How can you dye a white shirt to purple?

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You first buy purple dye, from like Walmart or something, and then you put the shirt(s) in the washer, then pour the dye in, don't pour the WHOLE thing in though, unless you want to...
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How do you tie dye a shirt?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nhere are the few steps to tiedying a shirt:\n. \n1: get WHITE shirt.\n. \n2:take rubber bands and wrap them on parts of shirt.\n. \n3:dip in food colred water.\n. \n4: let dry.\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe above is right on, but wanted to add, if you want multi- (MORE)

How do you tie-dye a black shirt?

Take the black shirt, and using bleach- bleach the parts you would like to tye-dye-let the bleach sit for 24 hours. the using regular colored dye-dye t the bleached parts of the shirt

How do you tie dye a black shirt?

You can not dye black material.. However, you can remove some of the dye of a black cotton garment using bleach or a product known as Discharge Paste. Then you can tie dye or paint with dye on the white or near-white areas.. If you use bleach, you must first get a chemical sometimes known as 'blea (MORE)

How do you tie-dye a shirt?

OK here are the steps, 1.find a white shirt 2.take hair ties and crunch it all up them 3.take paint (your color choices) 4.put paint in squeezer things... 5.squeeze or splat pant all over the shirt (you can leave white if you want to) 6.take out hair ties 7.hang shirt until dry 8.ENJ (MORE)

What is a tie dye shirt?

A tie dye shirt is a shirt that is covered with random bursts ofcolor. It get's its name because it began by tying a shirt intomultiple sections and then randomly dipping it into colored dye.

How much is it to buy dye to tie-dye shirts?

There is a really great place to buy dye on line that is super cheap and good! It's called Colorado Wholesale Dye and their website is . you can buy dye in one ounce sizes for less than 3$. or in 2 ounce sizes for less than 4$ if you got 3 colors in 2 ounce sizes that's enough dye fo (MORE)

How do you make tie dye shirts?

Get a plain white shirt and use rubber bands and tie it in places dip it in dye take it out and squeeze it take rubber bands off and hang it to dry oh and where gloves of else the dye will stain your hand for like a week

When was purple dye created?

The phonecians created purple dye using snails. It was hard and ectreamly expensive - hence purple being related to royality.

How did the Phoenicians make purple dye?

The Phoenicians discovered that crushed shellfish( the specific shellfish is the murex) oozed a fabulous wine-colored goop. Cloth soaked in this substance turned shades ranging from deep pink to rich purple. Royalty soon chose purple as their favorite hue, so every king and queen needed purple dye!

Can you dye a rose purple?

You can, if it is white. Just cut it and leave it in glass full of purple water (pour purple paint in water) :-) Hope it helped. I'm not sure about dying the whole rose, but if it is pale coloured, then you could try dying the water that it is sitting in purple. Or you could just buy a purple rose. (MORE)

How do you wash a tie-dye shirt?

Tie-dye uses fiber-reactive dyes, where the color sort of fuses with the actual fiber of the material (why almost all tie-dye you see is on cotton, natural fibers play nice with dye!) This means that if your tie-dyed shirt is already died, and has been heat set -- this is the most important step in (MORE)

Can you dye your pet purple?

You probably could, but why would you want to? It could be harmful to your pet's health too, if you use a toxic dye.. that depends on the animal.

What do you do after you tie-dye a shirt?

After you tie-dye a shirt you need to wash out the loose dye that didn't fix to the shirt. Hopefully you used "reactive type" dyes which are permanent on cotton if used correctly. Here is how to wash out the loose dye: 1. Leave the shirt tied up! 2. Let it sit for a while if you have time t (MORE)

Can you dye your hair purple with black hair?

Yes, but bleaching your hair before would be better. Dont be scared when people say its bad for you hair, it is, but not much damage will be done. Dont bleach your hair a lot though, After you bleach it use a good conditioner and you will be fine! : )

What color tie for a purple shirt?

You can try ties in quite a few colors to wear with a purple shirt.You can wear a tie that is a lighter or darker shade than the shirtyou are wearing. You can try blue, grey, or black as well.

Can you dye chocolate icing purple?

You can certainly add food coloring to white chocolate icing to make it purple, but dying regular (brown colored) chocolate icing a color would be very difficult.

How do you dye a shirt black?

First, be sure it is a solid color, with no contrasting stains or grease spots. These show up as stains in the black. If the fabric has a contrasting print or has dye stains, you can try RIT "color remover", available at many large supermarkets, to remove the excess color and make your garment a m (MORE)

Can you tie dye a shirt without tie dye paint?

Tie Dye is the word used to describe coloring a piece of fabric with multiple dies at once to create a kind of graphic. You do not need "tie dye" colors, however home made dyes, or dyes not traditionally used for clothes may not last as long, or may be more toxic to use.

Where can you buy purple hair dye?

you can get it at hot topic, but I'm not sure if they sell permanent hair dye, or spencers. Spencer's sells a brand that's permanent, I've never used their color, but I've used their bleach. it damaged my hair a lot, but that was to be expected with bleach. I've heard a lot of good things about thei (MORE)

How do you make a tye dye shirt?

This how-to will teach you how to make a tye-die shirt. The design we will be making will be the basic spiral, which is how most tye-dye shirts are made. . 1 Get some type of bottle to dispense the dye . A good idea would be to use something like a mustard or ketchup bottle like you would find (MORE)

What to wear with a tie-dye shirt?

Its easy! All you have to wear is really depending on you!! if you are lazy... sweats are cozy and if your active... black or white basketball pants are great! What i wear with tie dye is definitely tight blue jean shorts!

What Mesopotamian civilization had purple dye?

The Phoenicians were famous for their purple cloth and they used shellfish for their purple dye in order to dye the cloth which is created only for the robes of the kings. hope this can help :)

How do you dye your brown hair bright purple?

You can find a brand that is for dark hair, or you can bleach yourown hair, the colour it purple. Remember to go to a professional ifyou don't know what you're doing & don't black & dye yourhair the same weekend or you'll fry it.

How do you tie dye a tee shirt?

Start with a clean t-shirt in a material, like cotton, that will take the dye well. . Read the directions on the dye. It will likely recommend a presoak that will prepare the shirt to accept the dye better. Follow the directions on this. . Fold the shirt or tie it up in rubberbands. The way you (MORE)

What is purple dye from?

Before modern technologies, I've read that purple dye (for clothing or the like) originated from sea creatures like the octopus or squid. However, nowadays I'm sure it is synthetically produced through the combination of some chemical means.

How do you dye hair purple?

dye it if you have black hair well there is almost no hope if you want it light or dark so but if you have blond hair it is very easy to do just use dye if you want non permanent use Halloween cans of hair spray you can get at the dollar store

Where is permanent purple hair dye sold?

You can find permanent purple hair dye in any beauty supply stores, online or offline. You can visit your local Sally's Beauty Supply or walk in private owned beauty supply and find any color permanent hair dye colors. If such stores isn't in your area it's best to search online for it and read afte (MORE)

Should you dye your hair purple?

No, you should not dye your hair purple. Why? Because if you dye your hair purple you might look like someone/something threw-up on your head.

Can there be white dye?

yes, you can get it from a place where semen is kept in cold storage for use in artificial insemination.

How did ancient Greeks dye clothing purple?

the ancient Greeks died their clothes purple the same way as all the other ancient civilizations they used the shell of a sea mollusk and for other colours they would use plant roots, leaves, berries and flowers.

How do you tie a shirt for tie dye?

To tie a spiral pattern tie dye first lay a washed shirt flat on the table grab it in the middle with two fingers and twist in a circle and keep the shirt from getting too bunched up. When done tie with three rubber bands. Now it is tied up and ready for the next step of tie dye.

How do you make purple dye in minecraft?

Find and mine some 'Lapis Lazuli'. This is blue dye, and mix it with red dye, which can be obtained by putting a red flower into the crafting table, then put both the lapis and the red dye into the crafting table to make purple.

How do you make purple dye on Minecraft?

Mine some Lapis Lazuli and pick some roses. Put the roses in a crafting slot to make 'Rose Red', then craft Rose Red and Lapis Lazuli together to make 2 units of Purple Dye.

Where can one purchase a purple shirt?

One can purchase a purple shirt from most retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kmart. One could also purchase them online from the clothing section of Amazon. If one does not mind if the shirts are used then Craigslist and ebay can be checked also.

Would it be a chemical change if Blueberry juice is squeezed over a white shirt to dye it blue is this a chemical change or physical change?

The shirt is white because something is making it white and thatsomething could have reacted with the blueberry juice. It dependson the juice and the material the shirt is made of. If the Juicecan be squeezed out or removed with enough rinsing or washing, itmay be just a physical change. Otherwise, (MORE)