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Greek Language and Culture

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The Greek language is the official language of the Hellenic Republic and has a total of 15 million speakers worldwide. It has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language, spanning 34 centuries of written records. The ancient Greeks were deeply religious and God-fearing people. They worshiped many gods whom they believed appeared in human form and yet were endowed with superhuman strength and ageless beauty.
νουμηνία, ας, ἡ or noumenia. It is feminine.
Doric order, Ionic order, Corinthian order and it's a certainassemblage.
Greek goddess Aphrodite was born of the foam from the sea afterSaturn (Greek Cronus) castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) and hisblood fell to the sea. Venus is Roman.
The children in ancient Greece did play, they made their own toys, they swam in rivers, they sold things at the Agora, or market.
go to fonts in a word document and then go to symbols
The Greek term mythos can mean either story, legend, or plot.
yes; greek money was called drachma my English teacher told us.
there was a drugged up naked girl spouting gibberish that a load of horny old men interpeted known as the oracle of Delphi
Greek = a greek man: Έλληνας (ellinas, pronounced Ell-ee-nass) Greek = a greek woman: Ελληνίδα (ellinida, pronounced Ell-ee-nidd-ah) Greek = a greek child: Ελληνόπουλο (ellinopoulo, pronounced Ell-ee-no-pooh-law) Greek ...
it may be polyester, im not sure
Reversal in tragedies: a change from one state of affairs within the play to its opposite.
Catharsis is the renewal of body and spirit. During greek tragedies, the events that take place are very catharsis for the audience.
I'm not going to lie, there was honestly not very many "good things" about living in Athens for a women. She was appointed a male guardian as a young girl (maybe 11-13) and he was to find her a husband and pay her dowry to her future husband's family. Then, after she was wed (against her will), her...
There are actually more than three Greek Gods.. The three MAJOR Greek Gods are Poseidon, the God of the water and sea, Hades, the God of the Underworld and darkness, and Zeus, king of the Gods, and the sky God.
known for being the bravest and most adventurous in ancient greece he was the son of a king named lolcus lived with other parents chiron the centour
because he was a big and strong man and was the Heroe of Greece .
Darin = Δαριν
no he is of Italian decent
Greek potter was used to hold olive oil and wine. It was sold toother cultures who admired the art on the pottery as well as whatwas inside. The figures painted on the pottery tells us much aboutlife in ancient Greece.
The Greeks did. They live in Greece.
The prefix tri- is Greek and Latin.
Th. Kolokotronis, G. Karaiskakis, A. Diakos, O. Androutsos. M. Mavrogenous, L. Mpoumpoulina.
I believe it is a transliteration of ζῷον, meaning 'living being' or 'animal'. It is thus the root of 'zoology' and all related terms.
pan is the god of the wild. all the satyrs worship him
Ancient Greece has given us democracy. They have also given us Theatre. Ancient Greece has also given us ideas in structural integrity.
Ancient Greece is most famous for being the foundation of allWestern society and culture . Philosophy, mathematics,religion, politics, logic, literature, and skepticism alldeveloped at least in part during the times of Ancient Greece. Themost prominent philosophical scholars, scientists,...
It is a Hebrew name meaning "Son of my right hand" ******** The corresponding name in greek is "Βενιαμίν" (Ve-neea-meen).
αντισφαίριση (antispherisi).
Macedonians are Greeks. There is no difference.
It was made in 8 century BC.
The letter zeta follows the letter epsilon in the Greek alphabet.
length of boat: 115-120 ft width of boat: 12ft length of oars: 8-8.5 ft height of boat: 8.5 ft distance between oars 2ft 9in
English has thousands of Greek words. Here are a few: telegraph telephone dinosaur philospophy chemistry physics psychology zealot
The modern day Greek word for "currency," specifically, is"nomisma." There may be a separate word more inclusive of othermoney-forms (precious metals, assets, etc.)
No, the Ancient Greek number system did not use zero as a place value, or number for that matter.
Gina is an Italian / Latin abbreviation of regina , meaning "queen." The Greek word is βασίλισσα (pronounced basílissa in Ancient Greek or vas í lissa in Modern Greek).
The semi circle theatres provided better view and acoustics for the audience.
Answer . ιερός. or: Αγία, as in the church of Holy Wisdom, Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, now a museum. The word is also translated as saintly, or divine.
no one, iris never married. in fact i think she was one of the three virgin goddesses!
Rainbow in the Greek language is : Ουράνιο τόξο
Aphrodite's the goddess of love. Love and peace are exactly alike.
The Gods/Goddesses being worshiped. . If you mean who lead the worship; that would be selectedpreists/preistesses who dedicated their lifes to the deity.
If you mean "how do you use it" in the general sense, you just write it over the stressed letter in a word.. If you mean "how do you type the tonos character with a UK or US keyboard", select Greek as your input language and press the ; key before the letter you want.. E.g. press ; then a to get Î...
there small so that you can carry it and move it around easily to block places of you body and round well i dont know why there round
Zeno of Elea, Ζήνων ο Ελεάτης (about 490 BCE-430BCE), was born (andlived most of his life) in ancient-Greek colony of Elea (Ελέα) inItaly. Today Elea is called Velia (from its Latin name), located near townof Ascea, in province of Salerno in the...
He is the son of the Thracian river god Oeagrus. no he's not he is the son of Apollo the god of the sun
There was no significant Greek god of color, however, there was Iris, goddess of the rainbow and delivering messages. Therefore, she was technically the goddess of color, as she controls the rainbow, which represents all of the colors we can see.
Not really nothing is really similar to Greek. Latin is the most similar language to Greek so therefore Italian and Spanish are the most similar languages today to Greek but Greek is probably the 7th most language similar to them. Some words are the same though, e.g Piscina, fantastica,...
it means grandma, and papooley means grandpa.
The Greeks traded grain and cows for other items they needed.
Lydia, in present day turkey in about 670 BC.
The Greek translation for 'You are a good friend.' is Είστε ένας καλός φίλος.
Son of Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths and artisans. He had a club foot and was married to Aphrodite, goddess of beauty. He made weapons for the other greek gods.
The Strongest creature in Greek mythology has got to be a minotaur HELLS NO the strongest is typhon he is the strongest he almost killed all the gods combined
Ιδιοκτησία (eedheeokteeseea)
A polis ( πόλις , pronunciation [pól.is], ['pɒl.ɪs] in English) -- plural: poleis ( πόλεις , pronunciation [pól.eːs], ['pɒl.eɪz] in English) -- is a city, a city-state and also citizenship and body of citizens. When used to describe...
No you call them hellenes
Gyro! (Pronounced Year-oh) Gyro is a combination of Lam and Some times cow meat, and plenty of spices! It's commonly served with Pita Bread, i personally love it with Greek Ranch YUMO!
After the Greek War of Independence, successfully waged against the Ottoman Empire from 1821 to 1829, the nascent Greek state was finally recognized under the London Protocol in 1830. In 1827, Ioannis
Τέχνη (Tekhnee)
The scrolls were mostly used for scholarly texts.
Macedonian but he had great greek influence from his teacher Aristotle
Zues, Poseiden, Hades, Dionysus, Hephestus, Hermes, Appollo, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Artimes, Demeter.
This is not an opinion , but historical fact nimrod and his mother and wife . Calmed to be all these gods .
Nope hes English but his parents are portuguese
The Greek villages were isolated because the rivers flood when they were not supposed to.
Γέλιο (yelio)
there is many weaknesses for Cerberus but for example do the song of Orpheus's beat him to the ground if you have the strength of Heracles feed all the heads or show him a little kindness.
People in Greece eat dinner late, around 8-11pm. This seems to go for both adults and kids, in the cities and in the country, whether eating out or at home. Restaurants tend to be fullest at 10:30pm. They stay up late, wake up early, and have an afternoon siesta to make up the difference.
In greek salad is called σαλάτα (pronounced salata)
No, Gentiles are any non-Jews.
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The language of Kos is the Greek.
I believe all languages slowly evolve from others, but Greek couldhave very well been developed wrere modern.
Well they wore draped dress and they battle
The Greek goddess of the sea is Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon.
ok there were cyclops and minatour
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Άνθηση, άνθισμα (anthese, anthezma)