How do you change the battery on a BMW r1100rt motorcycle?

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Replacing only:
To remove the battery on this bike, you remove the left side fairing panel _only_ and the rider's seat. You do not have the lift the gas tank. Remove the rubber strap on the left side of the battery box and partially slide out the battery. Remove the (-) negative connector's 10mm nut and bolt. Slide it out a bit further, tilt it upwards slightly and remove the (+) positive connector's 10mm nut and bolt. This part is a bit tricky as you hold the battery with one hand while disconnecting with the other but totally possible. I have done it several times. Replace with new battery the same way in reverse.

While you have the battery out or if you are replacing it, purchase of the battery terminal extender that is available from BMW. This allows easy access to the (+) positive terminal for booster cables or charging.

Charging only:
Also note that you can charge through the bottom accessory plug, as long as you're using a charger of < 2 amps. Direct battery access is not necessary for charging thanks to this handy two pin accessory plug found cable tied to the frame just under the left side cover. It is also possible to charge this bike's battery with the cigarette lighter/accessory plug outlet on the fairing.
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