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Tourette's Syndrome

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Tourette's Syndrome is a disorder characterized by vocal and movement tics that cause people to shout, blink their eyes or clear their throat spontaneously. The disorder is named after French neurologist Georges Gilles de la Tourette.
Tourettes Syndrom is a condition in the Nervous System
not if the swearing is part of their tic. everything about tourettes is involuntary. there really is no way to control it. you can try to condition yourself into saying different words. i have successfully done it once
I have Tourette's, and just looking at that part, it can be hard. It depends on the severity of the disorder. First, there are motor tics and vocal tics. I have several motor ticks, but they're not as bad as they could be. I roll my eyes as a tic, move my eyebrows up and ears back, twitch my nose...
Tourette syndrome is characterized by uncontrollable vocalization
Yes, the syndrome isn't confined to either gender only.
Yes! Tourettes is hereditary. It usually passes through males, but it is common for females too. I'm a girl, but I got it from my dad and he got it from his. Now my brother is developing it. I have it the worst. My dad and brother have eye blinking where I'm all the way to head-jerking.
They don't, obviously they would be positioned to a lower class due to their behavior, such as handicapped type of class, which is for people with physical and mental disorders.
The life expectancy for someone with tourettes is no different than any other person of their same ethnicity, sex, or nationality.
Kids with tourettes should be smacked twice a day.
no, as of now there is no cure for TS, but there are medications to help although they are usually reserved for the more severe cases because their side effects may out way the actual tourettes itself.
Sorry to say, but there is no cure of any kind for Tourette's Syndrome. However, when I have a bout or I get a patient with a tic disorder, I tell them to read a book or do a puzzle, which disengages the part of the brain which causes the tics, resulting in an almost complete remission of the tics...
Some of my friends claim it does help theirs, but I personally wouldn't use it to calm mine. There is a medication for it that is going to be 1. cheaper than pot, and 2. Legal.
i have tourrets syndrome and i can remember wene it sarted and what i did by i only have minor tourets but i can hol d it in like big couds or in class but u know ene you have it if you have an erge too like make noises and some time's you want to fling your arms like punching making your arm tight...
No, Tourette syndrome is a human disease. There are some neurologic  conditions in animals in which similar signs can be observed, but  the premonitory urges and recognition of the tics cannot be  verified in humans. Therefore, while some animals may have outward  symptoms similar to what may be...
No... see "difference between ADD and OCD"
That depends if you are showing any of the symptoms.
Probably not. A nervous twitch could be a latent fear of the imminent rapture occurring.
Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that normally occurs in childhood. People with Tourette Syndrome tic, and tics are repetitive movements that they can't control. People with Tourette Syndrome can grow out of it, and they can be just as successful as someone without Tourette Syndrome....
I have Tourettes syndrome, and I've been to the doctor for a true diagnosis. No there's not a cure, but there are medications that reduce the severity of the tics. There are side effects like weight gain and acne just like any other medication.
Tourette's is often associated with Tics. They are basically repetitive and uncontrollable outbursts of movements or speech. Most common are eyes that twitch or blink alot and even people who keep jerking their heads. There are many different kinds of tourette's though, as far as specific movements...
Most people with Tourette's syndrome do grow out of it. It usually  manifests itself at around the age of seven and peaks by 14. By the  early 20s it has usually gone away, although the OCD, ADHD,  anxiety, or whatever else accompanies the Tourette's may last  through adulthood with the actual...
Usually schizophrenics have a flat, monotone voice. Sociopaths also don't have emotions.
Yes they can. People with Asperger's shockingly and usu. have a combination such as having Aspergers and OCD, or ADD, depression, anxiety, and Tourettes. In some cases developing schizophrenia can occur.
its a genetic thing, you either have it at birth or not at all. it usually expresses itself about age 4, but it can be younger or older. if it starts when you are older than 18, you have to be checked by a doctor as this might be something more serious.
It as first discovered by Danish physician Petra Jacobsen. It was discovered through genetic testing of children, thought to have genetic disorders. Its also referred to as 11q terminal deletion disorder
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yes, if you have TS you are born with it, but you often don't know you have it until it manifests itself. usually between the ages of 2 and 18
No, not at all. Tourettes Syndrome is not dangerous at all. Someone with tourettes has occasional "tics" where their body jerks or they say something they don't mean to say. It is very difficult to control tourettes and scientists have only recently begun discovering how to help someone with...
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If I am right, you are asking this question because you yourself have the condition and what to avoid your child having it too. So I must say that as with ANY genetic condition, there is NO WAY to limit the chances of having a positive child. It is all just luck, like a game of Russian Roulette, but...
Tourette's Syndrome is a genetic disorder. If you have it, it will almost always have shown symptoms by age 5.
Yes, almost certainly the way to test this is to try and prevent yourself from doing it then if you eventually have to do it then, yes
Something that is not a quiet job. Teaching is a great choice, so long as you can focus and have the kids understand that what you are doing is something that they can't be controlled.
No. Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder, typically caused by an abnormally structured basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex. It may also be related to levels of noradrenalin, seratonin and dopamine in the brain. It is not a mental disorder. Evidence suggests that individuals with...
Because some people are just *bleep* holes!
There are tests, but it is usually quite obvious, twitching, strange noises. But none of this is evident in the persons sleep. The twitching and noises are going to be consistent.
Vocal tics include throat clearing, grunting, snorting, squeaking, sniffing, coughing, humming, barking, spitting and virtually any repetitious vocal noise that is not a recognizable word. They are also repetitious in nature and vary in intensity, sometimes being said just under the breath, other...
Tics are classified as either simple or complex. Simple motor tics are sudden, brief, repetitive movements that involve a limited number of muscle groups. Some of the more common simple tics include eye blinking and other eye movements, facial grimacing, shoulder shrugging, and head or shoulder...
It doesn't feel like anything, it feels like a muscle spasm. It is uncontrollable.
There's no evidence of such.
It can cause uncontrollable movements, like jerking the hands, arms, etc., and it can cause the person to say things suddenly or even shout things that they would not normally say or shout.
Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that can cause behaviorial outbursts and has no permanent cure and no Mozart did not have Tourette Syndrome he had ADHD.
Tourette Syndrome is, often (depending on severity), not a fun condition to have. Many sufferers may be unwilling to put themselves in spotlight. That being said, there are documentaries of interviewed Tourette's sufferers, one called 'I swear I can't help it'. Such documentaries are usually quite...
Most people understand it as a disease that makes you shout out random things and most commonly, people with Tourette's will shout out curse words at adulthood during any type of random conversation. For example, if you were to say, "May I sing a song for you?" (Stealing from dick figures) Instead,...
No, they originate from an inherited neurological disorder. You don't get to blame society for your messed-up genes.
You have finally grown up. But you don't ever get excited is the sign of insane. A person is mentally disturbed and he does not know who he is. Such a person is mentally and physically is exempted for ever from excitement.
"Tics" are the symptoms of T.S. It can manifest through motor tics (movement of a body part) or vocal tics such as making sounds. And also, only ten percent of cases are manifested through cursing, unlike the wide misconception.
Nope, people with Tourette Syndrome are just like anyone else, if they have good friends and family who will help them through it he/she will practicly forget it's there and so will everyone else.
The "Tourettes Guy" is a viral video off of Youtube who makes jokes and satirizes Tourette's syndrome, a medical problem in which it's carriers have strong mental disruptions.
  Tourette's Syndrome (also known as Tourette's Disorder) is a fairly common childhood-onset condition that may be associated with features of many other conditions, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, non-OCD anxiety disorders, Executive Dysfunction,...
As far as I know, there is no cure for this disorder. My Brother-in-law's friend Jim has it and he says he will have it for life. Sometimes it just goes away in the late teen years. That happened to me. However, I think marijuana might have been what cured it. I smoked once and the tics dropped to...
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Brain imaging techniques have shown subtle abnormalities in the basal ganglia area of the brain in some people, however another study showed changes in activity in the basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex.
The name of the main character in, "The Tourettes Guy", is Danny, played by Tony Six. Supporting actors also include Scott Bates and Bridgit Mendler.
It is not. I have it.
absolutely not, it is a genetic disorder that you are born with signs and symptoms typically show up around the ages 5-7 years of age.   Although, it is a genetic disorder certain foods may increase symptoms and it can be minimised by change of diet. Cutting out yeast or any other food that slows...
People with Tourette's syndrome are often found swearing because they are unable to control their compulsion. Only 10% of people who suffer from Tourette's syndrome struggle with compulsive swearing.
If one is having tics, head jerking or barking for example, there is a possibility of having Tourettes syndrome. Not all tics are caused by Tourette, so if one is having them, one should pay a visit to a doctor for examination.
I Have Tourette's but Tourette's Doesn't Have Me was created on 2005-11-12.
He is 14, born 9/8/99 and yes, he does have Tourette's Syndrome. ALong with OCD and ADHD, though none affect his acting or singing negatively. In fact, it has been said that while acting and singing, his tics go away completely.
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by genetics. if you carry the gene you have a 50 percent chance of showing signs. boys are more likely to show symptoms
    Yes. died in a car wreck 18 months ago.
Anna La Tourette Blauvelt has written: 'The piece bag book' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Sewing, Weaving
absolutely i am 13 years old and my brother has tourette's syndrome his tics are very bad and he is able to take strattera. just look into it with the family pschychiatrist.
There is about a 50/50 chance that a child will be born with Tourette Syndrome unless if the mother and the father have it there is a greater risk but not 100 percent in most cases
tourette syndrome is by the tics in the brain that makes you do rapid moment or vocalization.
== 'Front of the Class' ==   The questioner is possibly referring to the movie called Front of the Class, which is based on the book called "Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had" by Brad Cohen. This "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movie was due to air on CBS on...
== No Alex doesnt.But Nat and their dad Michael does . ==   == ==
No- it is a specific psychological condition that causes people to swear, make vulgar or profane comments or jokes at inappropriate times, spit, break wind and behave in other non-violent anti-social ways. But it cannot lead to madness.
People with parents who have it- 50% Boy- 3-4 times more than girlsPremature babies- Connection unknown
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Yes but,he doesn't like to talk about it. He got it from his dad,but its not as bad as it use to be. He can control it,most of the time.He does and he got it from his dad he can control it now so it is like he does not have it he is also very passonit about tourette syndrome
i have turrets syndrome i say bad words and races stuff i am 12 years old and i have a family of 30 ants and uncles and like 50 cousins and i am the only person in my family that has it. apprx. 1 in 1000 kids have tourettes
  Treat me just as you would anyone without Tourette's Disorder. I am who I am in spite of my tics.
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    No. Mental and emotional problems are not treated surgically unless they involve tumors.
it's a genetic disorder, meaning you get it from your parents. although it may not have manifested itself in your parents or perhaps their tics weren't noticed as a problem and they grew out of them as tourettes was not well-known until recently.
  yes as this syndrome can cause trouble especially around machinery. But I bet the answer is no.
    Dextroamphetamine and other stimulants may aggravate the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome, and are not at all indicated for use when it might be present.     Short answer: NO!
 The treatments for Tourettes are as follows:    treatments that do not  involve taking medication - relaxation and behavioural  therapy   medication - the  three types of medication that may be prescribed are  alpha2-adrenergic agonists, muscle relaxants and dopamine  antagonists  ...
Answer . It appears to be referred to as both. See: http://www.answers.com/tourette%27s?cat=health&gwp=11&method=3&ver=
Mostly they sleep with their eyes closed.   Tourette's syndrome patients often have cause  difficulty falling asleep. They may be restless during sleep, may  talk during sleep or may sleepwalk or have nightmares.    People with Tourette's syndrome can also go a long while or a short  time...
The only real way to diagnose the condition is to talk to a specialist, but in general, tourettes is characterized by an involuntary tic, noise or speech pattern.The popular concept of Tourette's is involuntary verbal expression, in some cases as incoherent words or offensive ones. Most Tourette's...
No, but there is a 50/50 chance it will go away when the brain is fully developed
== Answer ==   Genetic factors are believed to play a major role in the development of TS. Several chromosomal regions have been identified as possible locations of genes that confer susceptibility to TS. Some family studies have indicated that TS is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. In...
The brain, more specifically it effects the nervous system as it is  a neurological disorder.