How did the Union casualties of the Overland campaign compare to the casualties suffered by previous Union generals in the Eastern Theater?

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Under the command of generals McClellan, Burnside, and Meade, the Army of the Potomac suffered 82,600 casualties in two years of battling the Army of Northern Virginia. Under General Grant's Overland campaign of 1864, Union casualties numbered 64,000 in a span of six weeks.
General John Pope's casualties in the Battle of the Second Bull Run are excluded from these figures as he commanded the Army of Virginia for the most part, with troops from the Army of the Potomac arriving too late to impact the battle.

How many of the German casualties were on the Eastern Front?

The Russians lost about 10 million soldiers on the eastern front, of which approx. 4 million died as pow's (almost all Russian pow's died in German captivity). In addition to that about 20 million Russian civilians died. Germany lost in total 5.5 million dead soldiers and 1.8 million dead civilian (MORE)

What nation suffered the fewest casualties?

Iran was the nation that suffered the fewest casualties in WWIInumbering only 200 resistance soldiers. The Soviet Union was thenation that suffered the greatest number of casualties in World WarII numbering over 23 million.

Which nation suffered the fewest casualties in the war?

If you are referring to World War II, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States suffered the fewest civilian casualties because they are all so far from the main area of the fighting and in general were spared the bombing of civilians by enemy aircraft.

Who suffered the most casualties in World War 1?

Russia suffered the most and I believe about 22 million Russians died or somewhere around that number, more of their citizens died as well because of they were so poor and starving to death

What is a casualtie?

Casualty figures show numbers of dead or wounded - sometimes captured and missing too, as they are initially calculated to help the army commanders assess the situation.

What were the Spotsylvania battle casualties for both union and confederacy?

This battle was actually a series of battles along the same front and lasted from May 8 to May 19, 1864. The totals given here are estimates, with the Army of the Potomac absorbing 2700 killed, 13,416 wounded and 2,200 missing or captured. The totals for the Confederate forces are vague but estimate (MORE)

How many casualties did Canada suffer at vimy ridge?

During the Battle of Vimy Ridge 3,598 Canadians were killed and7,004 wounded. It was a huge success and marked the first time allfour Canadian divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force foughttogether as a single unit, and since then it has been widelyaccepted that the battle was the birth of Can (MORE)

How was US Grant different from other Union generals who commanded troops in the Eastern Theater?

US Grant recognized the importance of continuing to seize theinitiative and press the campaign regardless of wins/losses inspecific battles. He lost battles at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania,Cold Harbor, but continued to press the attack rather than retreatand regroup as all previous commanders had do (MORE)

Why did Burnside suffer such high casualties?

Like most Civil War Generals on both sides, he was unaware of what a soldier with the new types of rifles they were equipped with in the war could do to the enemy. Plus General Ambrose Burnside was a terrible general who sent wave after wave of soldiers into battle, even though it was obvious that t (MORE)

What should you do if casualty is suffering from heat stroke?

Immediately request medical assistance and transport. Another Answer: If you've identified Heat Stroke (not Heat Exhaustion), you'll know that the major problem you have right now is that core temperature has risen to the point where normal body controls for hyperthermia are no longer 100% active. (MORE)

What should you do if you suspect a casualty if suffering from heat stroke?

Heat stroke, unlike heat exhaustion, occurs when the victim's core temperature overheats (hyperthermia) to the point where the body's own system for temperature regulation is impaired. At this point, sweating stops, and the pulse becomes slow and pounding in mild cases, where in more extreme cases, (MORE)

Why did General Giap believe that the vietnamese could defeat the Americans even if they suffered greater casualties?

General Giap was a very wily military commander and was more experienced than the American leadership would believe. He understood that war was not about numbers or equipment or even casualty statistics. Winning war is about breaking the enemies' will to fight. It is proven in history that a people (MORE)

What to do if suspect a casualty is suffering from heat stroke?

Immediately request medical assistance. Then, it is important tocool the victim's body temperature down immediately by submersingthem into a tub of cold water. If you can cool their bodytemperature down within the first 30 minutes of the onset of a heatstroke, the victim has a much better chance of (MORE)

Did the South have inferior generals compared to the Union in the Civil War?

No. The Confederate army seemed to have more aggressive generals. They were pronged to charge and move instead of stay in a defensive position. This brought a lot of victories at the start of the war but it also resulted in high casualties. I used to play wargames and you learn a lot about the effe (MORE)

The expedition suffered only what casualty?

Without knowing what expedition the question is referring to, it is hard to say what type of casuality was suffered by the person or team. Many expeditions tend to lose a few people due to weather conditions.

How many casualties did the expedition suffer?

In order to determine how many casualities were suffered during an expedition, a person must first know what expedition is being talked about. Some expeditions tend to lose a few people from bad weather conditions.

How would you manag a casualty from suffering from heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion can lead to a more serious condition known as heat stroke. It is extremely important to remove a person suffering heat exhaustion from the source of heat and rehydrate them as quickly as possible. Putting cool compresses on the forehead, neck, armpits, and groin area can help to rele (MORE)

How many casualties did the Allies suffer?

It appears you need to provide more information...the Allies overhistory had casualties in wars large and small. Feel free to editthe answer for more specifics, and someone will answer itappropriately.

How many Union soldiers were casualties in the Civil War?

Approximately 620,000 soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War. This number comes from an 1889 study of the war performed by William F. Fox and Thomas Leonard Livermore. Both men fought for the Union.

How many union casualties were suffered at Chancellorsville?

The Union suffered 17,197 casualties at Chancellorsville: 1,606killed, 9,672 wounded, and 5,919 missing. These numbers include the4,000 men of the XI Corps who were captured on May 2. When youcompare only the killed and wounded numbers on both sides, theywere nearly the same. However, the Confederat (MORE)