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Click on the phone, click Services and then click Adoption.
They social services come round a few minutes (our time) after you make the call and they give you a choice of male or female and baby toddler or child it is pretty easy and you can adopt as many as you like in one day!!! =)

But You can only have up to 8 family members so you cant have as many as you would like!!! Just Sayin
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How to adopt a baby in Sims 3 ambitions on ipod touch?

To adopt a baby you must meet the requirements below: Be married Have 2 mood buffs Have a cot in the house (200 simoleons) Then make sure it is night time at about 0:0

How do you adopt a stray in The Sims 3 Pets for PC?

You have to befriend the cat/dog, carry it into your house, and then when you click on them the option "Adopt a Stray" pops up. It sounds silly but hey, that's Sims for ya!

How do you adopt a baby on sims 3 ambitions iPod touch?

You need to be married (so propose to your partner) and your mood needs to be good...then you need to buy a cot (buy clicking on furniture button)...and finally use the wall p

How do you adopt in sims 3 ambitions?

get the sim you want to adopt a child with.get them to call socal servacies(sry im not spelling it right).a child will come soon.you can make them kid,baby or todler.you can c

Can you adopt twins in sims 3?

nope... kind of sucks because I wanted to rather than buy the fertility treatment and get the girl pregnant but aparently if you watch the kids zone channel on the tv whilst y

Can you adopt in sims 1 PC?

Yes, for same sex couples and such but you cant choose when. you will get an onscreen prompt when the time is right

Can you cancel an adoption in the Sims 2?

  no.but i always do this if i dont want a sim.   open cheat menu. ( ctrl+shift+click)   the type this exactly, caps + paces count.   moveobjects on   then go

How do you ask a sim out on the sims 3?

to ask a sims out you can phone them and there should be options : chat, invite over etc. AND invite out so to ask sims out you click the INVITE OUT option ( by the way the IN

Can you adopt a child that is already in a family in Sims 3?

Sadly, I'm pretty sure that if a child already has another family, you cannot adopt it. There is a way that you can add that child, or anyone really, to your household. You ca

How do you adopt on The Sims 2?

If you would like to adopt on the sims2 you must do the following:1. Make sure your family has at LEAST one ADULT OR YOUNG ADULT sim. Teenagers may NOT adpot a child 2. Make s