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How do you divorce your husband in Texas?

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Go see a Texas divorce lawyer. More Contributor Opinions
File the dissolution papers in the state circuit court in the county in which you are a resident.
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Can a husband sue for divorce?

The action in which people request that a court dissolve the marriage is a suit for divorce. Both the wife and the husband have the right to sue. Typically, the other party wi

Is Caroline of Monaco divorced from her husband?

Princess Caroline of Monaco is currently married to her third husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

Why did Amy winehouse divorce her husband?

"They were divorced last July [2009] after Fielder-Civil said Winehouse's alleged adultery was 'intolerable.' Fielder-Civil spent almost a year of their marriage behind bars a

Your husband wants a divorce and you don't. Can he divorce you?

Yes. In the United States you cannot force a spouse to stay married to you. Every state has no-fault divorce and even if you do not co-operate the divorce will happen eventual

What can a woman do when her husband does not want a divorce?

All you have to do is ask him or even tell him that you wanted to be separated from him if the two of you has problem that needs to work on. Tell him that it will not help you

How do you divorce your husband who lives in Canada?

Were you married here or in Canada? If you were married here, file for divorce, however, your husband (ex) needs to be served summons, make sure you do that. Then you'll be gi

How can you get a divorce from a missing husband?

Answer   It's called abandonment, and it's cause for an at-fault divorce. You don't need "consent" to divorce the spouse who has abandoned you.   how long must spouse

Can a husband hire a private investigator to follow his wife during a divorce in Texas even if the wife has a temporary restraining order against the husband?

  Answer   The answer to this questions really on what exactly the restraining order says. Restraining orders typically have a list of specifically prohibitted behav

What are the legal implications when a parent is forced to temporarily move out of the house with her children because of an abusive husband pending a divorce in Texas?

  Answer     Legal implication are.. she is homeless. BUT, she also can get shelter through an organization that hides women who are being abused until she and th

Can you live with another man after leaving your husband in Texas prior to divorce finalization?

    Til' Death Do You Part     Certainly! Call the relationship 'friends' or 'roommates'. Hold off on tying the knot with the new guy until the divorce is com

In Texas can a husband file for divorce and obtain a restraining order to kick out the wife and children?

As for the restraining order, it would probably depend on why youfelt you needed the restraining order against her. Has she harmedor threatened to harm you? Or do you just wan
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Can you divorce your husband?

Yes. Divorce is legal in all 50 states. The only situation in which you could not legally divorce yourhusband is in the case of a married same-sex couple living in astate wh