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How can you grow taller and increase height when both of your parents are short?

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  • I have short parents and I am normal height.
  • The only way that is going to happen is to hope that you had some tall grandparents or other ancestors and you happened to get that part of the gene pool. My dad is 5' 7" and my mom is 5' 6". I'm 6 foot tall.
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How can you grow a few inches taller than your current height?

Answer . There is not much we can do to grow taller after puberty. There are many products in the market today that claim to increase height of adults, but they are all sca

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Can an adult grow taller or increase height naturally?

No. You cannot physically make yourself grow taller in any natural way after you have finished growing. This typically happens in late teens or early 20's. For more in-d

How can you grow taller than your parents?

Many people are taller than either of their parents. It is very common.If you are still within the growing age then perhaps you can add a few inches by eating a balanced diet

How can a short girl grow taller?

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and play basketball and tennis. And it also depends on the genetics you inherited from your parents. If both of your parents are tall, th

Iam 16year and want to grow taller then your father what you can do to increase my height without using any money for product?

\nI think what you are asking in this question is whether or not it is possible to make ones self grow taller through the use of "products" or other such methods. Simply put

You are 18 year old female your height is 5 ft 3inches how can you increase your height at home if both your parents are tall?

You are more than likely not going to grow anymore because you are already 18 years old. In some rare cases females have continued to grow slowly up to the age of 21. I would

Will I grow taller Am I short?

I am a white guy and I just turned 18 years old and I am 5 feet 7 inches tall. My dad is 5-11 and my mom is 5-1. My granddad's are both around 6 foot and they both and my dad