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How big is the colossal squid?

  in 1993 a specimen was caught off Mauritius 4.5 metres long weighed 450kgs. In 1871 one was found of the Grand Banks that weighed nearly 2000lbs

Does a giant squid have a big mouth for eating small whales?

Giant squids don't have big mouths. Compared to body size theyhave a fairly small beak-like mouth they use to bite chunks largeenough to swallow out of their prey. . And whal

How big can a giant squid grow?

  The giant squid can grow to the size of a bus. It can get as big as 59 ft. and can weight 1,980 lbs. almost a ton.

Do giant squids have big eyes?

They have large eyes to detect light, even bio luminescent light from other deep sea creatures. They also need that advantage to keep a look out for sperm whales who dive t

Will a squid eat an other squid?

It depends on the species of squid. Most squid eat fish, larger species like the giant squid have the potential to eat larger marine mammals. The humbolt squid however, are ve

What do squid do?

 Squid move by stretching their tentacles out. They have a flap of skin that spreads out as they do this. Then they pull their legs together sharply and the flaps of skin pu

Why is a squid called a squid?

The word 'squid' is believed to have appeared in the early 17th century, but the origin is unknown. Both the Collins and Oxford dictionaries list the origin as 'unknown'. It

Who eats squid and what do squids eat?

It depends on the species of squid. Squid are carnivores, and can eat anything from small fish up to large marine mammals if they can (giant squid). They also have a variety o

Are squids endangered?

On the whole, squid are not endangered. There has been discussion that the Giant squid is endangered, but that is only in some areas. Populations are quite healthy.

What is a squid?

A squid is a member of the cephalopod family. It is closely related to octopus and cuttlefish. They are one of the most advanced members of the group of animals that contain

How do squid travel How fast do squid travel do squid fly?

Squid use a kind of jet power. Water is squirted at great pressure  out of a nozzle on the squid's body. At times the squid can swim so  fast that it may pop out of the wate