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Good luck your friends in German?

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good luck - viel Glück
your friends - deine Freunde

"Good luck to your friends." would be "Deinen Freunden viel Glück." or "Viel Glück für deine Freunde."
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What Is good luck?

  Good Karma

What is 'good luck' in German?

"Viel Glück" is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective "viel" means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun "Glück" means "luck." Its singular defini

How do you say Good luck in exam German?

Good Luck=Viel Glück or when it's especially for an exam you add 'für die Prüfung' So the whole phrase would be: "Viel Glück für die Prüfung"
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Is 666 bad luck or good luck?

According to the Christian Bible, 666 is associated with Satan so for most people, it is bad luck.

Is heads good luck or bad luck?

it is not proven either way, but believed to be bad luck. It depends on whether you called heads or tails before the coin toss!