How do you install a pedestal sink when the plumbing is up from the floor?

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Assuming you can not move the plumbing or don't want to, hopefully the drain is centered and far enough back to be behind the pedestal. The supply lines probably are not. If possible, I would extend them straight up to the level of the bowl and then angle them to behind the pedestal. Paint them white, chrome, or some contrasting color depending on your color scheme. My take on things like this is if you can't hide it, call attention to it. Old original pedestal sinks often had brass tubes for supply lines that were made just for this and no one thought anything about them. It was just normal.
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Can you use the existing shower drain for a pedestal sink and do you need a trap for the sink since there is already a trap in the floor?

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\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nSure. The question is whether or not it will freeze during the winter.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nare talking about putting the plumbing outs

How do you install a pedestal sink?

That require a lot of plumbing expertise and is way too complicated to explain here. Look on Youtube and you may find out more.

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The sink sits on the pedestal and there is a hole or slot on the bottom edge that rests against the wall. A large screw or lag screw is put through these holes and into the wa

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