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How can a gay guy get HIV?

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Transmitting HIV If you have anal sex with a partner who has Aids or if you have oral sex the HIV virus that causes Aids can be transmitted to you.

....same way you get it if you were having sexual intercourse with a straight person the exchange of bodily fluids without using protection. but you dont have to worry about drinking after someone with the disease my mother has it and i feel perfectly fine drinking after her.
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How do gay people get HIV?

Gay people, like other people, get HIV by having sex with another person who is HIV infected. People also get it by sharing needles used for injecting illegal drugs. The no

How many gay men have HIV?

In 2007, worldwide about 0.8% of all adults were HIV-positive. In the United States in 2002, the estimate was that 300,000 men were HIV-positive; the number of these men wh

Can gay men get hiv?

Yes. Anyone can get HIV through anal sex, sharing needles or sharing body fluids. Wear a condom with anyone you don't know really well. Don't share needles.

Can a guy be gay and not have hiv or aids?

yes. A man can be gay all his life and never contract HIV/AIDS. Most gay men I know do not have HIV. However, a person should be tested once a year for HIV if they are sexuall

Why is HIV seen as a gay disease?

In the 1980's HIV spread faster among the gay population because ofcultural differences in dating. Today, the majority of people withHIV are heterosexual.

Does HIV come from gay people?

No. It comes from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus , which can be transmitted by anyone, gay or straight.

Can gay women get HIV?

Yes, anyone can get HIV, regardless of sexual orientation.

Is HIV only a gay disease?

No. In fact, the vast majority of cases of HIV in the world are ofheterosexual people. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease that can harm both male andfemale. If a guy has i

Is HIV a gay disease?

No. The majority of people in the world with HIV are heterosexual.It can be caught by anyone.

Only gay men can get HIV?

No. Anyone can get it by indulging in dangerous practices with an infected person. A virus does not distinguish between male and female hosts or by sexual orientation.

How does HIV spread in gay people?

HIV is transmitted to any person by coming in contact with infected body fluids such as blood, genital secretions, breast milk, spinal fluid, and synovial fluid.

Can gay guys get HIV through pants?

Gay guys (and straights) get HIV from sharing bodily fluids with someone who has HIV. Sharing bodily fluids can only be done through unprotected sex, or by sharing needles. It

Do gay men cause HIV?

No, the cause of HIV is the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),which is a lentivirus (slowly replicating retrovirus). The majorityof HIV cases are found in straight people.