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For the 99/04 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee there are two ways.
One is to remove the dashboard and HVAC box from the vehicle.
The other way to replace the blend doors is by cutting an access hole.

A short version of how the access hole repair is done.

Disconnect the Negative battery cable.

Lower the glove box - by hand

Remove the actuator motor - You will need a Phillips screw driver

Cut an access hole in the plastic HVAC box - I supply a multi-purpose cutting bit, you will need a rotary type of cutting tool, like a Dremel, RotoZip, etc. Or you could do the cutting by hand with any type of small cutting tool, it will just take longer doing it by hand. Or some customers used a narrow pointed soldering iron!

Remove the broken blend doors - by hand

Install the new aftermarket access hole blend door kit - easy, just slide the new doors in place - NO screws or other fasteners needed.

Close the access hole - Replace the wall piece of plastic you cutout - Apply an aluminum tape to cover the groove made by cutting the wall.

Replace the actuator motor.

Close the glove box - Your Done!

It is almost as easy as what you just read, the hardest and the most time consuming thing to do is cut the access hole.
The job should take between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Depending on how long it takes you to gather your tools, etc.

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