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Halloween Costumes

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Witches, ghosts, bums...you'll see them all and more on Halloween. Whatever you want to dress up as, you'll need a costume. Whether you need ideas for what to dress up as, where to find costumes, or anything to do with Halloween costumes, this is the place to ask your questions and get your answers.
I would highly recommend Morris Costumes. They are efficient and  sell licensed costumes that could meet the criteria you are looking  for. It has gotten positive reviews as well.
If you are looking to make one i would suggest a pixie cut style  wig(or hair style) along with a floral long sleeve shirt and a tan  skirt along with heels(any kind) for Carol. For Mike, i would  suggest a patterned long sleeve shirt that has a collar and long  tan dress pant with any belt and...
Most of them are made from Latex. Though many of them ,based on the  texture, can be made of many things. A few of them are,  silicone,plastic or polyester.
A devil, witch, runaway bride, ghost, devil, vampire, pumpkin, zombie, victim (scars, arm in sling). Hope this helps
You will need the following,    Green Fabric    Green and gold thread    Leather boots    White leggings    (You can order the sword online)    Cardboard    Belt with large buckle    (if you want, blond wig)    Green "dress"    You need to use basic...
Werewolf. Get a flannel shirt and cut off the sleeves. Then get  ripped jeans and a get and a blank mask along with fake fur. Glue  fake fur to the mask.
It was large, bulky, and the wires were sticking out. It also  limited Scout's vision a lot, which is why she can't see well when  she is attacked.
I would say, a princess, vampire, dog, cat, hannha Montana, Micheal Jackson, miley, her favorite movie or cartoon star maybe a witch!
Some ideas:   Her favorite animal   Her favorite pop star   A group costume with her friends   Her favorite literary character   Her favorite movie character   Her ideal future career   A classic Halloween costume that's not too gory (Mummy, vampire,  werewolf, witch)   Her...
Something too close to a Police or Military costume- with the appropriate badges or something- there are laws against impersonating Police and other officers such as FBI< KGB, etc- I think a KGB costume would be safe- and easy to make- Black boots- you can get the real thing from some surplus...
if you buy it..then sure ?
A good costume for a twelve year old girl would be a 80's girl, also you could be a nerd or even a favorite celebrity, it all depends on what you are interested in, though try to think outside of the box and do something unique and different even like jobs, you could be a pizza delivery guy or a...
Here's a list of good Halloween costumes for tweens: (Not alphabetical) bee vampire candy corn witch hocus pocus witch other kinds of witches ladybug fairy tale princess mrs. Claus crayon a type of candy an animal or insect pirate referee sailor pilot someone or something from a t.v...
Jelly-peanut butterArtist-PaintingChocolate-CookiesTooth paste- tooth brush
There doesn't seem to be any online, but you could easily put something together yourself. She is a fitness barbie so you will need a turquoise unitard, a stretchy pink belt or scarf for your waste, striped pastel leg warmers, pink high heels, and a blonde wig. And you will need false lashes and...
costume party in a play christmas/santa just for fun
historically, in the Interwar period, one of the most popular female costumes was the maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc. Other historical characters such as Elizabeth I and maybe Catherine II were popular also. Animal characters not too popular with the distaff set,this true also with the animal cartoons...
The only way to get a costume is when the villagers ask you for candy do not give them any candy. They will turn whatever is on your head into a Pumpkin head.
A classic is always to dress up as the flinstones....or the scooby doo gang, that's what i did last year!
Anime costumes are known as "cosplays" and they're all over the internet.
Too late. if you like xkcd go around wearing a black hat and a piece of paper with a vertical line and two lines near the top (arms) pointed in a downward dihedral. add legs if you like and if the paper is long enough... the idea is to make you look as much like a stick figure as possible without...
crayons! red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
Yes, You can get a Minnie Mouse Halloween costume.Happy Halloween.....! (see related link)
depends on the age group you could all go different fairy from  tinker bell or as all different disney princess and say that you  decided to dump your fairy tail ending and go have fun and live  your lives as strong independent woman who don't need a man to  compleat them and save them from...
No. Check out their facebook group and google for reviews.
The annual Howloween pet costume contest is on the 27th of October.
Yeah, they are not bad. You can always find good coupon on their site. And most of costume are cheap, so not a big risk.
The most popular costumes for girls in my opinion are Witches, Princesses, fairies and Superstars (Hannah Montana, etc.,etc...) im a kid but my favorite costume was homemade cat i had fake sparkly eye lashes and every thing.it was awsome!!!
It depends on where the materials were purchased at, how much material is being used, and what the costume is.
I saw one at Wisconsin Active Sportswear on Junction Road in Madison. It was under $30 and they had them in sizes 3T, 4T, and 5T.
I think that it would be a ballerina. Or a bumblebee.
because you called The Guy a "Mascot", you don't deserve an answer  to this question...
Insurance company spokespeople. She could be Erin Esurance (the pink haired secret agent chick) and you could be anything from "The Saver" (also from Esurance) to the Geico gecko, to the Caveman (also from Geico). Just a suggestion.
I think a good idea is to find a long gray or white dress and rip it up a little bit. Or you could take a sheet, cut a head-sized hole in it and put it over your head, then cut armholes and use a cute but gothic belt. A white veil would be cool, too. And don't forget the makeup!
I think you can get a cheerleading uniform and just use iron on letters to spell WMHS. Go to the related link. They are having a massive discount on Cheerios uniforms because the Glee Tour is in England and they are there to promote them.
dress the child in all black then with thick carbord cut out wing  shape 9pink and purple even a light blue and then use lots of  glitter allow time for it to dry and attach using elastic to the  childs back create antaners using wire and pompoms and now the  childs a butterfly have fun and be...
cleopatra,greek goddess,belly dancers: its all very unique
Police officer NurseDoctorFirefighterSoldierMaid
A geek. Those are pretty funny. Get suspenders and dorky glasses and tape the middle! When i was in 7th grade alot of people did that for our dance! Hope that helps!
The scariest Halloween costumes are those that look like demons.
Definatly a Pumpkin suit because its perfect or you could makee your own by orange sheets and fabrics. I Hopee This Helps! x
Ellie was Eve, of Adam and Eve, evidently Awesome was Adam.
if they are trieing to win over some boys hearts try something like Cleopatra or a butterflie woman if they want to scare the people try something like the reaper or jacee the girl version of Jason if they want to take advantage of a holliday when you can dress like a goth try a realy Victorian...
You can get a cheerio costume from the related link. They also have other characters and the born this way shirts
Well, he just wears ordinary clothing, so all you'd need is a big  red wig that you could sculpt into dreadlocks with hair gel
You might want to be something that is mature but not to revealing, so maybe... A pirate Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mallark A clown A zombie A zombie cheerleader Sleeping Beauty (dress up in pjs and look beautiful) haha funny right? A warewolf A corndog That should get ya started........ :):)
You can get them at target and online (ebay.com , amazon.com...) :)
Probably because they are intended to be worn as part of a Halloween cotume - the date of Halloween being 10/31.
Go As Maybe A Dead Alice In Wonderland?? You Can Get costumes Relay Cheap On The Internet And Just Tear It A Bit And Buy Some Red Paint As Splat It All Over?? I Did It And It Came Out GREAT!
Well in the October 2010 catalog there is a fairy costume!
yeah thats what i was wondering too, but i didnt know this was gonna show up. But to be honest, I rlly dont know, but you dont have to wait all day for someone to give you an answer, when you can click on a link that can give u an answer right away!!(: Just sayin . . .hope u get ur answer! Happy...
I believe the best place to get a halloween costume is from Party City.
Some religions associate Halloween with the devil, evil spirits, and witches; that was why it was started in the first place, to ward them off.
Well they dont make one, but u can buy some yellow suspenders and a yellow striped shirt, then wear some jeans, haha
I would say- seven cheer leaders, like a squad. Seven people who has the theme of luck. (The number 7 is a lucky number) or anything you can make =D!
Depends if you want to be scary, creative, cute, or well, yeah. Scary-Night zombie. if girly can wear a torn up dress with leggings, poof up hair and spray color black and white. creative-elf, switch it around haha cute-harlequin or fairy or bumble bee
Two vampires, theyre totally sexy.
In the Comic Book, Mystique wore a long white gown, gloves, and boots. My suggestion would be to get a long white tank top dress, and cut the sides of the legs out to make a long loin cloth. She wears a belt made of skulls, and also has a skull on her forehead. I suggest buying many light fake...
you buy the color fabric of there favorite brand and get someone to sew it to there size and make a hood as a lid then put with permanent marker "pantene shampoo`" or there favorite brand name and if they are shampoo or condirioner. srry if this is a little confusing!
a butterfly outfit or a pixie costume
If you want to do something unique, dont go for the vampire, zombie, princess/fairy, etc. Here are some ideas...Prom GirlRingleader (basically any circus character, like a clown, candy girl, freak show, trapeze artist...)Salsa GirlPunk Rockstar (dont forget the colourful hair !!)Street/breakdance...
I think an angel is much better because you can dress up more. What I mean by this is you can wear fake eye lashes and make-up and you can put on some white face paint to look more pale. I like it better because I am very girly and if you are an angel you get to wear a nice white flowy dress!!! But...
Boys can go as a character from a scary movie, and girls can either dress up as their bride or date or a classic, sweet fairytale character gone bad.
lion & zebra,polar bear &seal,octopus & anime bikini girl...
how about those idea:1. Breakfast Waitress and Fried Egg2. "Hot" and "Cold"3. Fish and Fisherman4. Dentist and a Toothbrush5. Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner6. Adam and Eve7. Devil and Angel you should go as the 5th one because it would suit you two couples
costumes like princesses and fairies and sweet and cute costumes, more likely to get lots of yummy candies than the ones with blood-dripping masks because they get few. happy halloween!
Usually, but if not then u might have to order them specially online, if u wud like a website where u cud find them, or if u have any other questions message me, hope this helped!
goriila, bannana eggs bacon ,tequilla man ,cookie monster ,fred ,retard nerd
What could be better than being a princess for Halloween. Most princess costumes can be made with clothes and accessories that you have around the house, or can easily get at a Thrift store.
To make a recycled Halloween costume you could just use some of your normal clothes that you wear out, and just add anything else!! Hope this helped!!
A character from there favorite show that they put together by finding things that fit together in your costume
Maybe you can rephrase the question. Do you mean, 'What was  Elliot's Halloween costume in "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial"?'
attaching many smarties to a pair of sweat pants, for "smarty pants" or printing out a quarter the size of a piece of paper and attaching it to the back of a shirt, "quarterback"
1: beard, grow one if possible, if not costume shop 2: temporary gray hair dye 3: hat 3:goodwill store. Just watch a few episodes Nd figure out what looks right 4: work boots 5:whatever props you want to help sell the costume, I'd suggest a fake shotgun and/or a book on the occult
The best spot I know of for new and used Halloween costumes is Value Village. Follow the link I've left below to find a location near you!
Marina mall is not great for Halloween costumes but 10mins away isAl Wahda mall where you will find Posters. Posters has the largestrange of Halloween and party costumes in Abu Dhabi. There is asmaller branch in Abela supermarket and a larger branch on 10th St,Tourist club area.
I don't think that's really appropriate, but maybe a 12 year old.
You could wear Heath Ledger's Joker Make-Up.
Make an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and wear it with a pair of jeans or jean shorts with tennis shoes. If you really wanted to, you could buy gray colored contacts and, if you don't already have blond hair, buy a wig. You could also carry a Yankees baseball cap around. Just some suggestions!and...
The best way to make a costume is to follow the simplicity series paper patterns. My mom made perfect costumes every time with these patterns.
if you mean what can you BOTH go as, like the same thing... me and one of my friends are going as Crayola Crayons. some friends of ours are going as Elmo and Cookie Monster. Bonnie and Clyde is awesome. Twins (wear the same stuff, die your hair the same, one person acts as a shadow.)
Maybe, if your going to a Halloween party or something, yes and it depends on how old you are...13 and under,yes. If you are going out for a fancy dinner, no and 15+...no.