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How do you blow a double bubble?

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1. Flatten the gum on the roof of your mouth
2. Cover your tongue in the gum
3. Blow air into the gum and make a bubble
4. Once you have your first bubble repeat 1-3 again but you have to be faster that before.
It takes a few tries.
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Why is my betta blowing bubbles in the tank?

    This is completely normal, do not worry. They usually do this whilst mating or, when they are extremely happy! You are obviously taking very good care of your bett

Is blowing bubbles a physical change?

Yes blowing bubbles is a physical change because the bubble (juice?) isn't changing into a new substance its changing shape but that's it.

Why do goldfish blow bubble when they eat?

From what I've heard goldfish make bubblenests. Little groups of  bubbles that stick together. A female goldfish will then lay eggs  in that and the male will take care of t

Why do betta fish blow bubbles?

  Answer   to form nests. the males blow the bubbles, the females swim underneath when they want to lay eggs, the male wrapps around the female and squeezes the eggs

How do you blow bubbles with bubble gum?

Well I would put the FLAT gum on top of my mouth then stick my tongue out and blow then you have your very own bubble!