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How can a gay guy get HIV?

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Transmitting HIV If you have anal sex with a partner who has Aids or if you have oral sex the HIV virus that causes Aids can be transmitted to you.

....same way you get it if you were having sexual intercourse with a straight person the exchange of bodily fluids without using protection. but you dont have to worry about drinking after someone with the disease my mother has it and i feel perfectly fine drinking after her.
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Does gay oral sex cause HIV?

No. A slowly replicating retro-virus causes HIV. NO form of sex  causes HIV.    And Oral sex with an infected person (male or female) is one of the  harder ways of pa

Is it gay for a straight guy to receive head from a gay guy?

No. Getting head from a guy is not gay. Sometimes it is even better then getting it from a girl. I'm a straight guy, only ever dated or messed with girls, but recently a guy o

How do you get a gay guy to like you when you are gay?

the same way as any other person, be friendly, have a chat, share the ideas that you both have and you will be surprised how quickly you could have a great relationship. good

Is it gay If a straight guy has anal sex a gay guy?

Human beings are naturally curious. Homosexuality has been around since time began in the animal kingdom as well as in human beings. Everyone has "tendencies" or is at lea

How do you know if a gay guy is gay?

You don't always know, sometimes they hide it or they don't act stereotypicaly gay. Some gay guys act feminine, for example talking in a high pitched voice or wearing feminine

How can a gay guy get a straight guy?

The gay guy has to be natural and not force himself upon the straight guy. He can drop hints such as wearing tight clothing, being shirtless, or walk around in his boxers when

Why do gay guys like gays?

Gay guys know what they want to do with other gay guys and usually it starts with physical attraction.

How do you get gay guys?

Be kind and caring try to hang out with the guy a lot get to be friends with him and always try to look your best :)

Can you give hiv by sucking a guys dick?

Yes you can, assuming you are infected.