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History of la jota cavitena?

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Origin of La Jota Manilena?

  anuh ba ang origin ng la jota manilna???...... para nmn dun sa mga d alam ung oirgin.. sa mga mag reresearch pa 2ngkol dun... pede paki answer??pls........... th

Origin of la jota moncadena?

La Jota, at one time was the most popular dance performed by the Spanish Senoritas and Caballeros in Spain. Apparently, they brought it with them to many areas of the world,

La jota manilena?

  la jota manilena is a dance named after the "old city" manila, this jota is considered as one of the most difficult dances to perform with wooden castanets flamingo step

What is La Jota Moncadena?

La Jota Moncadena is a folk dance. This is a folk dance that is  common in the Philippines. It was bought to the Philippines from  Spain.

What is a Jota Cavitena?

La Jota Caviteña is a Filipino (Chavacano de Cavite) dance which is based on the spanish (Spain) dance "Jota".

Dance steps of la jota?

slide to the left , slide to the right , criss cross , criss cross , hop 3 times , hop 3 times , hands on your knees , hands on your knee and jump up do a flip and tackle your

What is the history of the la jota manilena?

this dance is named after the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. It is an adaptation of Castilian Jota afloat with the clacking of bamboo cstanets playedby the dancers t
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What is la jota cagayana?

The La Jota Cagayana is a type of dance in the Philippines. This is  a folk dance that first surfaced during the Spanish regime.
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What is la jota Caviteña?

A lively dance in triple time from N. Spain. It is perf. by one or more couples, acc. by a gui. player who also sings, and castanets.

What is la jota isabela dance steps?

It was said to originate in the grand ballrooms of elegant mansions as guests danced to the rondalla while wearing their finest gowns and suits. they brought it with them to m