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Veux-tu sortir avec moi ? -- "vuh-tew sohr-teer ah-veck mwah"
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How ask girl out?

well maybe get to know her(dont become freinds) then when you think you know her well enough just ask for her phone number ring her up have a chat then say " so erm what ya

If a girl asks how are you?

  Then you should say "fine." People don't typically ask how you are because they really want to know. It is more of an acknowledgment of your existence. You acknowledge t

How do you ask and how are you in french?

"Et comment ca va?" (Eh komm-on-saw-vaw) or, more formally, "Et comment allez-vous?" (Eh comm-on tahl-ay-voo) (The 'tahl' rhymes with the "Val" in valley. The first way mea

What to do when you ask a girl out?

When you ask a girl out you have to be specific on what you mean. You could mean to go on a date or to be your girlfriend. If you ask her to be your girlfriend you should prob

How to ask out a girl?

Start a conversation with the girl you want to ask out, and get to know her. After a few minutes of talking, ask her if she would like to get a drink sometime (next Thursday o

How to ask a girl out?

This technique is not for just asking a girl out once. This is if you actually want a girlfriend. It should help to get that great girl without wrecking a friendship in the pr

If your friend ask you to ask a girl out for him how do you?

well,it's easy because she's not the girl you like and your not asking her to go with YOU.but make sure you include that YOUR NOT asking her out your friend is.and if she says

What do you do after you ask a girl out?

Answer . After you ask her out, you call her to find out wen and wat time would be good for a date. If you don't have her phone number, get it. So wen you talk to her conf

How do you ask a girl out?

Answer It depends on what kind of girl it is... If it's a girl that you actually see something in and would like gain something other than the loss of your virginity it will

How to get a girl to ask you out?

No, most girls won't ask a guy out. I am not saying all won't just saying most. Grow some balls and ask her straight out. If you wait to ask her out you are not to crazy about

How do you ask out a girl without asking?

Just walk by her with a slight smile on your face. Oh yeah! remember to look at her too! Arrange to have a group of friends go someplace together - make sure she and a couple

Why does a girl ask what girls you like?

Because she probably likes you and she is seeing if she has any Interesting in you. So if you like her try to make up something cute and that'll score alota points with her...

How do i ask a girl out?

OK guys your bout to hear the best info you can get well cuz its from a girl. First level:Grow a relationship with her Be her friend talk to her and listen to her Be fun
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If you like this girl and your a girl how do you ask her out?

You should get to know her first. Learn her personality, Her hobbies, Her likes and dislikes and she'll learn your hobbies, personality, likes and dislikes. then you and her s

How do ask you do not speak French in French?

To ask: "Do you speak French?" : Parlez-vous français? To say : "I do not speak French," : Je ne parle pas français. To say : "I speak French," : Je parle français. T