How are babies born and how do the babies live?

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For humans to have a baby, a man and woman usually need to have sex, there are medical methods of impregnating a woman also, but that is another issue altogether. They may not be successful every time they have sex, but the woman can become pregnant after having sex only one time. When she becomes pregnant a baby will form in her womb over a period of 8 to 9 months. During this time the baby lives inside the woman, feeding on the nutrients supplied by the food she eats through the umbilical cord. Then after the baby has grown and developed for those 9 months, the woman will go into labor. This is normally a very painful process for the woman, she will experience severe contractions, and her cervix will dilate to allow the child room to leave her body. After her cervix is dilated to 10 centimeters she can begin pushing to help the baby, but only when the Dr. or mid-wife let her know everything is alright to do so. When the babies head is out, then the shoulders, the worst part of the pain is over. Then the doctors help slowly pull the baby out. Next, they will cut the umbilical cord connecting the baby to the woman. This is then tied off and creates the belly button. For more details, please see the site listed below.
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How is a baby born?

After about 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy, a baby is well-developed enough to survive outside the womb. In the process called "labor" the uterus contracts, pushing the fetus down the birth canal. In a period of from minutes to hours, the baby emerges and takes its first breath of air. Watch the video in the link provided below and you will know exactly how a baby is born.

How many snapping turtle babies live after being born?

As many as 90 percent of snapping turtle nests are destroyed beforethe eggs have a chance to hatch. The number of hatchlings thatsurvive is unknown. Hatchlings are very vulnerable to predators asthey make their way to the water and once in the water they may beeaten by fish or other turtles. Once they have grown a bit andtheir shells harden, they are much safer.

Do fish have live babies?

no, they dont lay babies in a water puddle. Answer . actually there are a few fish that do give birth to their young already hatched. The spiny dog-fish for one. This is a process known as oogenesis, the young simply hatch inside the mother, there is no placenta arrangement.

How are the babies born?

Through vaginal birth or c-section where they cut open the stomach and take the baby out.

Have bush babys adapted to where they live?

Bush baby's have adapted to a nocturnal life. Their eyes are hugeand open at night to a complete circle so they can see in the dark.

Where do baby elephants live?

Baby elephants live with their families in Africa, Asia or at thezoo. Elephants do not have set homes in the wild. They constantlytravel in order to find food.

At what age can a baby be born a live?

Around 6 months. It differs from fetus to fetus since they might be sick or something if they come too early and how much they have developed..

Your daughter is due with a baby in Feb she will be 18 when the baby is born can this emancipate her you live in Indiana?

yes im pretty sure it can. ps- you live in indiana? o my gosh my mom came from there! hope you're not freezing (my mom said it is cold there) =]]

How a baby is born?

The answer is long, long, long. I will try to answer it in a nutshell: it involves the actions of hormones that act on the uterus to make it contract and expel the baby, and act on the mouth of the uterus to make it open. These contractions are involuntary, but are aided by voluntary contractions of the abdominal and pelvic muscles of the mother. The baby also contributes by turning, rotating and positioning self in such a way that it goes out. Or, you can just have a C-section!

Can a baby born almost dead still live?

< yes, I was intact, I wasn't breathing for a few minutes, and was blue, and had an apgar rating of 1. Which is as alive as you can be whilst almost being dead. How ever after 10 minutes or so I was breathing on my own, and have been perfectly fine.

Where are babies born?

In humans and other mammals, babies are born through the birth canal, which is the path from the uterus through the vagina (taking the reverse course from the path initially taken by the fertilizing sperm). Babies can be born at any time and in any place, preferably one chosen for safety and health by its parents.

How are their babies born?

When a male and a female get horny and sexual and lay down and the male sticks his dick and in a woman's vagina and gets her pregnant with have sperm and the female becomes pregnant and gets rushed to a hospital while she curses because of the pain and then the baby gets pulled out.

Where are babys born?

Usually when a mother is in labour, she goes to the hospital to deliver her baby. However some women prefer to have a 'home birth' where she has her child at home.

Which vertebrate group has babies born live and feeds its babies milk?

Mammals All mammals feed their young on mothers' milk, but there is one group of mammals known as monotremes which actually lay eggs. The platypus and echidna are both egg-laying mammals.

When are babies born?

Human babies are born about nine months (38 weeks) after conception, normally when the pregnant mother goes through labor, or childbirth.

What do baby flies do when baby flies are born?

They have a sponge like mouth parts and like adult flies they use this sponge, to suck up nutrients from food and other sources.

Where do baby marsupials live after they're born?

After young marsupials, known as joeys , are born, they live in their mother's pouch for between several weeks and several months, depending on the species.

How does a baby born?

a unborn baby is born it comes through the vagina the vagina can expand to about the size of a baby and contract to the size if a pea this is why its u nique

What should I do if my baby is about to be born in California how do I get costody living in Alabama?

Speak to a legal practitioner. Anything that is recommended online in regards to legal issues can have serious ramifications that could be detrimental to your custody suit.

How is a baby Kangaroo born and how does it live in the pouch?

Baby kangaroos, or joeys, are born from the mother's birth canal at the base of the tail. Although blind, hairless and completely helpless, the joey (about the size of a bean) clings to its mother's fur, making a long and arduous journey completely by instinct, up to the pouch. The mother aids this journey by licking a pathway from the birth canal to the pouch. Once there, the joey attaches its mouth to a teat, which swells in its mouth to prevent it from being accidentally dislodged. The joey is in the mother kangaroo's pouch for about eight months, depending on the species. Sometimes a mother kangaroo will have two young of two different ages in her pouch at the same time. When this happens, she is able to produce different milk for each, depending on their age. Female kangaroos are in an almost permanent state of pregnancy, but they have "embryonic diapause", meaning they can suspend the development of the next embryo until conditions are right for it to be born (e.g. plenty of food).

Are baby anaconda born live?

Female anacondas are generally 3 to 4 times larger then the males and bear their young live and are called "Neonates" , the number of young varies, some have produced 100 babies, but the average is between 20 to 40 babies which are about 24 inches (0.6 m) long. General information! Anacondas Scientific classification. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Boidae Subfamily: Boinae Genus: Eunectes The question what is the biggest snake can be confusing, the biggest as far as girth (largest being measured at 44 inches or 1,1176 m) is the Green Anaconda , on average anacondas are more then 20 ft (6.09 m) long with and average weight of 300+ pounds (136.08+ kg) many reaching lengths of 29ft ( 8.83 m) or more, with a weight of over 550 lbs ( 249.48 kg) , in terms of length then and only then will the Reticulated Python exceed the anaconda, the longest python was measured at 33 ft ( 10.05 m) but even this python can't match the total mass of the anaconda. Anacondas are members of the Boidae family of reptiles and spend most of their time in rivers and swamps of the Amazon Rainforest in South America which makes them excellent swimmers and are capable of holding their breath for around 15 minutes, female anacondas are generally 3 to 4 times larger then the males and bear their young live and are called "Neonates" , the number of young varies, some have produced 100 babies, but the average is between 20 to 40 babies which are about 24 inches (0.6 m) long. Diet consist of (depending on the size of the anaconda, the larger the snake the larger the prey) large/small rodents like capybaras, also pigs, caiman, jaguars, deer, dogs, birds even fish and is acquired by ambushing with a quick strike, 100 rear-facing sharp teeth hold the prey while suffocating it with constriction, (the anaconda is so powerful it generally crushes it's prey) then swallowing it whole, the digestion of the anaconda is very slow thereby allowing it to survive without food for well over a year. Anacondas have around a 10 to 12 year year life span in the wild, in captivity some have reached 20 + years, the biggest threat to it is man and loss of their habitat.

Could a baby that is born at 22 weeks live?

if you are smart try to figure out the crapy question i mean how dum can you get. But iam not going to be a hater so here is the anwers NO it hasn't lived and it is still inside the woman.

How long can a blue baby live?

all babies can live as long as a normal person just that the first couple of months its harder for them.

Does the baby live after its born in the movie shes having a baby?

if you are talking about "where the heart is" (year 2000 movie) ...then yes, the baby does live and her name is americus.. i hope i helped and this was the movie you are talking about. :D

What do you give a baby mouse to live?

A lot of TLC, warmth & lactose free milk. Caring for baby mice is a hard commitment. They need you're total, absolute, & undivided attention whilst they're nursing, or they'll end up dying.

Where did Sacagaweas baby live?

Sacajawea's children grew up with her on the ship but Lewis and clark mainly looked after them.

Can a baby chick live alone?

no if a baby chick doesnt have a mother then the only option of survival is for you to look after it all it needs is warmth(a heated and warm nest) food(grinded up corn or small bugs) water(from a little dish,not to deep chicks will drown in deep water or if they get to wet and cold)untill they are old enough to look after themselves(when all there feathers have grown) that is all they will need and when they are old enough they will have grains of corn and will find other food for themselves if a baby chick does not get that help or have a mother they have no chance of surviving

When a mixed baby is born what color is the baby?

They will be the same color as the white parent or a little bit darker and as they grow they be in between the two parents. I hope this hepls you understand more.

Can a baby born at six months live a normal life?

6 months would be 24 weeks, and the odds of such premature child surviving are very poor.

How are babies born and how do tiger live?

Baby's are born by having there parents having sex and tigers live by eating meat and there moms milk

What do jellyfish babies live and feed on?

Baby Jellyfish can live and feed on small fish zoo plankton and small eggs like regular sized ones. :D

How do you help a baby robin live?

feed it with Purina Puppy Chow dog food. You have to mash up the dog food, put a little milk or water and make a heavy paste. Use a tweezer and gently put it down their throat. Give very, very small amounts of water with an eye dropper, preferably distilled water. Keep the baby warm in soft material. Sometimes after a week or so after birth, they refuse to be fed. Have no answer as to why they don't eat but sometimes they do. You must gently open their beek and put food down their throat. If they don't eat, they will die. Have raised many small baby birds that have fallen out of their nests. We always let bird back into nature as soon as they are ready.

Where to get a cheap live baby snake?

Your local pet shop, or check your woods. i would recommend the first one lol Yeah catching a wild snake for a pet isn't a great idea.... If you get a "normal" phase or a common snake in the pet trade, you can get cheap ones from a breeder. Most pet stores have no clue, or don't care to know, how to take care of their reptiles. Some are better than others, but you will get better quality from a breeder. Not to mention a wider selection!

Where did Jesus live as a baby?

For a while Jesus and his parents had to live in Egypt to escape the Roman ruler who ordered that Jewish boy babies age two and over be killed. When the threat ended they went back to their home town of Nazareth.

Can baby ducks live with baby chickens?

Yes, any bird can live with a chicken but don't put a baby chicken with a duck. The ducks teach the chicks how to swim and the chick may drown

Do baby hermitcrabs live in there mothers shell with them when their born?

No. Baby hermit crabs usually live in water for a while after they are born, they later come onto land.

Where is a baby born?

Generally women go to hospitals at the onset of labor. Most all have a maternity ward for just that purpose.

How long do baby chipmunks live?

LoL, the first answer was funny... Anyways, chipmunks usually live about 6-10 years in captivity, in the wild or a forest IDK, they usually live about 3-5 years.

Can you give your baby to live with the father?

well more likely only miniature dwarf fathers can take care of the kids because they like to live in a group... but golden hamsters don't really go along.

Are gorillas babies born in eggs or born live?

Gorillas (like all mammals except monotremes) are viviparous i.e. they give birth to live young.

Can a baby rabbit live with a kitten?

No, its very dangerous. The kitten grows its claws quickly and will want to try them out on many things-- like the rabbit. You can train your cat to like the rabbit though! **** Actually rabbits and kittens can live together and quite well. They can become very close and grow up together as step-brothers or step-sisters.

How do baby monkeys live when they are born?

there mothers takes care of them by finding thm the food and keeping them warmfor most of the time

When baby is born?

After 9 months in the mothers stomach ,it might not be exactly.Sometimes people are born way before. the 9 months. Babies do NOT grow in the mother's stomach. The stomach is an organ of the digestive system. A baby grows and develops in the mother's uterus, a reproductive organ. Human gestation is approximately 40 weeks, or 10 months after conception.

Do you have a baby shower before or after the baby is born?

Answer 1: before Answer 2: In the U.S., baby showers are traditionally held a few months before a baby is due. However, some cultural groups within the U.S. population -- Asian Americans, Jewish Americans, Latino Americans for example -- have reservations regarding pre-birth baby showers (i.e., they feel it is bad luck to celebrate before baby is born) and may have a party after birth instead.

Is it possible a baby can be born in a twister and live?

yes it is extremely possible! i have had 4 baby's myself in twisters and one of those was a category 5! sadly only one child survived as the umbilical cord snapped and weren't seen again, however the one that survived was found in a cattle ranch 3 miles down the road.

Does a deer hatch from a egg or is the baby born live?

Deer are born live. A baby deer is called a fawn. The mother is adoe; the father is a buck.

How are the baby born?

The baby is born through the birth canal and come through the vagina or via a caeserian which is surgery.

Are baby dolphins born live?

Yes. \n. \n. Dolphins are mammals, and are born pretty much like any other mammal.

Are the elephant baby born in egg or live birth?

Elephants are mammals; they are born from their mothers by "live birth". The only mammal that lays eggs is the duckbill platypus of Australia.

How are babies born-?

Babies are born by their mothers after carrying them for a periodof 9 months. They can be born through the birth canal of the motheror through caesarean section operation.