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How did Hitler become leader of Germany?

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He joined the Nazi partyin 1919 and then when the Party win more seats in Parliament he eliminated all opposition and took control of Germany.
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When did Hitler become leader of Germany?

30 January 1933: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.23 March 1933: Enabling Act passed, giving him very wide-ranging powers.12 August 1934: Hitler proclaimed himself Führer

Why did Adolf Hitler become leader of Germany?

Germans felt anger over the the Versailles Treaty and Hitler gave them a strong sense of nationalism. He promised jobs and food, which appealed to many because Germany was goi

When did Hitler become the leader of Germany?

Hitler was appointed Chancellor on January 30, 1933. He then quickly became the only leader in Germany. When President Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, Hitler decid

How did Hitler become leader?

Adolf Hitler became Leader of Germany because he was very strong and had many plans for the future. Also the propaganda helped because they used radio's,adverts etc. to tell

When did Hitler become leader?

Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party in 1921. He was appointed chancellor in 1933.

How did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?

He gained the support of other right-wing groups (notably the  conservative German National People's Party) following the  inconclusive November 1932 election (in which the

After Hitler who was the leader of Germany?

    Answer       Hitler appointed Admiral Karl Doenitz as his successor. Doenitz permitted Germany to surrender one week after Hitler's death. After tha

When and how did Adolf Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?

Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg on 30 January 1933. Following the First World War, Germany suffered from a huge economic depression during

When did Hitler become dictator of Germany?

  Hitler was appointed Chancellor on 30 January 1933, and on 23 March 1933 the Reichstag (German parliament) passed a law allowing him to rule by decree without even the n

Why did Germany want Adolf Hitler to be their leader?

First point- Hitler was not universally loved before he became  dictator in 1933-34. In the elections in 1932, the Nazi Party only  won 32% of the vote. In the elections of