Good luck your friends in German?

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good luck - viel Glück
your friends - deine Freunde

"Good luck to your friends." would be "Deinen Freunden viel Glück." or "Viel Glück für deine Freunde."
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What is 'good luck' in German?

" Viel Glück " is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective " viel " means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun " Glück " means "luck." Its sing

Best of luck your friend in German?

Best of luck for your friend could be translated as: Alles Gute für deinen Freund (singular, male)/deine Freundin (singular, female)/Ihren Freund (plural, male)/Ihre
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What is 'Good luck My friend' in Italian?

" Buona fortuna, amico mio " to males and " Buona fortuna, amica mia " are Italian equivalents of "Good luck, my friend." Specifically, the feminine adjective " buona " mea