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From late night to daytime, talk shows are popular programs featuring interviews with celebrities and musical acts. Ask questions about the hosts of popular talk shows here.
Because he is showing the viewers what he meant. For humour.
Dr Phil McGraw's first wife is Debbie Higgins McCall. Theirmarriage was annulled in 1973.
Oprah is richer by far. Russell Simmons is worth about $325million, and Oprah is worth more than $3 billion. Oprah is one ofthe richest people in the entire world.
Summer 2007 her talk show moved to New York City
Ricki Lake starred in Hairspray in 1988.
Mimi Madrigal, Katie Darwin and Mari Flores, all current off-duty law enforcement officers
Oprah has 2 small dogs.
Harpo Studios 1058 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago, Il 60607 I have an additional asset for the Oprah Winfrey Show. It has not been done before, nor do I see it at this current time anywhere. It is extremely important to add to one of the things that Ms. Winfrey is putting on her show. It is also...
In 2007, Winfrey opened the "Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls" which is a boarding school for teenage girls near Johannesburg in South Africa.
"Gracias por presentarte esta noche" qualifies as such.
Because she got sexually abused by a lot of people and most were family members. When she grew up, she started her own show in which she helps people like this. Like if they have any problems, Oprah will show them a solution. Hope this was helpful!! :) Follow me on twitter: sweet_tears, i follow...
"The Color Purple," "Native Son," "Beloved," "Our Friend, Martin," "Charlotte's Web," "Lincoln," "Bee Movie," and "The Princess and the Frog."
Before becoming the host of The Jerry Springer Show , GeraldNorman "Jerry" Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio for oneyear. He was also a political campaign adviser to Robert F.Kennedy, a lawyer, an Army reservist, a member of the Cincinnaticity council, a political reporter and commentator,...
I know she used to but don't know if it is still there
A long time ago in 2009, Oprah said she was ending the show in 2011. Im not sure when it started, but i think it was nine-teen eighty something i dont know try to find out. April 24, 2010
yes she has 1 sister who's older and 1 brother who's yonger
In the year 1972, Oprah Winfrey won the Miss Black Tennesseebeauty pageant and started working with a local black radio stationWVOL as a news presenter. . In the year 1973 Oprah graduated from Tennessee StateUniversity with a degree in Speech and Performing Arts and becamethe first black TV news...
Oprah parents are Vernon Winfrey and Vernita Lee. Vernita live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and I am not sure about Vernon.
Ellen Degeneres is still a judge on American idol.She replaced Paula.
a model of the Lincoln monument with the reflection pool in the back :)
I think Oprahs' mom died, but I do know that her dad is still living.
Oprah Winfrey was raped, tortured, and pregnant at the age of 14.
she faced being called "fat" in front of her face
Oprah beleived that you can eat just eat healthier
It's free but you MUST reserve it by going on their website and selecting and signing up. If you get a call from them, you can go. If you don't, you're not going. Only one visit per season.
Yes!!! Michael Clarke Duncan did appear on Oprah as part of a dating segment. I remember seeing him running down the aisle. He wasn't as big as he is now, but he was still pretty big. And, HE HAD HAIR!!!
The Color Purple Beloved There are probably more, but these are only the ones that I am familiar with.
being a leader and helping people get through their everyday lives
One of Oprah's biggest challenges is her weight; she gains weightvery easily. She also has faced the challenge of racism.
Oprah Winfrey Harpo Studios, Inc. 1058 West Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL 60607
No Oprah did not go to elementry school because she was moved around from her mom to her father house so she was not stayble so she was home schooled
i have been trying to find ms. winfreys buisness address for a few years ,, i want very much to tell her of an idea i have about a subject for her show that would be quite difficult for me to talk about at all let alone on air, but i feel very strongly that it would potentialy help (hopefully a lot)...
While Ellen's mother was battling breast cancer , her step-father did sexually molest her. She said that it started out with him touching her breast and then moved on to "other things." Ellen made it very clear that she knew she was a lesbian before the abuse began.
she's a role model for all other women who wants to pursue a modeling career
no they are still happily married and together!
No. She openly thanks god for her accomplishments. In a recent 2013interview with swimmer Diana Nyad (an atheist), Opera displayed ahuge lack of understanding of what an Atheist is. She claimedAtheists can't experience wonderment, which is of course,completely untrue.
She is the owner of Harpo Corporation. This corporation produces television shows, publishes a magazine, and owns a cable network (along with a bunch of other stuff). Oprah's most know as the daytime television host on a show called "Oprah".
the answer is simply this her mom was Rosa parks the woman who refused to give up her seat.r.i.p Rosa parks.
she has music on her website. if you go to ellentv.com and go to music, she has a huge selection of music. ..... Do you know what song she danced to on 1/13/10?
She helped the poor and is just a good person and that is all
\ni really do not know, so, buh bye, :)
In November 2011 he turned 11
No, he is an old lesbian woman, masquerading as a man - OF COURSE HE IS A BOY YOU IDIOT!!!
none jk she is a board member of the dream foundation,tzone,and the yele haiti fongation and much more!
Yes, she was molested by by her cousin, her uncle, and a family friend, starting when she was nine years old
Oprah is ranked #400 in the world at $2.4 billion. Tiger is not on the latest Forbe's billionaire list.
Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show: Jay Leno (again)
She helped many young girls by opening up a school for all black girls she aslo helped haiti kidsand helped four states by contributorting $11 millon dollars
The Ellen DeGeneres Show PO Box 7788 Burbank, CA 91522 ATTN: Fan Mail
No, it is normally taped a day or more in advance.
what is opran Winfrey hometown
She was raped by her uncle,cousin and family friend.she survived but lived with her grandmother.her grandmother use to hit her with a switch when she disobeied her grandmother orders and misbehaved.when she was 14 she got pregenant with a baby boy but lost it 2 weeks later.she was sad.Oprah Winfrey...
she used to live in a small dark place, it was wet and dark but warm..her mothers whomb.
Her show is on every weeknight at 4:00 on channel 12.(for Comcast users)
Oprah Winfrey has contribute to society because she has helped a lot of people with their problems.
Howard carter on November 4th 1922 in Egypt
Oprah was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Oprah is known for actingroles, hosting her own show, and being CEO of her own network.
Wendy willams wears a wig because she doesnt feel a need to do anything with her real hair
not that i know of, and i watch her show religeously!
no she did not adopt any kids
Because it gets too cold for them in northern regions in the winter. They fly south to get closer to the equator where it is much warmer and there is an abundant source of food and where they can live normally as they would in Spring or Summer.
Well she had a crayola crayon named after her, if you count that as a success.
based on what he said today on 60 minutes, yes he is catholic
ball state university , CHECK YOUR SPELLING STATE U
Why do you need to know this???But, I've done some research, and she makes around about,$3.5 million per year!Well if your as beautiful as tyra, is there any wonder?hope i have helped! By the way im an idiot! :)
Answer . your joking he was on tv for 30years how hard could it be to find out.
mom dad and grandmother
Orpah Gail Winfrey (that is O-R-P-A-H as seen in biblical texts.)
Yes Oprah donated to charity.
140 million dollars