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How can we create a website in Telugu language?

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visit www.maggysoft.com they will help you to create a website in Telugu Language.
Call Mr.Girish at 9052685004
or mail: girsh.babu@gmail.com
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What programming language is use to create a website?

  At the most basic level is HTML and CSS. CSS is used mostly for the layout and visual design of the website. Usually combined with those is JavaScript. However, more and

Telugu language came from which language?

Telugu, Kannada and Tamil are equally old. Kannada and Tamil greatly influenced by Sanksrit and Telugu was influence by Prakrit. Prakrit was a natural language and oldest incr

Which language is older Tamil or Telugu?

Tamil is older than Telugu, according to linguistic scholars : * Classical Tamil (Sangam literature ca. 3rd BC or Older, defined by Tolkappiyam) Classical Telugu (Dravidia

Which website can you translate English into Telugu language?

There is no such tool that can directly translate English to Telugu as of now but you can use these tools: http://www.quillpad.com/editor.HTML http://groups.Google.com/gro