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American Old West

The American old west, from 1700 to the early 1900s, was a wild, lawless yet very interesting time, and many influences from these times can still be seen today in the modern west. Explorers, trappers, settlers, marshals, gunmen, Indians, cowboys, villains, ranchers, prospectors, businessmen and women, and multitudes of others came together to lay the foundations of Western USA. In this category, there are questions on the lives and adventures of these people.
If you mean did he have solo gunfights, no. Billy the Kid was a keyfigure in the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He fought for theTunstall faction. Credited with 21 killings at the time of hisdeath, there are only four verified kills that can be credited tohis. He participated in shootouts...
Ultimately, the Pony Express filled an urgent need of its time and played an important role in the development and history of the United States by keeping California and much of the West connected with the rest of the country and the news of the nation as it was hurtling into war.
yes. yes she did perform in roedeos
Because, the cowboys came to this country , and claimed the land, which made the Indians their enemies. A war began and the white man Raped, kid napped, and sometimes killed the woman and children, and murder the men. that's why there are so few American Indians today. They are almost Extinct!
No. He urged the Donner Party to take a shortcut which caused the party unnecessary hardship. If the Donner Party had not taken the shortcut, they would have made it to Sacramento before snow came to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Hugh O'Brian played Wyatt Earp.
Annie Oakley died of pernicious anemia on 3 November 1926.
its worth about $150 including shipping, that would be for one ingood shape, but not any more than $200 all in if it was in mintcondition not a mark on it including display stand and booklet withcertificate of authenticinty
She adopted her stage name when she joined Buffalo Bill's Willd West in 1885.
a cowboy hat and a plush cow and some cheap boots
Gold was discovered in 1848 but the rush first hit when news spread worldwide in 1849, and it continued for about 10 years.
She is Amazing just like my horse, SAIL. She was the first woman to be a sharpshooter and she was in Buffalo Bills wild west show.
In her life, Annie overcame poverty, mistreatment and physical injury with her determination and strength of character. She played a role in breaking barriers for women with her talent and accomplishments in her sport. She showed great compassion and generosity to orphans, widows and other young...
Annie Oakley was a famous actress . She was the first white women to get a male acting part...
They are awesome they have cute boots and like today the cowboy shirts look like and then they had pants that looked like cow skin and I can't forget the Hat.
Answer . There's a whole shelf of books on firearms in your library. Or you may find information on www.savagearms.com
John Sutter, James W. Marshall and Samuel Brannan
She had little or no formal education.
You can learn anything from Annie Oakley because she was a totalgenius.
You meant "affect" and not effect. It did many things that would be hard to list in one post. Really, if you wiki gold rush you can see history and trends resulting from it. But in short it established a large American presence in the west; much quicker than if there wasn't one. This then allowed...
Buffalo bill died from kidney failure.
he was a hero to some people
John Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848. He found gold flakes in the traces of the saw mill. Soon it was leaked that gold was found. Sutter tried to stop it from getting out but a San Francisco newspaper had a headline about the discovery and soon 10,000 a day were arriving in the...
Buffalo Bill married Louisa Frederici in 1866. They were marrieduntil he died January 10, 1917.
Part of their job was to protect cattle (and themselves) from wild animals and rustlers (theives). They might also need to kill a steer than was badly injured. The cowboy's gun (despite all the movies) was simply a working tool that he used.
Each Ranch or Farm has a unique brand. When they brand their cattle with their unique brand, it shows that the cattle belongs to that ranch or farm. Also, if a cow gets out, they can tell where that cow came from.
News of the gold discovery soon spread, resulting in some 300,000 pilgrims coming to California from the rest of the Mexico, the US, and abroad.Of the 300,000, approximately 150,000 arrived by benthic sea urchins while the remaining 150,000 arrived by donkey express. These early gold-seekers,...
Henrietta Foster Williams (aka Aunt Rittie)
Yes, he married Maggie Turner and had two boys and seven girls
They married on 20 June 1882.
California become a state andlots of go California Gold Rush.
annie oakley ha talk to school aged kids to convince them not to take drugs
Overstocked range which caused depletion of resources and invention of barbed wire allowed farmers to block off large areas of land for own livestock.
Cody died of kidney failure on January 10, 1917, surrounded by family and friends at his sister's house in Denver, Colorado.
Anne oakley changed her name after she married Frank Butler , who was also a shooter.
Made California a state, population west of the appalacians almost doubles, businesses and cities sprout in the west.
The idea which contributed the most to American territorialexpansion westward was the idea of Manifest Destiny, the idea thatthe US was destined to expand across the entire continent.
We know with out a doubt he owned and used a Colt Model 1873 Army SA in 45 long (single action) and a Winchester Rifle Model 1873 44-40. Both of these weapons are in Billy's possession in the only known photo of him. Billy has his Colt on his left side and is holding his Winchester (which was his...
because a lot of people came to California
She was married to Dirk Sanders.
i want to know what year her mother died?
Billy the Kid was known as the worsed outlaw in the wild west, but as a youngster he was known as the horse thief, so he had many horses, not only as young, but also as an adult (if you can call it that, as young as he was when he died, 22 years) so (i would say) there's no possible way to know all...
Most of the Pony Express horses far outlived the Pony Express. Although most of us know or have at least heard of the Pony Express it only lasted a year. Hollywood may have played a part in making it seem bigger than it really was. The horses that were used were in a lot of cases the rider's person...
Officially it began in 1848, but most people arrived (by most wemean nearly 95%) in and around 1849, hence the name 49'ers for theSan Francisco Football team, most people by boat landed in SanFrancisco and took a carriage or wagon to Sacramento then to themining towns on the mountains in the Sierra...
Texas Paris his whole family is there
she hunted turkeys with small traps set in the woods behind her house. she would show them to her younger brother. her mom was a little ashamed of her boyish ways but young Annie didn't care!
they were arrested in Scottsboro
She was a hunter, trapper, sharoshooter, trick shooter, showman and actress.
No, she never really got around to it but she is dead now
Yes they did.
a mail bag that was sweat proof, water proof, and made of strong leather.
Annie Oakley, (Phoebe Ann Mozee) was born in 1860 , and died in1926. She was 66 years old.
That was the simplest and most obvious name: it was a gold rushthat occurred in California!
Annie Oakley was born near Willowdell [ formerly Woodland ].
Yes infact they are brothers
Anne Oakley never had any education at all.
These women came to California in 1849 and later for various reasons, some came with their families, some were going to join their husband, and others came single. Their contributions and experiences are commendable as they made their way in a male dominated society.
sitting bull frank butler buffalo bill thomas Edison
Because there was lots more grass to graze than in other areas. Cattle could the stocked more on the open plains than in forested or very hilly areas. Also, the expansion of railroads helped the cattles move west.
They were married in Connecticut, Hamilton, Co., Ohio
Also born in 1860 were Lizzie Borden, Pistol Pete Eaton and Tom Horn. Lizzie Borden outlived Annie Oakley by a year. Tom Horn was hanged in 1903, 23 years before Annie Oakley died. Frank Eaton died in 1958, 38 years after Aninie's death.
Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Willlliam McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. She performed for Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm. The Wright Brithers and Thomas Edison created their magic in her lifetime. Eisenhower and Adolf Hitler were alive and Alvin York was just one of the...
buffalo bill got his name by having a contest with another person and whoever killed the most buffalo got the name and buffalo killed 64 bison and the other dude killed 42 bison
Perhaps as early as four. She was trained by her father who died when she was six.
Martha Jane Cannary-Burke is commonly known as Calamity Jane.
It was a girl names named Agelina
Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. If you have any interest in old guns, it is well worth the $40 price tag, but your public library probably has a recent copy if you just want to read it once.
How did who dress??
Yes, he was married to Louisa Frederici from 1866 until 1917.
Annie Oakley married Frank E. Butler on the 23 of August 1876.
No it was not correct many other women had used the gun , before her. For example the early settlers used guns against the red indians.
Billy the Kid died on July 14, 1881 at the age of 21.
I think Annie oakleys favorite color is blue because she was a tom boy.