How do Caucasus affect election?

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They narrow it down to two canidates, one republican and one democrat. Then you will vote from those two people.
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How high is the caucasus?

The Caucasus Mountains contain two separate ranges; the GreaterCaucasus Mountains are in the north, the Lesser Caucasus Mountainsare in the south. Mount Elbrus, located in the

How did Lincolns election affect the South?

Lincoln's election was the final straw for the south, and South Carolina seceded directly after. Sectionalism between the North and the South had been growing as compromises c

How do you pronuance Caucasus?

It's not Caucasus absolutely wrong it's Kavkaz. I don't where in the world that Caucasus word came from. Kavkaz is how you write and pronounce it.

How did Lincolns election affect the North?

The North was satisfied with Lincoln's election, but with the Civil War approaching, people doubted that he could handle the strain of fighting a war. Northerners were surpris

Does mass affect static electicity?

Yes, I do think that mass affect static electricity because the bigger the object the more static electricity is needed to support the object against the surface. It also depe

How did the election of 1860 affect the south?

Well, it effected all of America. Slavery was abolished. This was a huge change for cotton plants which oprated using slaves, and gave them harsh treatement. The economy h

How did the election of 1860 affect Georgia?

Slavery was themajor issue in the 1860 election. The Republican Party platformpromised not to interfere with slavery in the states, but opposedthe further extension of slavery