How do you get from Kuwait to Ireland?

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Too many variables! By air: British Airways via London Heathrow to Dublin is probably the easiest route. You could also use Kuwait Airways to Heathrow, followed by BMI/Aer Lingus Lufthansa fly to Dublin via Frankfurt. If you are prepared to have 2 changes of plane, you could go via Bahrain/Doha/Dubai/Riyadh/Amman/Abu Dhabi plus one European Airport. Overland: Drive through Saudi Arabia, ferry to Egypt, then into Libya and Tunisia. Then, you have a choice of a ferry trip to southern Italy from Tunisia and driving through Italy and France before a ferry to the UK and another one to Ireland. OR: Continue across north Africa through Algeria to Morocco. Then the short hop over to southern Spain. Drive north through Spain and France before getting a ferry from Roscoff to Rosslare.
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How long is a flight from Kuwait to Ireland?

Answer . \nKuwait (KWI) to Dublin (DUB)\n. \nShortest Flight Duration * \n9 hours 25 mins * \nVia London Heathrow Apt, London (LHR)\n. \n . this includes transfer time

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