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How did the belief in Greek gods affect the daily lives of Greeks?

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It influenced their sports and theatre which were celebrations to gods, buildings, statuary, literature, guides to actions of the state, and wars.
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Where does the greek god hades live?

Hades lived in the Underworld. The Underworld is split into three parts, The Fields of Asphodel, Elysium, and Tartarus. The Fields of Asphodel were reserved to people who were

How did the Greek gods affect the ancient Greeks?

Well, the Greeks believed that everything that happened to them was because a God or Goddess chose it to. Deities(gods) were a big part of Greeks lives because they believed t

What role did the Greek gods play in the Greeks' daily life?

The Greeks would often go and sacrifice different goods in certain areas at certain times. They would also pray, honor, and celebrate the different gods when they were in need

Where does the Greek god atlas live?

He was said to live in the country of the Hesperides, his daughters, but he was soon trapped by Hercules, to forever hold the heavens, stopping them from meeting the earth.

Where did the Greek gods live?

Twelve of them lived on Mount Olympus. There were twelve ruling gods and goddesses, and these lived upon Olympus or upon a heaven called after or above Olympus: nearly all the

Where did the greek god Eros live?

On Mt Olympus though some did live in other realms such as Poseidon who lived in the sea greek gods are cool

Where did greek god pan live?

  Pan is a mythological being who may not be properly said to have lived anywhere, although according to Greek myth, he is the only Greek God who is said to have died. The

Where did the greek god Hephaestus live?

Hephaestus lived in Mount Olympus with the other gods and was one of the "great 14 gods." He was the god of smiths and fire, and his forgery was in ...