How do you export contacts from computer to iPhone?

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From Apple Store, you can purchase an App called "Read vCard", then from iTunes you can easily add the files to this App Documents folder, and from the the iPhone App you can import all the contacts.

There is another App lately released in Apple Store that supports multiple phone numbers, multiple language contacts.
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How do I move iPhone contacts from one computer to another?

Just plug in your Iphone and under the sync tab select contacts. At the bottom click apply. It will ask if you want to delete your iphones contacts select no. Then it will ask

How do you export your iPhone contacts to your Windows address book or to Outlook?

This is not natively possible as of May 19, 2009. There are currently 2 iPhone apps - Air Contacts and Export Contacts that can do this. Apparently, contacts are backed up

Can you export iPhone contacts to the SIM card?

There is a program for exporting contacts to a sim but it only works if: 1) You are running v1.1.4 or older 2) You're phone is jailbroken The program is called iSim and

How do I export contacts from iPhone 3g to your PC?

To export your contacts to your computer, all you need to do is - 1. plug in your iphone 2. go onto itunes 3. click on your iphone 4. go to the contacts tab and selec

How do you export contacts from iphone to Gmail?

Watch the Video Demo : iPhone Contacts Backup (Mac+PC): Backup, Transfer, Restore and Manage your iPhone Contacts & Messages effo

How do you send contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

You go to contacts on your iPhone. Select a contact and click share contact. It should then ask mms or email and you choose which one and send it. I am not sure about receivin