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Santa Claus is the legendary figure who brings gifts to the homes of the good children on Christmas Eve, December 24.
Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola.. Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola.
if i assume you meant to say santa, the south pole, in a little hut with gas central heating as it is very cold. nah just the south pole
Because it's exciting for young kids having a jolly nice man come round to your house and gives you presents.
The only pronoun is the sentence is you . It is a personal pronoun.
Some people think there was a Christian Saint Nicholas and he became St. Nick, to Santa Claus. This Saint Nicholas gave presents out to people, and gave them present from his heart, such as love or joy. He still gives out presents on Christmas to this day.
It is spelled Santa Claus.
No one really knows but they are most commonly described wearing Santa's outfit only green and instead of boots they have pointy green shoes. Some people think they wear red.
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No santa is not real ok?
Christmas is very educational because you learn a lot about Jesus Christ and Saint Nicholas. You can also learn about Advent and Christmas symbols. It's always fun to learn how other countries celebrate. I love hearing the story of the candy cane each year. I hope this tells you why Christmas isn't...
Santa claws does not have a religion he is just a character to make kids good
Only Mrs. Claus knows for sure.
Answer . i need someone to help me.
I believe Santa Clause where's boots because it's his favorite and to keep his socks clean.
To get it you must log on on 2008 Christmas or get it from Razor Blade from 4 people ( the hats are randomly selected and the sanat hat is almost impossible to get )
No one knows. Santa (also known as St. Nicholas) was left on the door step of his foster parents house so no one quite knows his REAL parents.
there are alot of countries that don't believe in santa u know u could really just find the answer on wikipedia or google it
You take a picture of him in the chimney, and with his flying reign deers. Then they will believe you if it looks real. Remember to have Santa on your house with the reign deers.
It's a novelty item with little or no value to a numismatic collector.
Clicking the little green arrow next to "History Politics and Society," then "Holidays and Traditions," then "Christmas," then "Santa Claus," and you well see "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The shortcut to the subcategory is here:
If you do something bad, Santa will always forgive you. Trust me, we're pretty close. You can be nice to your sisters and brothers, help people or even just let your parents watch something on T.V. for once. But like I said, Santa will definitely forgive you. Family fued: Chores, Be Good
No, no. Santa is definitely not a spring chicken. :)
Santa :) Santa, simple as that.
santa is originally from saint nickoles
That's usually something that Santa and the parents work outtogether when he comes. Often, you give something to your son andSanta brings him something too. But when finances are tight, itmight only be Santa.
Catholic Answer Santa Claus is what we call, in the modern world, Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a bishop in the fourth century, and, so, of course, was seen by everyone back then. Since then he has gone to heaven, and, so, we normally can not see him unless God grants a miracle, like the one...
Santa died before the dinosaurs because HE NEVER LIVED. Idiots. Or if he did live then he had moulded away to a Skylab years ago. Hahahahah Some people believe Santa is living with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Kennedy in a secret grotto under the sea that the Little Mermaid lent them for...
yes. it's the traditional way.\n
Answer . Toronto Santa Claus parade is on Sunday November 18th 2007 starting at 12:30PM
You can do it in under 24 hours
I think you might be mistaken. Santa brings gifts for everyone whois good. It isn't always exactly what you asked for though, andsometimes it isn't even a physical gift, but he realizes that youare more in need of emotional help or need a gift of healthsomewhere in your life. Even if he can't give...
Yes, Santa gets frequent visitors. People want to come see him andthe elves and the reindeer and tour the factory, etc. But Santa ispretty busy, so he has to make the whole place hard to find so onlya really dedicated people can find it.
The voice was Tom Bosley.
perhaps just wear a costume.\n
No he is not real because the real santa clause died a long time a go
There was a real man a long long time ago in th Netherlands called "Sinter Klass". He actually lived and used to give to the poor. This is where the tradition of "Santa Claus" comes from. The legend of Santa Claus originated in 19th century by the poem "A Night Before CHristmas" by Clement C. Moore....
No these are all stories only, mainly to excite little children.
Ruldoph, Cupid, Comet, Donner, Blitzen, Dadher, Prancer, Dancer, Vixon
He forgot to pay his cell bill.
No I do not think so maybe but I never have. I have sat on his lap and told him what I want for Christmas before but I have never called him. So I dont know I think you can call him but you would have to get his number ;)
cocacola didn't invent santa clause,a group did, and santa is just something that cocacola used to promote their buisness
if memory serves me right its because the postal service sent him all mail addressed to "santa clause," and because supposedly the postal service never sends mail to the wrong person, that would mean he is santa clause.
because hes a christian get it if u dont laugh, u will wish you had. biches
Christmas is December 25th. So according to today, Feb. 27, Christmas will arrive in 9 months and 26 days. Start counting down from now!
Santa or St. Nicholas was born in a place located near Turkey around 280 A.D.
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.
Certainly and the Easter bunny too, but not the tooth fairy
ivette flores did
no body killed santa he is real
not really is a very hard work to make such a toy it takes about 6 days to make one that's allot of work for Santa poor him we should treat him good not really bad like some people do allot of that
in what language? specific please.
My opinion is that he is a good guy, trying to promote happinessand kindness and generosity. Unfortunately of course, his imagegets co-opted to get people to spend money and promote bad movies,but you can't really blame that on him, I would say. He gets a badrap.
No, sorry to fellow Spongebob fans. :) It means you are afraid of small, tight spaces.
Santa's diet is milk and cookies.
Comes galletas y leche para tu merienda
cooler than cool
yes she is
Santa Claus is the spirate of christmas
Only at an indoor swimming pool. Otherwise, in the North Pole, itis way too cold.
No and yes if u know what i mean
Santa isn't real. So no. Think about it; nobody's perfect. So there is no 'good' kids. Nobody can be perfect for 365 days, and no reindeer can fly. So, even if you are a brat all year, you'll still get gifts from your PARENTS because they are SANTA!
santa comes every where around the world so yes he gives gifts to children there to!
He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize one year.
gerrard, didier, francoise, laurent... etc. that kind of thing, you know french names.
Yes most Brazil children belive in santa [ so if you go to Brazil do not tell them he is not real ok]
Not all people believe in a fatty bomba Santa Claus. I believe the true answer: Jesus' birthday and I think the non-believers of Christ made that up to have something to do
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yes coca cola was green now it is brown that is because the add a different flavour a long time ago it tasted different so now it tastes different with the different colour
Because people have gotten to the point that they need to make things up to get offended about...they claim that "ho ho ho" is like saying ho as in a woman that sleeps around. This really is the reason, believe it or not.lmfaowroflffjefjgjki
ummm, now dasher, now dancer, now prancer and vixen? On Comit, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen? That thing? i don't know of anything else......
48 hours. If it takes him 24 hours for 1 night then it would take twice as long. If he were real. My dad told me he wasn't.
is a man who goes to your house and puts gift in your house for christmas but he puts gift when you are asleep so go to sleep on christmas night so you will get gift only if you behave good and he looks who is behaving bad so behave good and merry christmas to all of you
It has a name, it is just called the gay sleigh.
Christians do not celebrate Santa's birthday. Christians are known for celebrating Jesus Christ birthday. This celebration is held during the morning of 25 on December.
Hawaiian is a language on its own. Therefore, Hawaiian names are used in Hawaii and English names are used in the US and other English speaking countries.
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