How do you adopt on Sims 3?

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Click on the phone, click Services and then click Adoption.
They social services come round a few minutes (our time) after you make the call and they give you a choice of male or female and baby toddler or child it is pretty easy and you can adopt as many as you like in one day!!! =)

But You can only have up to 8 family members so you cant have as many as you would like!!! Just Sayin
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In sims 3 how do you age your sims?

To make your sims age buy a birthday cake. Then click on the birthday cake and all the names of people on the lot will come up choose the one you want to age then the sim will (MORE)

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first, you need to install sims 2 university. then, you follow these instructions: no cheat: get into the Paranormal career. Make your way to the top. The reward will be the (MORE)

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Yes you just need to have a dresser then click on it and choose  plan outfit .after that you can redress your sim... .hope it'll  helpfull for u ;) - Kim.evil     (MORE)