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How can you protect an unborn child if you know of a woman who is pregnant with another child and has 5 others but owes child support for some and the others are in group homes?

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Call child abuse hotline to report what you know about the ones that are already here and let them know that she has another on the way. They may be able to help her to see that she needs some type of permanent birth control. How sad that this person thinks its ok to keep bringing kids in the world that she has no way of or trys to take care of. YOu cant be the only person around her that thinks this, see if you can get a group of people around that she knows to give her a reality check. SOunds like she keeps having kids to collect that welfare check......SAD Answer Unfortunately you cannot. All you can do is offer to adopt the child when it is born.
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If you receive child support do you need to supply things for your child with this child support for the other parents home?

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