How do you flip some off in china?

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with your pinky
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Who invented flipping people off?

Flipping people off, is an obscene hand gesture, used to insult people, which dates back to Ancient Rome/Greece. Who invented it is not known. See related link..

Is it illegal to flip off a cop?

Precedent has been set down since the early 70s stating that profanity is in fact covered under the First Amendment. . Police try to cite people that use profanity with disor

Who started flipping people off?

Baloney History (The Lighter Side of History) The practice began as far back as Homo Erectus who spent a great deal of their time flipping off Homo Habilus, who in turn

Be fired for flipping someone off?

It depends on your job. Some bosses don't care like maybe at a construction site while at other jobs you could be fired for so much as saying 'crap'.

How do you flip people off?

I herd that in japan you put up your thumb. In china the pinky's up. American I bet you know. German you pull your pants down. ( leave your underwear up)

How did flipping people off originate?

Despite Wikipedia's claim that "flipping off" originated in Rome with the ' digitus impudicus ' (impudent finger), "flipping off" actually originated in the several wars betwe

What to say if someone flips you off?

You can say... "Is that a threat or an offer?" "Maybe later! Haha that was a funny joke.." or "I reject that offer." That's just my opinion haha :)
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Why do people flip people off?

To show the other person just how much they hate them... teachers-r-stupid: and to show that they need to get a life
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Is flipping people off legal?

In some states flipping off people is legal while other states maygive you a ticket.