How do you get free Hats without hacking on Roblox?

E-mail Request a gear/hat to make, and they will respond with what changes will be made to the gear, but that is how they make their gear and hats. Robloxians from the world e-mail their gear ideas, and they always accept it.

Otherwise participate in contests.
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Play roblox at for FREE?

Yes, you can play it for free but if you wish to have additional priviledges and rewards, i would recomend builders club. if you wish to get builders club, you have three choi (MORE)

How do you get free coins on roblox?

You can't get free coins on roblox. If you see people do something like this:Post this comment on 2 hats, 5 gear, and 3 Tshirts. Then press F5 then logout log back in and pres (MORE)
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What is the oldest hat on roblox?

The oldest hat in Roblox is the Purple Banded Top Hat. It was created on May 30th 2007. It did and currently does cost $R5000.
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How do you get egg hats on ROBLOX?

When there is an egg hunt, you must be in a game when the eggs fall and chase them. When you walk on them, you get them. Or if you're talking about the 2008 eggs, you buy them (MORE)
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Is the fedora on roblox a rare hat?

Well there are 4 different fedoras pn roblox but the ones you buy from the catalog are rare.
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Is ROBLOX free?

Yes,but Builder's club and robux aren't so if you want to be a Builder's Club or earn robux you got to pay.If you want to be my friend my username is NICOLALA6
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