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How can you prove that someone is a pathological liar?

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Keep a private journal with date & time and what they say. But if they are pathological they won't believe you - you will have to get away from them ASAP - there is no cure.
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How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

Pathological liars - or "mythomaniacs" - are people who engage in objectively puposeless story telling behavior. The stories they tell are not the products of delusions and se

How does a pathological narcissistic liar refute hard evidence when trying to prove he is lying?

Answer . They are complicated people and in their own minds a Narcissist feels they have above intelligence (a God complex) and other people around them are plain stupid.

How can you tell if someone you know is a pathological liar?

Answer . I would have to say that you just have to be around them long enough. Check out what they say to you. Ask about what they said earlier. Eventually they will start

Who are pathological liars?

Pathological liars lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie. .

How you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

The best way to tell if someone is a pathological liar, is to catchthem in their lies. If you cant determine that they are a liar,it's best not to trust them until they prove

Why is someone a pathological liar?

Because they have lied so much that they have lost all conscientious pangs and are callus to doing wrong of this sort. So that above answer was completely conceited and wr

What causes someone to become a pathological liar?

Guilt and repercussions of what they have done! That is what makes someone a pathalogical liar.. People do not like hearing the truth, they do not like telling the truth when
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How do you prove someone is a liar?

Well it's not as easy as just saying someone is lying. If you feel that your partner is cheating on you and they decline it then you should trust them. If you can't trust them

What can you do for a pathological liar?

Take everything that they say with a grain of salt.(Don't believe anything they say) To get them help, you can call your local mental health clinic and they should be able to