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Surgeons are doctors who specialize repairing injuries, deformities, and diseases by performing operation on patients. Most surgeons specialize in various areas of the body, such as the heart, brain or bones.
Ben Carson is a famous neurosurgeon whose work includes separating  conjoined twins.
The surgeon's operational experience and the conference attended by  him are the significnt extra in a surgeon's resume.
In the US your salary really depends on your location. As in New  York may pay their neurosurgeons higher than Alabama. Relatively  they are paid really **high**. I have a cousin who receives  $104,705 annually.
Average Hourly Pay: $77.24Average Annual Salary: $160,660The above is too low.
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Ben Carson attended Southwestern High School in Detroit, Michigan.  He excelled in JROTC and was offered an appointment to West Point.
his research about blood transfusion.
There is no sub-specialty for pediatrics within oral and maxillofacial surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons would be the ones who treat peds pts. 4-years undergrad to attain bachelors, 4-years dental school, then a 4-6 year residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Total of 10-12 years post...
charles drew was a medical dr he in the field of blood and bloodtransfusions
Daniel Williams was impartment but biography
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  All veterinarians learn to perform surgery in school, but to become a board certified specialist in surgery in the US a veterinarian spends 3 years in a surgical residency program, is involved in research and publishes his/her research. Certification of surgeons is done throught the American...
It may very well take approximately 14 years to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. You would start with four years of college with an undergraduate degree focused on biology, physics and chemistry. Follow that four years of medical school, one year of an internship and four years of a residency and an...
daniel hale williams was1883 surgen
Carson, Ben with Cecil Murphy. Gifted Hands. 1990Carson, Ben with Cecil Murphy. Think Big: Unleashing your Potential for Excellence. 1992Carson, Ben with Gregg Lewis. The Big Picture: Getting Perspective on What's Really Important in Life. 1999
For this. you first need to do a 5 year MBBS course in a registered  medical college, followed by a 3 year course of post graduation in  general surgery. Now you become a general surgeon. Now you do  another 3 year course of super specialisation to finally become a  cardiac surgeon.
For this. you first need to do a 5 year MBBS course in a registered  medical college, followed by a 3 year course of post graduation in  general surgery. Now you become a general surgeon. Now you do  another 3 year course of super specialisation to finally become a  cardiac surgeon.
The amount of hours an Orthopaedic Surgeon works varies, depending on his or her workload, Operations, Clinics, Aftercare Clinics, etc.
For this. you first need to do a 5 year MBBS course in a registered  medical college, followed by a 3 year course of post graduation in  general surgery. Now you become a general surgeon. Now you do  another 3 year course of super specialisation to finally become a  surgeon with some...
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it takes about 6 years to become fully qualified as a vet because, if you want to be a vet who is qualified as a nurse and surgeon, than you actually only need to take the surgical course, because a nurse is limited to a few treatments but as as surgeon you know what a nurse knows and everything...
the average salary for a consultant surgon is around 50000pounds a year but it can be more or less
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daniel hale williams died of a stroke.
a heart surgeon makes more money because the heart is a more important than your bone, if a bone in your arm is incurable you can just amputate it but if your heart is incurable than you have no possible way to save yourself. Yes this is true, but it all depends on who trusts you as a surgeon.In the...
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  Depends where in New York you are, but in NYC, there's a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Nirav Patel (look him up) who works at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. He's excellent, a relative of mine had a bypass done by him a while ago.
  Dr. Jeffrey Milsom   at Cornell
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okay i really don't know i just wanna post this I'm guessing....between 200000-400000$ per year
Not all surgical robots are equal. There are three different kinds of robotic surgery systems: supervisory-controlled systems, telesurgical systems and shared-control systems. The main difference between each system is how involved a human surgeon must be when performing a surgical procedure. On one...
The best orthopedic surgeon in the Denver area would be difficult  to quantify because of many factors. However, some very good ones  are Andrew Wong, Ross Wilkins, and Douglas Dennis.
Detroit, Michigan
Dr. Clarence S. Green is the first African American man certified in Neurological Surgery
  it is four years of regular college get your B.S. degree in Bilogy major and chemistry as a minor that is the best option and give the MCAT then go to the medical school which is four years and after that there is 4-5 years of residency to become a brain surgeon
  the best way to look statistics about any job is to go to www.bls.gov it will give you all the information about any of occupation
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You need at least 5 subjects to be passed at a very high level, the main ones are: Chemistry (compulsory) Physics (compulsory/preferred) Biology (preferred) Mathematics (preferred) English (preferred) A modern language Computing/technological studies Physical Education
usecase diagram for hospital management
he went to fairway elementary school ( Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Carson neurosurgery resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, With children he believed that "what you see is what you get,... when they're in pain they clearly show it with a frown on their face or when they...
Yes the "blood bank" was invented by Charles Richard Drew in 1940.
  == Answer ==   GCSE wise you'll need A*-C grades in Chemistry, Biology, English & Maths. They're the main ones I think.
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The United States as the best surgeons in the world.I quote from the above answer 'States as the best' ... they may have good doctors but when someone can't spell 'has' correctly you know there's something wrong with their education system... To answer Your question, if you want specialist...
There are different stitch patterns, but here is a "Simple Interrupted Stitch."
This is a difficult question to answer.   Payment of surgeons depend on lot of factors   1. country of employment -US surgeons are paid better than Ugandan Surgeons   2.Private Sector paid better than Public.   3. Pay normally increases with number of cases done.   4. senior surgeons...
No, not yet at least.
All Reputed hospitals have best Neurosurgeons but the best Indian  Neurosurgeon is Dr Prem Pillay   Answer:    For the record, Dr. Satish Rudrappa of Manipal Hospital is the best  neurosurgeon with 17 years of experience and has acquired expertise  in performing Minimally Invasive Spine...
sleight of hand pro, clod blooded pro, sit rep pro. hands cuz they need 2 b precise with their movements. cold blooded cuz it takes a lot of cool for those tense moments in which the patient may die just cuz of the most minimal mistake. sit rep so they dont forget any tools or equipment inside...
Dr.Ben Carson was the first ever successful surgeon to separate a pair Siamese twins that were connected at the head. both babies survived.
He is one of the very first people to perform open heart surgery which today saves millions of lives especially with modern technology and improved surgical procedures
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In 2001 they made an average of 336,000 dollars a year but I'm sure the busy ones are making close to 500,000 dollars a year easily
  because he was the man that saved lives in the war and found different blood types so he could save people go to wikipedia.org
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams married Alice Johnson.
  == 60 hours a week u do the math. ==
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He died of blood poisoning days after he cut his finger with his surgical knife while operating on a wounded Chinese soldier of the Eight Route Army in China. Bethune would most likely not have died from the cut had he not been working for days on end without sleep; he was exhausted and weak.
Yes, Ben Carson was a hero. There were a pair of Siamese twins from Germany. These twins were joined at the back of the head. Twins like that had never both survive an operation. But, in 1987, Ben Carson did an operation on the twins. He successfully separated them. He was a hero because he saved...
Are you serious? You don't need any classes to become a surgeon...you need training and to be licensed. Now, how do you do that? You go to college and study Biology and the pre-med program, then you do your MCAT, then you apply to medical school, and finally you train.
Nothing really. You need skills and to be knowledgeable in that field and also a license to practice it.
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Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was an African American general surgeon  who performed the first successful pericardium surgery to repair a  wound.
Nothing. The patient that is under going the surgery has to sign a waiver/consent form, stating that he/she knows that there is a possibility of death.
It would be a long day! With all the check outs, charts, overlookind pre-op patient information. But all the cash they get is definantly worth it. -Winter Janice Spells
Nope. i dont think so... But if your seriously considering it then i would go to a doctor and talk things through with him/her. You can always consider DRESSING like a women to make you feel more comfortable....I already dress as a woman but want to look more like one (i.e. facial feminization,...
This all depends on what kind of surgeon you are. You must look up the kind of surgeon you intend to be and the salary ranges should all appear.
They are trained to do procedures on the intestines via the mouth  or rectum with a camera. They do not make incisions to take out  your gallbladder for instance. They would do one procedure to see  that the gallbladder was the problem, and they can sometimes fix  that problem using special...
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