopause. Call it 12 (low end) to 52 (high end). Fantastically unlikely cases like a 9 year old and a 63 year old being pregnant have been recorded. It's more usually 14 to 40.
Yes. Wikianswers is completely free to use.
if its DEAD its DEAD dont think about it
The odds are very low. Sperm only lasts for a few hours after ejaculation, and just wearing pants which have been ejaculated into would not provide for the penetration which facilitates pregnancy.
because there with the same man for the rest of there life
Most likely the white secretion in your genital area is a yeastovergrowth that can be easily brought back into balance with OTCremedies you can buy in a drugstore. You can ask the pharmacist forhelp. Best to get it checked out by a gynecologist, though, to be sure itis not a more serious infection....
Yes, there were several photographs featured in the magazine.
There is no scientifically accepted evidence that extenze works at all. This type of product does not go through the same trials and tests that prescription and over the counter drugs must pass. As such, there is no evidence of efficacy or safety, let alone time to "onset."
yes you can but if your under age to have sex you might have to sneak
a womens vagina returns to its original size after stretching to a certain level...pregnancy can cause it to stretch and physiologically its normal so its not harmful
Yes you can, although schools during operating hours are not a high-risk location. Note that any type of assault may occur pretty much anywhere, although some places are, of course. safer than others. Schools, being highly supervised, are typically amongst the most safe locations.
no but he can eat you out like with his mouth
For people, the correct meaning is someone who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. Some say any kind of sexual act with another person signifies lost of it, while others believe only sexual penetration of the vagina with a penis is qualified. It would depend on your views towards sex, but it's...
If you have been trying to get pregnant for one year or longer, see your Doctor and yourself and your partner can have some fertility tests performed. Sometimes you can be very fertile but cannot conceive quickly. There is no set time on when you can conceive, but I understand how frustrating and...
i tried and nope you can smoke them but they are harsh
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Yes...of course.
The penis grows during the period from birth until puberty ends. Itwill have grown some by 15 but you may still have some more growthto come. Be patient and remember everyone is different and havedifferent sizes just as in height and weight.
It depends if you use mixed bathrooms. Usually, building administrators counter this possibility by separating bathrooms: one for men and one for women. If you use mixed bathrooms, take appropriate measure to stop your potential pregnancy. I recommand using a modified hanger.
Because they don't answer questions and don't have anything more than basic.
ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, damien Marley + many more
Vinger in your bath water
This site allows you to ask and answer questions.
\nNo look on the box most of them are 79%effective
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Answer . \nYou can still become pregant when the are tied because all the sperm needs is alittle tiny hole to get threw and then you are pregant again.So there is still chances.. Answer . \nThis is exactly my situation now and Ive missed two periods, I am going to my doctor asap. I am so scared...
it should'nt because once u have sucked it to make it horney he will get a boner and it will feel so nice u will get caried away i have done it all the juice will feel nice
Condom are in penis shape. Intercorse should be a normal .a condom
egg usually released 14 days after first day of mentrual cyclebegins
The chances are slim as you can only get pregnant if you have an egg there. but you could ovulate later then you think or earlyer. get a test babe! (:. xo
Yes, gaining weight can affect your menstrual cycle, in the sameway that losing a lot of weight can. Your periods may becomeirregular, last longer or become shorter than usual.
If the contributor is registered and you are signed in, you can see which contributor asked a particular question or you can see from the question history who asked the question. You are also able to see what answers they provided. A registered contributors history can be viewed by clicking on that...
Pregnant women can be infected with STD's. Yes, you can get an STD while pregnant if you have sex with an infected person. In order to get the infection cleared up so your baby isn't infected during birth or in utero, have your doctor/midwife test you as soon as possible so you can begin treatment....
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Go to the Ritzscape website
These are the Completing the Sentences :) 1) Salvo 2) Prior 3) Perjury 4) Flagrant 5) Domestic 6) Nurture 7) Detest 8) Vigilant 9) Presume 10) Wrath 11) Flaw 12) Amiss 13) Fledgeling 14) Momentum 15) Brawl 16) Flustered 17) Notable ...
There are hundreds of people who answer questions here. Some of them are better than others. Some don't take the time to listen to the question and consider the age of the person asking it. I try to answer each question as well as I know how and in a way that the person will understand the answer....
1 st few weeks.. until then keep your dam leqs crossed... or take a pregnancy test
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Yes, this barbaric practice is still being practiced all over the world. A circumcision is the removal of extra skin on the end of a penis. The fact that the extra skin, (which is not an organ') is cut "around" the 'head" of the penis explains the name "circumcision", or 'cut around'. On a...
You can only become pregnant if the condom becomes torn or falls off during pregnancy.
Cyberbullying is not tolerated on this site. If it's not the norm,and an isolated incident, it'll most likely result in a warning.However, if it isn't isolated, or happens repetitively, the persondoing the bullying will be suspended from the site. If you mean in general, you might get in trouble...
Time! Waiting is the only way
First of all...urine comes out of the bladder and through another opening in front of the vagina, not through the vagina.
They do it for all sorts of reasons. I find it distasteful andintimidating. They should have laws against it. The naked part Imean.....the going places thing is OK with me. It's certainlybecome an epidemic and I am glad somebody wasn't afraid to addressit. Good on you.
It will prevent you from getting pregnant if you had unprotected sex prior to taking it.
In 2011, the Answers.com Scholarship has been offered for 4 consecutive years. The deadline for the 2011-2012 edition of the scholarship is March 28, 2011.
As far as you wish and have the willpower to resist.
Answer . Sure, if that is normal for you!!! No one said woman HAVE to have a doctors cycle (28 days).... If you are trying to get preg. than it will be harder for you to time... but if they are EXACTLY 3 mo. apart, then you ovulate 14-15 days BEFORE your period comes..... You will also have other...
You can take an at home pregnancy test 14 days after conception (the day you think you got pregnant). You should look for symptoms such as fatigue, missed period (the most obvious and sure symptom every woman will experience), headaches, heightened sense of smell, upset stomach, etc. Not every woman...
Because it feels really nice (is one of the best feelings you can have) It is completely natural. It is not wrong, animal or dirty. Maybe calling it 'making love' will make you feel better about it.
There is no other body part that has any relationship to or bearing on penis size.
These are the top searched terms for kids 8-12: Youtube Google Facebook Club Penguin Youtube.com You Tube Miniclip Yahoo eBay
The US Supreme court saw that it's better for women's health and privacy to have the choice and the Roe Court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution, thereby subjecting all laws attempting to restrict it to the standard of strict scrutiny.
She wrote a total of 124 letters from 14 different places to manypeople hope i could help for more info go onto Google.com and typein: Abigail Adams letters
Answer . It's a clear fluid that the male's produces before he ejaculates. It does contain some sperm but not a lot of it. And yes you can get pregnant from it but its a very low chance. . it is a clear sticky fluid it does have some sperm in it and you probably have it if you are young.that year...
not as much as you would think
His penis gets hard and erect.
ask a exper or in the settings
I don't think a person can answer that for another. I don't think anyone should have sex because they are pressured. A guy and gal always remember their first time forever. I think the right age, is when you are old enough to talk openly about birth control and protection and be able to pay for it....
You can't. It is illegal and you will be suspended/ expelled from school. There is no reason for this behavior.
Anyone who leads a team or is responsible for other people in a  company can be called a manager; it depends on the coporate  structure of a company whether or not management is titular in this  case.
Why do you want to show it to a teacher or why does the teacher want or need to see it?
Shave it. Getting rid of pubic hair helps decrease the amount of bacteria growing down there. Also, wash it regularly(every day). If it still smells bad, you may have some sort of infection and should see your doctor. No you don't shave it! The hair is there to keep it ventilated to prevent...