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How did the belief in Greek gods affect the daily lives of Greeks?

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It influenced their sports and theatre which were celebrations to gods, buildings, statuary, literature, guides to actions of the state, and wars.
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How did the Greek gods affect the ancient Greeks?

Well, the Greeks believed that everything that happened to them was because a God or Goddess chose it to. Deities(gods) were a big part of Greeks lives because they believed t

What role did the Greek gods play in the Greeks' daily life?

The Greeks would often go and sacrifice different goods in certain areas at certain times. They would also pray, honor, and celebrate the different gods when they were in need

How did the beliefs of the Greeks about their gods influence their lives?

Many important decisions were made(to start a campaign,make alliences etc) after consultation with the Oracle. Wars and conflicts were put on hold for the duration festivities

What is the beliefs of Greek god and goddesses?

What do they (the gods and goddesses) believe? Or what is believed of them ? It's called mythology, and it was in the ancient days of Greece once a religion.

What did Greeks believe that the gods would do for them in their daily lives?

That depends on the god, really. Most common Greeks would pray and sacrifice to the goddess of the home and hearth, Hestia, and she would protect the family from evil. If yo

What are three ways that the greek gods and goddesses affected the Greeks lives?

That's a pretty general question. The gods and goddesses didn't have direct impact on the lives of everyday Greeks, at least not in the sense that mythology would lend. They v