How do you make yourself orange on Gmail chat?

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don't use gmail for a while. meaning keep the gmail page open and logged in and do other stuff like just do something on google or play games or whatever... then, go to your gmail after 5 minutes or 15 minutes. !Remember! it needs to be opened and you're supposed to be logged in
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How do you do a group chat in Gmail Chat?

To group chat, when you are chatting with someone, press "options". Also, there is a button that says "group chat". Then you type in the third persons' gmail address.

Did Gmail make a ultra chat?

Gmail does have a one on one with your contacts chat, but you can go to the options and click add person, than add the people you want to, and you have a full on chat room wit

How do you chat on Gmail?

If you have contacts, when someone is online ( they must be a gmail user) you'll see a green dot next to it and if you click on them you can chat.

How do you chat in Gmail chat?

First, you have to make sure that someone is online. They have to be a gmail user. When the dot next to their name is green on the left side of your screen, just click on thei

How do you make the cat Gmail emotion for chat?

Well i think there's no such "cat" smiley in chat... if you want to know others then go here check this pic out:

How do you use video chatting on Gmail?

The key point is to contact with whom you want to video chat in thechat list, then click on the video camera icon displayed next totheir details. Google Hangouts will soon ask

What are all the Gmail chat secrets?

Gmail secrets will never end, since Gmail is a alive and always changing. But I can answer the secrets we have right now. Here are the smileys: :) :( :{ [:|] :(:)

How do you make yourself invisible on facebook chat?

First you click on the chat icon. Next you click options and then click " go offline". You can also see who is online without appearing online on facebook chat by accessing

Can you make yourself invisible from chat when your online on facebook?

Yes. To make yourself invisible to certain people, you first need to make a group (from the home screen) of people that you don't want to see you. After that, go into chat. To
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Are there chat features on Gmail?

Absolutly! It is required though to have a free gmail account. the people you chat with also must have free gmail accounts. there is also a ton of new features to use such as