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Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is an author of fiction for young adults. He authors the series Sideways Stories From Wayside School. There was also a film adaptation of his novel Holes. Louis Sachar is a Newberry Medal winner.


Small Steps, published in 2007
Louis sachar wrote 29293993839292929191 drafts of books
He married his wife, Carla, in 1985.
Louis Sachar is 63 years old (birthdate: March 20, 1954).
Well, the meaning of the title holes is that they are digging holes and that there are many "missing links" (holes) in the story that you have to find out by reading!
no he is still alive to this day
yes he married Carla and had a daughter.
Yes, he was born in 1954 so he is still fairly young.
there's a boy in the girls bathroom, holes have fun reading them holes
In the novel a hole is just a normal hole. The protagonist is sent to a "Camp" called Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile correction centre. In it, each person has to dig a hole on the dried up lake 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep every day. That's all. It's a normal hole, no personification included. Hope...
After high school, Louis Sachar attended Antioch College in Ohio. but then his father died during his first semester, and he returned to California to be near his mother. Then Louis returned to college, this time to the University of California at Berkeley where he majored in Economics. Hope this...
the main problem was that the main character(i forget his name) was sent to camp greenlake, and it really sucked there and he had trouble with some of the people there, and also, him and zero, ran away and they found all this stuff then found onions and water then they found treasure and it rained...
Its about a kid named Alton that has nothing to do during the summer and then he gets a call from his rich, old uncle to be his cardturner in the card game bridge. During that he finds his uncle Lester Trapp's past and what he is today. During the story Trapp dies. So he and a friend play in the...
Depends on what you fear most. It could be being slashed by fingernails coated in rattlesnake venom... being bitten by a lizard with dire consequences, or having to run from the camp and die from dehydration and/or starvation depending on what you find. Also, having your name taken from the camp...
The author of " Holes " Louis Sachar is not dead. Louis Sacharcurrently lives in Austin, Texas.
He got the nickname because he smelled :P
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it is a mountain that Stanley Yelnats the first found refuge.
March 20th in the year of 1954.
if you speel Yelnats backwords it spells stanely
Name: Louis Sachar born: 20th march 1976 fave authors: J.D. Salinger & Kurt Vonnegut graduated:1976 Death: not yet Good luck bubz xx
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Louis Sachar likes to play brige in his spare time.
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He has wrote loads of other books than therrs a boy in a girls bathroom and holes which was turned into a movie
he has bean writing for about 27 years and bean writing since the age of 18.
The book Holes by Louis Sachar is a well written book. The book Holes talks about in adventure for Stanley as he meets a boy named Zero who he helps throughout the book.
It's pronounced "sacker" like someone who puts potatoes in a sack.
his favourite charactors where carla the counsellor
It has won three awards: . 1999 Newbery Medal . 1998 National Book Award for Young People's Literature . 1999 Boston Glob-Horn book Award
Writing but then he had to go back to California because his dad died and he had to be near this mother and then went door to door selling cleaning products.
It took Louis Sachar 18 months to write Holes
He loved writing fictional and science fictional i think -.-"
I guess its kinda ironic that that drink stuff that makes them sick also healed something disgusting.
after 2 hours of writing she taps Louis with her paw
after 2 hours of writing she taps Louis with her paw
He wrote 21 books between those given years =Þ
Louis Sachar did not go to elementry school, he was a drop out because he was over the age of 16 so then he choose to drop-out.
don't ask me. i want to know as much as you do.
He writes for about 2 hours in the morning.
holes theres a boy in the girls bathroom dogs dont tell jokes marvin redpost series
He likes to play tenis in his spare time.
The point of view is omniscient. it means that the narrator primilary describes stanley's actions and thoughts
because its award winning! itis a great book and its even been made into a film , so if you dislike the book mabie just watch the movie, they both rock!
He does. He wrote one in Holes. Just google If Only If Only Holes song and it will pop out. You might consider it a poem but I don't
the main character Stanley yelnats is one of the many Stanley's in his family. there all called Stanley because there last name yelnats is Stanley backwards.
It isn't Science Fiction, it isn't a futuristic or even technology. It most certainly isn't an autobiography. I would say it is simply a novel, it really doesn't have the aspect of fantasy one would normally associate with that genre. __________ Well, in some ways it is a fantasy, because it...
Louis Sachar had a very good education. His first school was in Tutshill, California. He then went to High School, before leaving to go to University. He then went to work in a sweater warehouse, when a year later he was fired (His attitude towards sweaters was not good enough) He then, for the...
The main lesson in the story is that, despite of overwhelming odds, and as long as you know in your heart what you are doing is right, you must persevere in achieving what you are hoping and striving for, especially if it is for the sake of your family and friends.
Basically I THINK that Louis Sachar builds tension in the novel (story) holes by starting to make you think that the camp, camp green lake will be a camp that is green, full of life and will have a lake nearby. when really the camp is basically just like a desert, it is dry have no water of anything...
Louis Sachar was born on March 20, 1954.
i don't know but he got inspired by his dad and many other authors such as J.D.Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut and that's all i know and theres a boy in the girls bathroom is fantastic by the way im ten
Louis wrote no books. He actually was a dentist.
The power of fate to determine events The benifits of friendship The distinctive nature of cruelty The importance of history in everyday life
Married (wife's name unknown);
Yes, with Carla Sachar
Louis Sachar was born on March 20, 1954.
According to Sachar he began thinking about a dried up lake in Texas called Green Lake and started writing about Camp Green Lake. He states, " I suppose the initial inspiration for writing about the camp came from the heat of summers in Texas. At the time I began the book we had just returned from...
He wrote Holes, There's a Boy in the Girls bathroom, Small Steps, The Boy who lost his face, someday Angeline, Johnny's in the basement etc...