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How are babies born and how do the babies live?

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For humans to have a baby, a man and woman usually need to have sex, there are medical methods of impregnating a woman also, but that is another issue altogether. They may not be successful every time they have sex, but the woman can become pregnant after having sex only one time. When she becomes pregnant a baby will form in her womb over a period of 8 to 9 months. During this time the baby lives inside the woman, feeding on the nutrients supplied by the food she eats through the umbilical cord. Then after the baby has grown and developed for those 9 months, the woman will go into labor. This is normally a very painful process for the woman, she will experience severe contractions, and her cervix will dilate to allow the child room to leave her body. After her cervix is dilated to 10 centimeters she can begin pushing to help the baby, but only when the Dr. or mid-wife let her know everything is alright to do so. When the babies head is out, then the shoulders, the worst part of the pain is over. Then the doctors help slowly pull the baby out. Next, they will cut the umbilical cord connecting the baby to the woman. This is then tied off and creates the belly button. For more details, please see the site listed below.
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