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Celebrity Religious Preferences

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This category is to explore the public religious preferences of specific celebrities.
Noah Munck is the son of a pastor.
Kate Beckinsale is an English actress.
im not exactly sure but i do know he is a comedian
However in his death, he was a Catholic. RIP
Paula Abdul is Jewish Syrian and Jewish French Canadian   (see the related link)
Minnie Driver grew up Catholic. Whether she is still religious  remains personal.
she was raised catholic.
Possibly. From what has been published it appears that he may be Mormon.
No, he was raised Anglican but he is fascinated with Catholicism.
she is having no religion.....coz she is follower of "sanatan dharma" as spelled in Hindi.......which is misunderstood as Hindu
Jennette McCurdy is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon)
Yes, she is. But she doesn't act like it sometimes. Her parents are christains and tried to raise her to where she will act like it. But her bosses and paparazzi have messed her up and taught her different (and) bad things.
John Philip Sousa's ancestors are buried in the Jewish cemetery in  Spain's Canary Islands.
Yes, she received Citizenship in 2011.
No, he's a baptist:
NO. He is a Buddhist and a strong supporter of the Dalai  Lama.
He's an atheist.
He's Irish. All that should matter.
Yes, he has been on missionary trips to Central America. And he has had a few interview saying this.
Vannessa Anna hudgens was raised as a Roman Catholic, She as well as Zac Efron were both raised from catholic families.They regularly attend church every week.
No. Bob Hope was not Jewish.
No one can say for certain. There are those that say he is a Christian because he has been quoted as saying "the reason I can sell 6 million records is because of my faith in Jesus, in God." Shakur never professed following a particular religion, but his lyrics in singles such as 'Only God Can...
No.She is muslim...
only she and God knows and it's not your business.
She is a Maronite-Christian
She was a member of Scientology when she was married to a man named Johnson and they had a home in Clearwater, FL. Do not know if she still is in that group or not...dated March, 2010.
  According to Celebrity websites, Claudia Schiffer is Catholic.
No he was atheist. Here's a quote from him.    "When I was a little boy, I believed that if you put a tooth under  your pillow, a fairy would come in the night and take away the  tooth and leave a dime. Now, I believed in myself more than  anything. And, I suppose in a way, that's also...
Sylvestor Michael Stallone is a Christian, by birth and even  credits God for giving him the story" ROCKY". He has recelently  returned to his Christian faith.   He lost his dear beloved son, Sage in July of 2012 and his faith  has helped me cope and have peace with such a devastating loss.  ...
He is christian he can't be Jewish because Jewish people can't have tattoos and muslims can't have tattoos either so it clear that he is Christian
David Archuleta is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons.
There seems to be some discrepancy in regard to Blocker's faith.  Some places he is listed a LDS*, some a Methodist, but a Baptist  spoke at his funeral. It appears he was a Christian but what  denomination he was is uncertain.    *Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
No, she was not a Catholic.
Rory Mc'Ilroy is a catholic that was born in a predominantly Protestant area. He is also a unionist and said he would prefer to play for great Britain than for Ireland.
no she isn't christain
her name is danica Patrick retard
"...I think it helps that they have a Christian actor in Chris Egan as well, who grew up in Phil Pringle's Christian City Church in Australia and is now staying in Los Angeles but communicating regularly with the pastor the church I attend..."
no actually he is Jewish
Adams, MaudeAllred, CorbinAshby, William HalActressActorFilm Director, Academy Award(B)Baer, ParleyBennion, Lowell L.Borzage, DannyActorAuthor/Educator/philosopherActorBangerter, Norman H.Black HawkBorzage, FrankGovernorWarrior/ChiefDirectorActorBarr, RoseanneBlood, Henry H.Bradley, ShawnActress7th...
Yes, Dr. Phil McGraw is a Christian. Please see the related link below for more information.
Nelson Mandela was baptized in a Christian church. 
Shahrukh Khan is born in New Delhi in a Muslim family.
Probably christian but I would look that up....
ik think she is atheist
yeshe is a presbyterian/baptist
She is Episcopalian!!
Yes, She is a converted to Judaism. Note- She actually tried turning to Judaism because of Arther Miller her last husband!
He is an atheist.
She is a protestant (church of germany)
Roman Catholics, Most of Hollywood actors are either Jewish or Roman Catholics and this may explain them changing their names to more of an Anglo Sur-Name.
Katie Holmes was raised Catholic. She became a Scientologist when she married Tom Cruise. Since the divorce, she and Suri have returned to the Catholic church.
Yes I think he is. Cuz I saw a picture of his father wearing a crossDumb asses know your facts before you post anything about my husband
He is a Protestant from northern Ireland.
Avan Jogia is Christian.no, he is a secular humanist!Christian.Yes, he is a Christian.Avan believes is some sort of a Christian belief.He is Christian.According to his Wikia page, he's dating Zoey Deutch.
Muslim or Hindu I Dont Know
Cory Monteith's religious preferences were not publicly stated.
Catholic, Christian
No, Schwarzenegger is a catholic Christian.
Cruyff is an atheist. He has publicly (and righltly) ridiculed players who cross themselves before taking or facing penalties...after all, if they both do it, which player does God help?
Zach Johnson, Rory Mcilroy, Padrig Harrington, Phil Mickleson, Arnold Palmer, and Ben Crane are to name a few. Not easily found though! ;)
I'm pretty sure hes some kind of Catholic (like Christian or Lutheran or something like that) because sometimes at the end of the his shows he says something like "God Bless you all" or "I'm so Blessed for this opportunity"
No. He is half Jewish on his father's side, but he is an Atheist in his own right.
Quite possible, but his daughter, Wanda, opposed Catholicism. Toscanini was born Catholic, baptized in the Baptistry of Parma, but he was not a practicing Catholic. He did have religious feelings especially about music -- As related to me by my father, Walfredo Toscanini, Arturo's grandson.
  == Answer ==   One of her bios she'd written to advertise herself as a speaker states: 'She spent her early years in the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Omaha, an experience that greatly contributed to her overall education and ability to accept discipline, but probably greatly strained the...
Is Malcom Jamal Warner a Christian
He's a catholic. Why is he Catholic, you might ask? G.K. Chesterton  once wrote, "The difficulty in explaining 'why I am a Catholic' is  that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason:  that Catholicism is true." Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ  founded the Catholic Church...
First off, let me put in the disclaimer that 1) I have no idea who "Sir Gerald Kaufman" is and 2) I am neither Catholic nor Jewish, although I have had a great many friends who have attended catholic school. With that out of the way... Catholic schools are open to anyone who's willing to pay the...
Probably Roman-Catholic born