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How do you adopt on Sims 3?

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Click on the phone, click Services and then click Adoption.
They social services come round a few minutes (our time) after you make the call and they give you a choice of male or female and baby toddler or child it is pretty easy and you can adopt as many as you like in one day!!! =)

But You can only have up to 8 family members so you cant have as many as you would like!!! Just Sayin
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How do you interview a sim on sims 3?

You can interview sims if your are in the jounrnalist, or Policing jobs. To interview a sim, you need to get a better relationship with them. When you are ready, click the sim (MORE)

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How do you kill a sim on sims 3?

Basically, if you type in testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat  bar which can be brought up by ctrl + shift + C u then type in  simsdeath on and put them in a car and dr (MORE)

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How to adopt a baby in Sims 3 ambitions on ipod touch?

To adopt a baby you must meet the requirements below: Be married Have 2 mood buffs Have a cot in the house (200 simoleons) Then make sure it is night time at about 0:0 (MORE)

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How can you kill your sim in Sims 3?

The previous answer is great don't get me wrong, but here's an instant way to kill your sims. Hold down ctrl + shift then hit c. A box should appear, type 'testingcheatsenable (MORE)

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How do you edit sims in Sims 3?

You can only edit things like ear and face size in create a sim mode when your in neighborhood view or edit town, but once you've created your sim, you can edit their hair col (MORE)

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How do you adopt a baby on sims 3 ambitions iPod touch?

You need to be married (so propose to your partner) and your mood needs to be good...then you need to buy a cot (buy clicking on furniture button)...and finally use the wall p (MORE)

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Can you redress your sim on Sims 3?

Yes you just need to have a dresser then click on it and choose  plan outfit .after that you can redress your sim... .hope it'll  helpfull for u ;) - Kim.evil     (MORE)