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Rick Ross

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Rick Ross is an American rapper who released his debut album in 2006.
That what I heard but I dont know if this is true
No, Rick Ross is not Haitian. He is American.
yes as far as i know he has son 2 years old and steup kids also
Two kids. A boy and A girl.
    well right now he's at 700,000 but something tells me he will be platinum very soon.
ola eu sou a Lianice tenho depressão insonia
That's gotta be a fake question Rick Ross in a gang? pfft he was supposedly a correctional officer before he became a rapper & he stole his persona & rap name ''Rick Ross'' from the real ''Freeway'' Ricky Ross who was a big time drug dealer back in the 80's. No way a former correctional...
none of his albums have went platinum yet.
Rick Ross is a 35-year-old American rapper from Carol City, Florida. He has released two studio albums, five solo albums, two Maybach Music Group albums, two collaborations albums, and one compilation album. Rick Ross is signed to Def Jam Recordings, but has his own label: Maybach Music Group. ...
    it's not a sample? the runners produced the song, its completely midi (computer) based
Rick Ross' Real Name is William Roberts. He gets his nick name in honor of Rick Ross the cocaine king pin.
8 to 10 million dollars.
Ric is a straight up blood
of course he is William Roberts
Rick Ross doesn't claim any gang.
Yes rick ross is related to big black
Obviously, are you stupid.. haven't you heard the song "im BOSS"Q
no they never met face to face yet
His name is "Gunplay" he's a rapper from rick ross's group Triple C's
Corsica , neon , station wagon , ford 150, semi truck
yes in his song Tears of Joy he says biggie smalls living life after my death
William Leonard Roberts II
The playey has no value per say. The only way you can value a  football player is, how important the player it to the club, and  how big the club is. McCormack should cost around £5-£7million,  being the top goal scorer in the league and the best player at the  club. But other clubs can see a...
his latest one Rich Forever
I'm not sure, but there is a good chance he is blood, because the rap group he is kind of in, which is triple c's (carol city cartel) say they are bloods, and if rick ross is in there group then there is a chance hes a blood, and in taht magnificent song, he says "im always wearing red but really im...
Um he is a rapper so he selld cd's and his wifey is beyonce so 2 ways to get money...........
Cuz his name rhymes
It depends. If your talking about someone who saves his money, its 50 Cent. If youre talking about someone who spends it all on food, its Rick Ross (not the boss)
an actor............what does he look like?
First, Rick Ross has heavy bags which leaves him with thoughts eyes...Second, if you didn't notice Rick Ross is over weight.
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  Louis Vuitton "Millionaires" among other LV styles.
In my opinion, Rick Ross won by a long shot.
yes he graduated from Miami Senior High School
Rick Ross doesn't claim Blood or Crip. He's not in any gang.
  == Answer ==   There is a recent photo in a 2007 soap opera digest.
He listens to songs like "Officer Music", "Arrest'a brotha: The FBI Anthem", C.O. of Dade County" and things like that.
He when to carol city high
Borats sister (wyatt miller [facebook])
I'm surprised more rappers haven't called out Rick Ross, as he is (for the most part) a self made caricature of what he believes rappers should be like. He's proud of being fat, which some people find funny and other people find brave. He's covered in tattoos, most of them insignificant. He smokes a...
12 million dollars and a lifetime supply of wingstop food
  The name of the man that sings the chorus on Rick Ross' song Here I Am is Avery Storm.
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Because Rick Ross made a song about 2 PAC back. And Rick Ross is wit P Diddy who is said to be responsible for Pac's murder. Suge Knight is going to beat him and his body guards when he sees them. Rapper T Pacheco messaged Suge Knight via twitter and told Suge how he had to hurt Ross or shoot Ross...
well he is 150 pouds to be excact there is no way he is 150 the guy is a beast he has to way atleast 260 lbsi was thinkin he weighs about 350 lbs. he is a beast, and a good rapper also
Are you kidding me? Lil' Wayne can't rap for his life.
No.   Source: allhiphop.com
He is African American.
Rick Ross has won four awards and has been nominated for 29. Thethree he has won are the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Award for Best ClubBanger for "BMF," the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Award for Track of the Yearfor "BMF," and the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Award for MVP of the.
25 mils..........
yes yes he was!
Type your answer here... It means 9 ounces of cocaine...or crack....1/4 kilo
Rick Ross the rapper weights 350lbs.
Yes they are, but were separated at birth.
That's where the rapper ''Rick Ross'' gets his rap name from, the original Freeway Ricky Ross was an ex drug dealer, well he was more than just a drug dealer he made LOTS of money. That's why the rapper ''Rick Ross'' had to change his rap name to ''Ricky Rozay'' cause he's tryna steal the real...
No they are just very close friends. They meet in Miami, FL.
Thomas Anthony Pacheco. Better known by his stage name "T Pacheco" is an American rapper and hip hop recording artist born August 23rd 1979. He's from the United States Northern Bay Area in Santa Rosa California. He grew up in the United States in Santa Rosa California's West Ninth District, which...
yes but he doesnt live with them
Nope not even close your so cold :)
Yes rick ross have a Private Jet