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How do you convert a 6 volt electrical system to 12 volt?

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Change the 6 volt generator to a 12 volt alternator. Replace the starter & battery with a 12 volt. Replace every single bulb on the vehicle with a 12 volt bulb. You may also need to replace the coil. Also replace any electronic devices designed for 6 volts with ones designed for 12 volts.
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How do you convert 230 volts to 12 volt system?

With a Step Down transformer. But you will probably have a hard time finding a 240 volt unit. 120 volts units are readily available. It depends on how big of a transformer th

How do you convert a 12 volts solenoid into 24 volts solenoid?

If you really wanted to do that you'd have to pull the winding off the coil and replace it with another winding. It'd be far easier simply to replace the 12V unit with a 24V u

How do you convert 12 volts dc to 3 volts dc for LED?

With a resistor. You step down from 12 volts to 2 volts (yes, its 2 volts, not 3) with a resistor. A 2 ma LED would require 10 volts across 2 ma, or 5K Ohms. (If you want 3 vo

How do you convert 12 volts to 5 volts DC?

Voltage divider is ok if your load is only few milliamps. As more load you have the more power (or heat) the series resistor has to dissipate and of course there will be volta

Can you charge a 6 volt battery from a 12 volt source?

No you cannot charge a single 6 volt battery on a 12 volt charger. You can charge two 6V batteries on a series circuit, positive pole of one battery connected to the negative

What happens to a 6 volt battery with a 12 volt charge?

A: Now that depends on how good the 12v charger is. If it can pump a lot of current out of it that will destroy the battery by heating it, If the charger is current limited th
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Will a 6 volt battery light a 12 volt bulb?

  First of all, bulbs are not normally rated in volts, they are usually recognised by how much energy they use per second (measured in Watts). However, in context of the q