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Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was an author during the 1700s. He is best known for his novel "Robinson Crusoe."


He was hardly middle class, as he went to university and travelled, so I am afraid I do not agree with the concept
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He is best known as the author of "Robinson Crusoe"
Daniel Defoe wrote books and his most famous work was Robinson Crusoe. The book was based on a true llife story
Yes Robinson Crusoe met and saved a man from the clutches of the cannibals, he named him Friday, as it was a Friday.
Generally, it is considered by many not to be the first English novel. That milestone is more frequently attributed to Moll Flanders--a later novel by Defoe. For some, Robinson Crusoe still resides within the earlier traditions of "romance"--a loose and general term used to describe the forms of...
John Donne (1572-1631) a Jacobean poet and preacher. Of course it is possible others may have expressed this before John Donne, but he is credited with the line. Incidentally Hemingway was inspired by the last bit...for whom the bell tolls. . No man is an island, entire of itself every man is a...
He was the author of Robinson Crusoe
The founder of the English novel.
not exactly known, 1659/1661
It is in a realistic style?
yes Daniel Defoe is very popular noveliest. He wrote a Robinson Crusoe now one thing cannot experiences of a real man called Alexander Selkirk who had spent four years alone all alone on the uninhabited island of juan Fernandez.
I have a copy of Robinson Crusoe on His Desert Island and would like to know what it is worth?'
Watt argues that the characters in a novel owe their individuality to the realistic presentation. Realism is expressed by a rejection of traditional plots by particularlity emphasis on the personality of the character a consiouness of duration of time and space and its expession in style..
One book written by Daniel Defoe is The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
Salman Rushdie uses magic realism as a style of writing. Magic realism is when magical elements are used in short stories, novellas, etc as a literary tool.
Daniel Defoe wrote the book Robinson Crusoe.
he wrote robinson cruseo
Crusoe's shocking discovery of a single footprint on the sand in Chapter XVIII is one of the most famous moments in the novel, and it symbolizes our hero's conflicted feelings about human companionship. Crusoe has earlier confessed how much he misses companionship, yet the evidence of a man on his...
Daniel Defoe's character Robinson Crusoe called his manservant Friday.
While they may have the same last name...no, there is no familyhistory connection between Willem Defoe and Daniel Defoe. DanielDefoe was born in the United Kingdom in 1660 and Willem Defoe wasborn in Appleton, WI in 1955.
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Fear Robinson Crusoe must overcome his fear in order to survive his long ordeal on the deserted island. The trial by fear begins when he runs about like a madman, scared of every shadow, and sleeps in a tree with a weapon: "fear banished all my religious hope, all that former confidence in God."...
Daniel Defoe wrote a very famous book called The adventures of Robinson Crusoe. It is a story of a English sailor who was shipwrecked on a lonely island, often visited by cannibals. How he saved a man and called him Friday.
daniel defoe died in usa england because of asthma and heart attack. he was taken to the hospital and got information that hes already dead .
Date of birth not exactly known, but between 1659/1661 and 1731
There are seven groups in English Society: The Great, who live profusely The Rich, who live very plentifuly The Middle Sort, who live well The Working Trades, who work hard, but feel no want The Country People, who fare indifferently The Poor, That fare hard The Miserable, that really pinch and...
He used to sign his name D dot Defoe - the dot however had a tail and looked like an E and because of people's poor spelling etc back then many people mistook the name as being Defoe and so it stuck. Regards, Zoe Defoe, UK
Defoe thought of becoming a Presbyterian minister, and in the 1670s he attended the Reverend Charles Morton's famous academy near London.