Nancy Drew

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Created by Edward Stratemeyer, Nancy Drew is a fictional character that appears in several mystery books. The character has been featured in various films, television shows and computer games. She is considered as a cultural icon, influencing many prominent women.
It's simple.Just go through some levels,then you have to find James.He will give you the key.
you have to dress up as Samantha Quick. You contact someone named Gina and then you will get a card to go in the building. be very careful! .
A really dumb person I tell you...
Everyone says it's coming out in the fall around October.
I was just looking for the same thing. The dress was made by designer Jeffrey Kurland, and it's a one of a kind. I think what I'm going to do is take a picture to a seemstress and have one made. If you find someone good at sewing they can make anything!
because there is no transmitters obviously
I need a step by step picture review of nancy drew tomb of the lost queen someone help soon thanks
Answer . Drew Bledsoe lives in Bend Oregon. I only found this out today from a co-worker and researched it myself. I was excited to find out, concidering I live about an hour away and frequent Bend once a week. I don't know his exact address, nor would I be willing to give it out if I knew. I...
For the PC game Trail of The Twister? I wouldn't put it on here if I were you. Go on and look around the webpage for a tab called message boards. Click on the name of the game. You'll find it.
hi people, i love nancy drew so much! ok, so if you are wondering where jakes specail seat is please keep reading. ok, so in the computer game nancy drew secrets can kill: remastered jakes specail seat is in the library...... sorry thats preety much all that i can say right now...
They normallyrelease their fall game in mid October but they haven't released a date
You will only get Nancy drew collections in shops or you have to go online and search for it
no, it takes place in a different era, but technically, according to the trailer, nancy's 16 in that game, and now, in 1023, that means she would be 98. lol
The first teenage girl to be a famous (book character) detective.
Nancy goes to a mansion that is being remoulded by two friends. One is this kinda spiritual person and the other is trying to complete the renovations. There is history behind the house and there are noises of ghosts through out the halls. Hope I answered your question without giving to much away :)
Well my mom didn't want me to play that 1 cause she thought it was but it depends on what you would call spiritistic. There's a fortune teller lady and when she tells the fortune a ghost thing knocks stuff off the walls. I didn't solve it but I've solved a bunch of other Nancy Drew's. Hope that...
Yes. Their is a hole series about her and the miseries she does. I don't know if you can get them at a library because they are old.
They normally release their fall game in mid october
someone stoles her mothers umbrella from her bag which is very precious for her and her last gift to nancy too, the whole story goes around the search for the theif....
You don't get to GO to Lucy you can call her though
Nancy Drew is smart because she played in movies and she just smart
he original author Carolyn Keene died many years ago. But that was the original author.. he original author Carolyn Keene died many years ago. But that was the original author.
Hannah Gruen has worked for the Drews since Mrs. Drew's death when Nancy was two. Hannah is almost like a mom to Nancy and is a live-in housekeeper.
In the Shed, I dont exactly know where to find the quarts in the shed I just know they r in the shed from a walkthrough.
no, if you go to the Nancy Drew movie and look on "about the dvd" and then go to "productions" it says that the story was created by Andrew Flemming and Tiffany Paulsen
The Secret of the Old Clock and Secret of Shadow Ranch. See link below for more!
Hmm, you can try
The soundtrack is: 1. Come To California~Matthew Sweet 2. Perfect Misfit~Liz Phair 3. Kids in America~The Donnas 4. Pretty Much Amazing~Joanna 5. Looking For Clues~Katie Melua 6. Hey Nancy Drew~Chris Price 7. Like A Star~Corinne Bailey Rae 8. Nice Day~Persephone's Bees 9. Blue Monday~Flunk 10. We...
She is not married.
Well, He had Created all these puzzles and items and things you work up to Protect is fortune, Anyways He hinted at it when he was alive to the family who owned the Inn, "time Will Tell" he would say, further more even in death he continued to be an exiting main Charector
There was not only a Nancy Drew TV show, but a Hardy Boys show too. Nancy Drew, until later in Season 2 of the show, was played by Pamela Sue Martin. Nancy Drew was later played by Jannet Julian. The show aired from 1977-1979. For more info on both shows, see ....
i recommend the Nancy drew books cuz they're awsome and intence and keep you hooked. i love them These books are interesting and have power. You can never outgrow them. The mysteries are well written, logical, and never predictable.
I think we're meant to assume it's the clues challenge medallion.
The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (Nancy Drew #25 OS)
In the movie I know, Emma Roberts plays Nancy.
how should i know. I'm not her. I do know my favorite song it's dont wake me up
As far as I'm aware, after playing the game two or three times, the Easter Eggs don't do anything special. They do things in other games, but sorry to say, not this one.
The books are a series and not a trilogy . There are about 30 books.
i had the same questing and my guess was mystery
There are a few suspenseful moments, but the biggest one is when Nancy finds the clock she was searching for in the back of a moving van. Then expectantly, Nancy finds herself trapped in the van and must find a way to escape before she is discovered.
An unqualified spy that is very skilled and has extraordinarily disasters with epidectic talents and blets.
MovieStarPlanet and IMVU are as similar as you can get, in myopinion. Im not sure if there is something closer, this is all Iknow.
It depends on what you like. In my opinion, Alibi in Ashes is. In that one, you go around as George, Bess, Nany(in jail) and Ned, trying to find clues to who burned the old town hall down to get Nancy out of jail. You get to go around River Heights and meet all of her friends. In Deadly Device,...
Carolyn didn't exist. The books were written by The Stratemeyer Syndicate.
sorry to burst your bubble but you can't reads them online but you can get some of them really cheap at the half price book stores
Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall was released on May 14, 2013.
if your talking about the pot thing that falls then just quickly move back after you look up
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no i don't think so because it doesn't say much about their relationship in the original
Nancy Drew no longer has a post box fan mail address. Now lettersare asked to be sent through the books website.
"A person who hasgood heart will really seek the truth. Past may be just a part ofthe memory and sometimes forgotten but never be in a smart andopen-hearted individual who is willing to extend his/her help toothers. Mysteries are not totally locked. You as a beholder is thekey to keep in unlocked. "