How did the great plains indians get food?

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Many of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Plains region of what is now the United States of America were nomadic hunters and foragers. They ate lots of bison, elk, deer and game birds. They dried buffalo meat into jerky and often traded it with other tribes. They foraged for mushrooms, honey asparagus, prairie turnips, berries, and peppers that all grow there in the wild. The Witchita and Pawnee tribes also grew crops such as corn and root vegetables.
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Why did plains Indians move to the great plains?

in the late 1700 early 1800s the engishmen were slowly taking the Indians land, so they eventually allotted them area in the dry barren plains in south central America. the di

What kinds of food did the great plains Indians eat besides buffalo?

The main meat of the Plains Indians was the bison (buffalo). The meat was prepared in different ways: . roasted on a spit on the campfire. . boiled in a skin bag . cut i