How can you unclog sinuses?

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There are various ways that you can choose to unclog or decongest your sinuses, some of which you have to purchase others you can try at home. Some self help techniques:

You can take a bowl of water and place your face above it with a towel over you. In this way you inhale warm air which helps to loosen trapped mucous.
Taking a hot shower will also work in a similar way to the bowl tip.
You can also drink plenty of water as this will help thin your mucous allowing it to flow correctly.
You can also rinse your sinuses out with a saline solution (mixture of water and salt). You inhale saltwater through the nose and then blow it out. This method is a bit uncomfortable though and you should make sure there are no preservatives in this mixture. Products you can try:There are a variety of products available on the market that can help decongest your sinuses.

You can try using some nasal sprays- these often are the quickest but may not give you the long-term relief you sick. There are also side effects with many of these products, such as drowsiness. Example: Nasonex

Natural homeopathic remedies
. The use of these types of products has been on the increase and there have been many positive remarks about such products. Products designed to treat both the symptoms and their cause. The positive is that they have no side effects. Then there is also the Neti Pot which works in a similar way to a nasal rinse. It cleans out the sinuses and can decongest your sinuses as well. You can also eat spicy food. It helps but probably won't work as well as the above methods.
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