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Australian Prime Ministers

The leaders who shaped Australia's politics, from Federation to the present. Questions should pertain to their policies and laws, and their lives, both political and personal.
Western Australia is a state of Australia, and it does not have a Prime Minister, but a Premier. The 2013 premier of Western Australia is Colin Barnett. The position of Prime Minister is the one held by the leader of the entire nation.
One Australian Prime Minister was killed as a result of a swimming accident and two died natural deaths none of them died as a result of violence or political upheaval. Harold Holt Who disappeared while swimming off Cheviot Beach in 1967. John Curtin in 1945. And Joseph Lyons 1939.
Kevin Rudd comes from Queensland.
Joseph Benedict Chifley was Australia's 16th prime Minister, serving from July 1945 until December 1949. . He was born in Bathurst, west of Sydney, on 22 September 1885. . Because Chifley's grandfather (who basically raised him) lost all his savings in the bank crash of 1892, Chifley developed a...
Liberals tend to favor policies that help the poor, workers, and middle class. They would favor individual liberty, support the right of workers to engage in collective bargaining, and endorse public education, public transportation, and a single payer medical insurance option.
The Australian political system is Still part of the British Monarchy, so Queen Elisabeth is still the titular head of the government of Australia. The Governor general is the Queens representative or go between so to speak. The Governor general is an Australian appointed to the job by the...
John Howard did not become president, as Australia is not a republic and therefore does not have a president. Australia's leader is called the Prime Minister. John Howard became Prime Minister of Australia in March 1996, a position he held until November 2007.
Kevin Rudd was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia and a Labourparty politician. His hobbies include horseback riding, shootingtargets, cricket, and writing children's books.
In Australia No one knows who you have voted for, because voting is done by secret ballot. and your privacy while voting is enforced by law. Any one that chooses can vote for whoever the want to in Australia. Australians don't vote for a prime minister, they vote for a representative to represent...
John brown was an abolitionist that lived from 1800-1859. He had 20 children, was widowed once, and married twice. John was born in Connecticut and raised in Ohio. He spent time in Kansas during the war over slavery in that territory (prior to statehood). He was an expert in fine sheep and wool in...
Robert "Bob" Hawke, who served as the Prime Minister of Australia between March 11, 1983 and December 20, 1991, was born on December 9, 1929, and, as of February 2010, is still alive.
I cant see why not, the way the system works it is up to the majority in Parliament to decide who is going to be the prime minister, and so long as the people vote for that majority there is no reason for that majority to uninstall their leader. . In support of the above answer - as long as the...
The two prime ministers were: James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher.
No, Edmund Barton was the second choice after Lyne could not gain the support of the house.
The full name of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Menzies was Robert Gordon Menzies.
Edmund Barton was initially appointed, not elected, as Australia's first Prime Minister. He took office in 1901 . Sir Edmund Barton assumed the office of Prime Minister on 1 January 1901, and was elected to the post on March 29 of the same year. He remained Prime Minister of Australia until 30...
Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister on 24 November 2007 and sworn in a week later on 3 December.
In 1960, Australia's Prime Minister was Robert Gordon Menzies.
The Prime Minister of Australia during 1990 was Robert 'Bob' Hawke.
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Bankstown Sydney.
Many must have as he is still Australia's longest serving Prime Minister.
Alfred Deakin started supporting the fedeation because he thought that it was the right thing to do
Edmund Barton was born in 1849 and died in 1920 and belonged to the Protectionist Party. Apart from being Australia's first Prime Minister from 1901-1903, he created the Federal Arbitration Court and the High Court of Australia, of which he was a founding justice. After he retired from politics...
Herbert Henry Asquith from 1908 until 1916 and David Lloyd George from 1916 until 1922.
The Australian Labor Party is said to have originated under the "Tree of Knowledge" at Barcaldine, Queensland, as a result of the need for workers' representation during the Great Shearer's Strike.
Yes, I think so. . No, he has three older brothers. Their names are Stanley, Walter and Robert (oldest to youngest).
Because Australia is a democracy, his party (the Liberal Party of Australia) held the greatest number of federal seats in the House of Representatives. Because the party had elected him as their leader, he then became the Prime Minister. Although Howard lost the 2007 election, before that he was...
As Deputy Prime Minister, Francis Forde took over as Prime Minister when John Curtin died suddenly whilst still in office. When the election was held a week later, Ben Chifley won over Forde, thus becoming Australia's new Prime Minister.
William Morris 'Billy' Hughes was Prime Minister of Australia from 27 October 1915 to 9 February 1923.
In February 2010, the Prime Minister of Australia is Kevin Rudd of the ALP, and the leader of the Opposition is Tony Abbott, of the Liberal Party.
His occupation is Prime Minister of Australia.
Sir Edmund Barton died on January 7, 1920 at the age of 70.
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Alfred Deakin was born on August 3, 1856 and died on October 7, 1919. Alfred Deakin would have been 63 years old at the time of death or 158 years old today.
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John Howard was and is a member of the Liberal Party of Australia. Howard originally joined the Liberal Party in 1957. He served as its leader from 1985-1989 and 1995-2007. He was the second longest serving leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister behind Sir Robert Menzies (1939-1941 and...
Winston Churchill, who had been British Prime Minister throughout much of World War II, was beaten at the election in May 1945, so on VJ day in August 1945, his successor Clement Attlee, who had been his deputy since 1940, was the incumbent Prime Minister.
Former Australian prime minister Anthony "Tony" Abbott is 60 years old (birthdate: November 4, 1957).
Sir Robert Menzies died of a heart attack on 15 May 1978.
Australia had three Prime Ministers during the period of time in question. Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister from 11 November 1975 - 11 March 1983. Bob Hawkes was Prime Minister from 11 March 1983 - 20 December 1991. Paul Keating was Prime Minister from 20 December 1991 - 11 March 1996.
Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920) was the first Prime Minister of Australia upon Federation of the colonies in 1901. Edmund Barton was from the Protectionist party. He served for 2 years, 8 months and 24 days. Barton resigned in 1903 and later went on to be Australia's first supreme court magistrate.
Robert Gordon Menzies served as Prime Minister of Australia on twodifferent occasions, so was succeeded by two different men. Following Menzies' first term in office, which lasted from 26 April1939 until 28 August 1941, the next Australian Prime Minister wasArthur Fadden, for just two months until...
Joseph Lyons died on April 7, 1939 at the age of 59.
No. Paul Keating was the 24th Prime Minister of Australia.
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Australia's longest serving Prime Minister was Sir Robert Gordon Menzies . He served from 10 December 1949 to 20 January 1966. He was Prime Minister for over 18 years in total. Prior to his second term, he had a much shorter stint as Prime Minister, from 26 April 1939 to 28 August 1941.
which state did Edward Gough Whitlam come from?
All Australian Citizens 18 years or over (voting age) who are sitting Members of Parliament may be appointed leader of their political party at any time whether that be the Opposition or Government.
No. Julia Eileen Gillard was the first female Prime Minister of Australia.
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He was Prime Minister in the eighties.
The seventh Prime Minister of Australia was Alfred Deakin, serving his third term in office. The seventh different Prime Minister of Australia was William 'Billy' Morris Hughes, as several of Australia's early Prime Ministers served different terms.
Edmund Barton is known for being Australia's first Prime Minister.
The Australian prime Minister in 1916 was William 'Billy' Hughes.
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John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister from 1996 to 2007, is not a Catholic. He is a Christian, however, and was raised as a Methodist. He has also been known to attend the Anglican church. the current leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, is a devout Catholic.
Australian forces operated in MR3 (also known as III Corps). They primarily fought in the battles of Long Tan, and Firebases Balmoral and Coral in '68. Australia was the only allied nation to field it's own tanks during the war; their Centurion medium gun tank (20 pounder/84mm).
Harold Holt was sworn in as Australia's Prime Minister on Australia Day, 26 January 1966.
James Callaghan was never the Prime Minister of Australia.
No. To date, there has been no indigenous Australian Prime Minister.
John Howard is in the Liberal Party.
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Robert Gordon Menzies - 1949-1966 Harold Edward Holt - 1966-1967 John McEwen - 1967-1968 John Grey Gorton - 1968-1971 William McMahon - 1971-1972 Edward Gough Whitlam - 1972-1975 John Malcolm Fraser - 1975-1983 Robert James Lee Hawke - 1983-1991 John Paul Keating - 1991-1996 John...
The Australian Prime Minister in 1940 was Robert Menzies.
John Howard , of the Liberal Party of Australia, preceded Kevin Rudd, who was elected in 2007.
He talks a lot as for leadership we wont know until he gets another term in office.. Given that his popularity rating is low, it is debateable whether he is a good leader. In his favour, he is diplomatic in his relations with other countries. However, in his attempts to shore up Australia during...
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That is a ridiculous statement Australia is doing well as a democracy.
Edmond Barton was appointed to the High Court of Australia.
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There have been 27 different men who have served as Prime Ministerof Australia. Some of these have served more than 1 term, ondifferent occasions.
Different parts of Australia's Welfare system are administered through different portfolio's.
Probably to stop communist aggression; it really wasn't a military secret. The Australians had been fighting communists long before they landed in Vietnam.
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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd say sorry to all Indigenous Australians because: . Some says it because of the "Bringing Them Home" report which is selling more copies than other report. . Some also says its because John Howard is too coward to do it so Kevin Rudd has to do it. . Many non-Indigenous...
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The new Parliament House in Canberra was completed in 1988. ThePrime Minister at that time was Robert 'Bob' Hawke. When construction on the new Parliament House began, the primeminister was Malcolm Fraser.
He had 9 brothers and sisters altogether. He was the youngest.
Robert 'Bob' Hawke was a former Australian Prime Minister. A hawk is a type of bird.
Harold Holt was Prime Minister of Australia from 20 January 1966 until his disappearance on 17 December 1967 . Holt was officially presumed dead on 19 December 1967.
Harold Holt was Prime Minister of Australia from 20 January 1966 until his disappearance on 17 December 1967 . Holt was officially presumed dead on 19 December 1967.
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