How did Serbia get the name Serbia?

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Serbia got its name after Serbs, the nation that founded it.

It is not known how Serbs got their name.

It is also mentioned in history that Ships from Roman Empire have droped their slaves at today's Montenegrin sea coast and they moved up to the land known as Serbia (Srbija) today. They called their slaves "Serv" (as servant for individual) and the region picked up a name as "Servia" wich eventualy became as Serb and Serbia and in slavic languages that would become Srbi as for people and land as Srbija. Prior to that, land was known as being empty and belonging to nobody.
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Serbia is a country not a person. It was previously part of Yugoslavia. I'm from Serbia, so ask me whatever you want about it, I will answer you.

New name of Serbia?

The Republic of Serbia (Next time answer question more distinctively)

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the old name for serbians is "SERBOLA"(you say the word like this no write).its something like this:. Kralj Stevan od Serbola.. it means king Stevan of serbians.. today we