How do you find the owner of a motorcycle with out a title?

How do you find the owner of a motorcycle with out a title?
Answer If it's got the same license plate as when that owner had it, you can contact the DMV or your local police department so they can run it and tell you the registered owner. It's public record, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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What is an r title for a motorcycle in Pa?

    An "R" title is a "Rebuilt" title. If a motorcycle was wrecked and declared a loss by the insurance company and then subsequently rebuilt, it gets an R-title.  (MORE)

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How do you get a duplicate title for a motorcycle?

  MOTORCYCLE TITLE   Go to the local state DMV office and fill out the application for a duplicate title. The person will need proof of ownership and the VIN # of the (MORE)

You are buying a motorcycle from Maryland and the guy can not find the title what do you need to do to title it in pa?

  First do a car fax check then go to the police and see if it is stolen if both come back fine see if he has ever had the title if so seller can apply for a duplicate and (MORE)