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Spanish Missions in California

This category is for questions about the Spanish Catholic missions established in California to spread Christian Faith among Native American people.
mission Santa Cruz was founded by Juan Junipero
The padre at Mission San Rafael had the job of watching the people and ringing a bell when it was time to eat, work, sleep, etc.
It was the sun dance queen who pledged allegiance to he
Mission San Rafael was abandoned and was torn down but an artist in  San Francisco made a postcard of San Rafael and was rebuilt thanks  to him.
For many years, Mission San Francisco de Asis had been plagued by the consequences of the damp and foggy weather which dominated the area. The Indians, especially after being exposed to a number of diseases, were inclined to waste away as the unfavorable weather retarded their recovery. ...
It use tools that bought from Mexico and Spain
The first finding was on October 30, 1775. The second was on November 1, 1776.
yes it is actually. even though it was built in 1797 and it has been through a lot of earthquakes, it is
it has green grass, a emerald olive tree, some jade bushes, and a statue of Father Serra
The role in the mission system was an importat naval base for the ispaniards to protect their colony from autside invaders
The mission santa cruz is called the hard luck mission because  across the river that was near the mission there was a gang of  bandits that the padres trusted and let them into the mission to  protect them but soon later they betrayed them and burned the  mission down.
232 feet in length and 19 feet in both height and width.
Well it just all depends on what time you want to wake up and/or it also depends on what city your in like for example i you wake up in the San Juan or whatever,.... then it would be about 12 noon or 1pm sometimes the peoples what we call in San Juan are Acagchemen Tribe, there like more of Native...
a really big house with a church inside
San Juan Capistrano is famous for the swallows that return every year on March 19th, St. Joseph's Day. Amazingly, after spending the summer there, they all leave together each year on October 23rd, the Day of San Juan.
Mission San Diego de Alcala was founded on July 16th, 1769 by Father Junipero Serra.
The inhabitants of the Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo used  aqueducts to bring water from nearby springs. They also used it to  supply the water for the missionÕs fountain.
According to the San Diego Mission's web site, the mission was burned to the ground on November 4th, 1775. The reason given was that two of the mission indians become discontented with the rules of the mission, and they incited the riot. The Indians attacked in the middle of the night and burned...
Mission San Diego de Alcala was built because the Spanish people wanted to claim Alta California ( present: the state of California, in the United States). (Come on.)
the padres job for San Luis Tolosa is giving church and confess people
That is The Royal Road; but because they spoke Spanish, it is called 'El Camino Real'.
The main entrance to the church is quite plain. In the mission era the prominent door in the side wall of the church opened directly onto El Camino Real, ("Royal Road") connecting the missions, pueblos and presidios. San Gabriel was located astride three prominent trails. Settlers, military...
It was most famous for the cloth and clothes for the soldiers.
what did men, woman,children,priests,indians do in misssion santa cruz
The mission is in San Luis Rey, four miles East of Interstate 5 along California 76. Take 76 East from I5 and either stay on 76 until you reach Rancho del Oro in San Luis Rey or take Mission Avenue where it branches left outside San Luis Rey. Just North of 76, the mission is at 4050 Mission Avenue ...
Actually there were 26 missions established in Texas. Please take your pick from the related link listed below:
The Indians wove baskets, made candles, cooked, raised animals,and made clothing.
It is located at the El Camino Real Rd <3
they traded colorful beads and clothes.
Mission San Antonio de Padua is located on about one square mile of mission-owned land but surrounded by about 165,000 acres of federal lands of Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California.
The purpose for Mission San Juan Capistrano was to teach the Native Americans Catholisim and to protect their land from the French and Britin.
Atole in the morning and Pozole in the afternoon and Atole again for dinner.
Yes! Check the mission website.
Saint Didacus de/of Alcala. ()
Because it was the first mission
Father Junipero Serra founded Mission San Carlos.
Please give the right answer
The Mission was founded on July 16, 1769.
yes, it has been restored
There was farming and building and guarding.
I don't know either so yeah but I'm trying to look
  The first mission to be built, Mission Santa Clara de Thamien (California Historical Landmark, was established at the Indian village of So-co-is-u-ka on the Guadalupe River, by Franciscan Padres Tomás de la Peña and Joseph Antonio Marguia on January 17, 1777. There they erected a cross and...
Bells are used for telling Indians when you have to do a certain thing!
i don't know about that but i love san Luis obispo de tolosa
Because they thought Father Fermin Lasuen was a trusted Father to run the mission and because their was not many missions.
  == Answer ==   the right answer is :   El camino real
Spain built missions in the early Americas to protect Spanishterritory and convert the natives to Christianity (specificallyCatholicism).
The Cathoilic Church
The mission San Juan Bautista was named after John the Baptist.
how did California Indians adapt to mission san Rafael living.
  yes it has the bell in the bell tower and the only mission that uses wooden bells
800 cattle some tame horses and breeding mares
The mission suffered from a devastating earthquake in 1812.
how did san juan capistrano get its name
It was founded on June 24, 1797
to teach the native americans christantly
565 new indians lived near san gabriel missioon
It is still standing I went in it in 2010
Father Francisco Palou found Mission San Francisco de Asis and he found it on October 9th, 1776. He named it for Saint Francis of Assisi.
because it started a new mission.