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Benjamin Harrison

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Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States and served from March 4, 1889 to March 4, 1893.
  He was prone to skin infection and often wore kid gloves to protect his hands.
The 23rd president was the grandson of a former president, William Henry Harrison. He also was the first president to lose an election to a candidate he had previously defeated for the Oval Office. Harrison defeated incumbent president Grover Cleveland in 1888, but lost a re-election bid to...
President Benjamin Harrison was a U.S. Senator from Indiana March4, 1881 - March 3, 1887.
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Amendment 1 Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly Amendment 2 Right to bear arms Amendment 3 Quartering of soldiers Amendment 4 Search and arrest Amendment 5 Rights in criminal cases Amendment 6 Right to a fair trial Amendment 7 Rights in civil cases Amendment 8 Bail, fines, punishment Amendment 9 Rights...
Yes he invented the clock 
One answer is 'turn off the electric lights" ( They were afraid to touch the light switch.)
Answer as of 05/2009:    President Benjamin Harrison has never appeared on a circulating  U.S. coin, and is only scheduled to be depicted on a Presidential  Series dollar coin in the early part of the next decade. These  coins are sold by the mint for about $2. They are not rare at this ...
Age 55. Born 8/20/1833 and inaugurated on 3/4/1889
He was elected president 100 years after George Washington was elected president of the United States.
Benjamin Harrison appointed four US Supreme Court justices during his single term of office (1889-1893): David Josiah Brewer............1890 - 1910Henry Billings Brown...........1891 - 1906George Shiras, Jr................1892 - 1903Howell Edmunds Jackson.....1893 - 1895
North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. There is a link below.
Little Ben is what his family and friends called him
Benjamin Harrisonwon the 1888 presidential election defeating incumbent PresidentGrover Cleveland. In the 1888 presidential election BenjaminHarrison received 233 electoral votes and Grover Cleveland received168 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Cleveland5,534,488 and Harrison 5,443,892.
He went back to his house at 230 N Delaware St,  Indianapolis, IN 46202 He remarried and resumed his  practice of law there. The house is now a museum, open to visitors.
He was born and grew up at North Bend, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Whenhe was 20, he moved to Indianapolis where he lived the rest of hislife.
== the major accomplishments that Benjamin Harrison had is: to build up the US navy ==
Seventeen of the 42 presidents to date have no known middle name, Benjamin Harrison was one. The best guess would be Will, William, or Bill after his grandfather.
Harrison is interred in Crown Hill Cemetery, 700 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana . Both of his wives area buried nearby.
It was mostly good. He had a wife he loved and a nice family. He  was a successful lawyer, had a distinguished military record, was a  US senator, and, of course was elected President, the highest  office in the country. He had a bad year in 1893 when his wife died  of TB and he lost his bid for...
Perhaps, being the president that had electricity wired into the White House.
Yes, he lived there for four years while he was President.
No, William McKinley was the President during the Spanish American War.
John Tyler followed William Henry Harrison as president. Grover Cleveland followed Benjamin Harrison as president. There were 2 US presidents named Harrison. John Tyler, Harrison's vice president, became president after Harrison died of pneumonia 32 days into office.
Both President Harrison's served once as President of the UnitedStates. William Henry Harrison served 31 days as president before passingaway. Benjamin Harrison served 1 full term as president.
Perhaps from Benjamin Harrison's point of view his major failure was in failing to be re-elected as President for a second term and while he managed to defeat incumbent President Grover Cleveland, he then lost the Presidency to Grover Cleveland in the next election. It was most likely the...
Benjamin Harrison had six grandchildren , two of whom were born after he died. Children of Russell Harrison Marthena Harrison Williams ( January 18,1890- February 22, 1973)(born in the White House.) William Henry Harrison (August 10, 1896 - October 8, 1990) Children of Mary Scott "Mamie" McKee...
Harrison won the first one, in 1888, and Cleveland the second one in 1892.
he is probably remembered for signing the declaration of independence.
Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, Ohio on August 20, 1833.
Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, 1833.
Father: John Scott Harrison (October 4,1804-May 25,1878) - farmer and US Congressman, son ofPresident William Henry Harrison Mother : Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison (July 18, 1810- August 15, 1850)
August 20, 1833 - March 13, 1901
Harrison died from pneumonia which was a complication from the flu.He died at age 67 on March 13, 1901 at his home in Indianapolis.
He served one full 4-year term from March 4, 1889 to March 4, 1893.. He replaced Cleveland in 1889 and then Cleveland replaced him in 1893.
He was the 23rd President of the US and served one term from March4, 1889 to March 4, 1893. Highlights of his administration . Dependent and disability pensions act of 1890 - gave pensionsto dependents of veterans and to veterans who became disabled aftertheir service. . Sherman Anti-Trust Act -...
Harrison went to Miami U. at Oxford, Ohio and graduated in the  class of 1852.
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In only one year as chairman of the Italian car giant Fiat, a position he had been repeatedly denied, Agnelli halved the losses and reestablished the credibility of the group for customers, creditors, and shareholders.
  Benjamin Harrison appears on a 1920 $5 bill issued by the National Bank of Gilead, Ohio.
Nothing. He did nothing in his presidency years except grow a beard then shave it off.
Yes- I think his goodness in pretty much undisputed.
Yes, he did some traveling. After he left office, he representedVenezuela in a dispute at an international arbitration panel inParis and made a short tour of Europe after it was over. During theCivil War, he moved with the army from Indiana to Atlanta, Georgiaand back home. Of course, he also had to...
Yes. William H. Harrison was the grandfather ofBenjamin.
Yes, he loved to hunt ducks.
Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd presiden t of theUnited States, serving from 1889 to 1893.
William Henry Harrison served a mere 31 days as president. Benjamin Harrison served a full term as president..
Benjamin Harrison was inaugurated on March 4, 1889.
deal to merge Chicago's Bank One with J. P. Morgan. The headquarters were in New York, and Chicago was the base for some retail operations. Although J. P. Morgan described the transaction as a merger of equals, J. P. Morgan had acquired Bank One
train with a major Wall Street firm after college and bring back his lessons to the family business. Recalled Harrison to Schack, "I always had in the back of my mind that I would return to North Carolina. That lasted for, oh, 15 years
There is one US coin picturing Harrison and that is the one-dollar  coin issued in 2012. They are still legal tender and are not rare.
I'm sure he did many times. He lived before the automobile age. There were also trains and riverboats available when he lived.
Grover Cleveland was the president before Benjamin Harrison
They both served as US senators before running for President and they both had outstanding war time service records. They were both married and had children.
The presidential election was held in November of 1888. The official electoral college vote is done in December .
He was a devout Presbyterian.
No- William Henry Harrison, the grandfather of Benjamin was the ninth president. Benjamin was number 23.
Yes- he graduated from Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. He then studied law at a law office in Cincinnati and passed the bar exam.
No - in total, as of 2011, there have been seven Presidents who were born in Ohio - in chronological order, coupled with the year of their first election victory, these are: Ulysses S. Grant (1868) Rutherford B. Hayes (1876) James Garfield (1880) Benjamin Harrison (1888) William McKinley ...
He killed over 200 Sioux people!!
During his presidency, Benjamin Harrison called for higher tariffs, causing a major surplus. He supported giving pensions to Civil War veterans, and he signed in the McKinley tariff, which caused an even higher surplus. Well before the end of his administration, however, the surplus turned into a...
President Benjamin Harrison lived and worked in Indianapolis,Indiana. You can still visit his house there at 230 N Delaware St,Indianapolis, IN 46202.
John Scott Harrison (1804-1878)
Benjamin Harrisonwon the 1888 presidential election defeating incumbent PresidentGrover Cleveland. In the 1888 presidential election BenjaminHarrison received 233 electoral votes and Grover Cleveland received168 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Cleveland5,534,488 and Harrison 5,443,892....
I can not find any record that Harrison was wounded. He did see action especially in Georgia under Sherman.yeas he got shot in his penis and died of lost blood in his circulation.
He was the future 23rd President of the United States, and the grandson of former President William Henry "Tippecanoe" Harrison.
No; however, he recently stated that 2012 will be his last campaign.
Harrison served one term from March 4,1889 until March 4, 1893 . He lost his bid for re-electionto Grover Cleveland who was the same man he defeated to becomePresident.
Benjamim Harrison signed the Declaration of Independence. His zon Wiilliam Henry and Great -grandson Benjamin Harrison were US presidents. His grandson,John, was a US Congressman and both the father and the son of a president.
Grover Cleveland won the 1892 presidential election defeatingincumbent President Benjamin Harrison. In the 1892 presidentialelection Grover Cleveland received 277 electoral votes and BenjaminHarrison received 145 electoral votes. The popular vote totals wereCleveland 5,551,883 and Harrison 5,179,244...
Harrison's home was in Indianapolis , Indiana.
Yes! Most people loved what he did and how he did it.
I wish I knew. I currently have a homestead certificate with Benjamin Harrisons signature on it. It was dated Aug 4th, 1890.
Amendment 15 Black suffrage Amendment 16 Income taxes Amendment 17 Senatorial elections Amendment 18 Prohibition of liquor Amendment 19 Women's suffrage Amendment 20 Terms of office Amendment 21 Repeal of Prohibition Amendment 22 Term Limits for the Presidency Amendment 23 Washington, D.C., suffrage...
Ben lived on a farm a few miles outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Although I have no idea what it could be worth, I know that campaign memorabilia are very highly collectable. It's also quite old; Harrison ran for President in 1888 and 1892.
He served one term as US Senator from Indiana. He ran for governor of Indiana but lost the election.
Yes, Harrison practiced law in Indianapolis for several years.
The incumbent, Cleveland, proposed a reduction in protective tariffs. Harrison promised stiff protedive tariffs. . Democrat party in New York opposed Cleveland's moves to restrict political patronage and did not help Cleveland in New York which went to Harrison and gave him the election.