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How do you convert a 6 volt electrical system to 12 volt?

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Change the 6 volt generator to a 12 volt alternator. Replace the starter & battery with a 12 volt. Replace every single bulb on the vehicle with a 12 volt bulb. You may also need to replace the coil. Also replace any electronic devices designed for 6 volts with ones designed for 12 volts.
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How do you convert 230 volts to 12 volt system?

With a Step Down transformer. But you will probably have a hard time finding a 240 volt unit. 120 volts units are readily available. It depends on how big of a transformer th

How do you convert a 12 volts solenoid into 24 volts solenoid?

If you really wanted to do that you'd have to pull the winding off the coil and replace it with another winding. It'd be far easier simply to replace the 12V unit with a 24V u

How do you convert 12 volts to 3 volts?

Stepping down AC voltage  To step down 12 VAC to 3 VAC, you could use a step-down transformer with a winding ratio of 4:1 between primary and secondary.  Stepping Down DC Vo

Is a 2007 Honda Rebel a 6 volt or a 12 volt system?

I believe this is a 12 volt system. an easy way to check this is a multi-meter. I would recommend purchasing this tool because it always comes in handy and is worth the money

How do you convert 24volts to 12 volts?

  If you want to convert 24v AC into 12v Ac, it's simple. Just get a transformer to convert 24 volts into 12 volts. This is called a stepdown transformer. If you want to

How can you convert 240 Volts to 12 Volts?

You would need a transformer specially made to do this. Of course, this transformer would need a rectifier, as I am assuming that you need 12 volts DC.

Can you convert 120 volts to 12 volts?

Yes, you would use step down transformer.