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how do i put 5 weeks for mega millons in the new jersey state lottery
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Explain how a drilling machine operates?

A drilling machine is able to hold a certain diameter of drill(in what is known as a chuck), and rotates at a specified rpm(revolutions per minute) enabling the drill to start a hole. the rpm of a drill is calculated by: cutting speed divided by the diameter of the drill times 300. If the question is regarding oil & water well drilling machinery - it's a little more complicated. Typically, oil, gas, and water wells are drilled using what is called a 'mud rotary' system. A drill rig with a derrick suspends the drill pipe (20-30ft long tubes made of steel that a threaded together) inside the bore hole. A drill bit is attached to the other end. They then rotate this assembally inside the hole & let the weight of the bit & drill pipe settle on the bottom & cut the material from the bottom of the hole. A drilling fluid is pumped down the drill pipe and out the end of the bit, from there the fluid circulates back up to the surface, and is either disposed of (when using air as a fluid) or recycled & cleaned to go back down the bore hole. The fluid acts as a cooling agent for the bit, and also suspends & lifts all the cuttings out of the hole, allowing the bit to cut more material from the bottom. Typically, smaller mobile drill rigs weigh in excess of 50,000 lbs, have 35ft derricks, and use 20ft drill pipe segments to drill with. They can be delivered with on board compressors that deliver up to 1070 cubic feet per minute of air at 350 psi, and/or mud pumps that pump hundreds of gallons of mud slurry per minute at very high pressures (500 psi +-). The derricks are usually able to hold 30,000lbs or more of drill rod & bits in the hole. A 4.5" diameter drill pipe, 20' long, with a 3.5" ID, weighs approximately 360lbs - so a 3000' hole can have up to 150 drill pipes, plus bit & stabilizers, weighing in excess of 54,000lbs.

How do you operate or sew with a sun hand operated sewing machine?

Just bought one of these at an antique shop and was totally befuddled, but I'm an engineer so I enjoy the puzzle of getting things to work. Here's what worked for me, just successfully sewed up the bottom of a pants pocket. Make sure that the thread will flow freely from the spool, through the two metal eyelets (looks like the end of a safety pin), and through the needle hole. If there's any resistance it will bind up. There's a thing on the side that looks like a pulley with a spring that you'd think the thread should go through but it doesn't. That's only to hold the thread when you're not using it. I held it with the sharp end of the needle pointing away from me and the spool nearest my body, but you can probably do this either way. To get started, have the thread through the needle but NOT into the bottom of the machine. Pull about an inch or two of thread out the front (away from your body). To start the sewing, lift the metal flange on the bottom (has two metal tabs on it and the hole that the needle will go through) and insert the fabric under it so that the needle will just barely touch the edge of the fabric when you squeeze. Each time you squeeze, the machine will pull the fabric through one stich-length, but you have to be sure that it's not binding. After the first few stiches, pause and make sure the end of the thread isn't caught under the flange, it likes to get caught there and give you trouble. Pull the end of the thread away from there. After that, keep squeezing, make sure you squeeze it all the way down each time. Also make sure that the fabric sides easily through the flange. If there are folds in the fabric it might try to bind up. Any binding pretty much screws up the stich, so be careful. When you get to the end of the stich, pull it out a few inches so you have some thread to tie off so the seam doesn't unravel. Do the same for the end you started with. When you're done, secure the thread in that spring pulley so that it doesn't unwind itself in the drawer. I didn't find anything on how to work this other than this unanswered question, so hopefully this helps someone!

How much do Crane operators get paid in NJ?

It depends whether or not you are union or non-union. If you are a member of IUOE Local 825 you are making between $40 - $46 per hour plus $22 per hour for your benefit package. If you are non-union, you'll make $18 - $28 per hour and you are lucky to have any benefits.

How do you operate a washing machine?

The best way to operate a washing machine is by following themanual that it came with. If you do not have a manual, you can readwhat each button does since they are labelled with their specificfunctions.

What is a person who operates a machine called?

A person who operates a machine is called an operator and in some cases a machinist.

How do you operate a fax machine?

in operating a fax machine, you first place the paper in the designated arwa, then enter the number of the recieveing fax machine, then press send, the machine should scan the document(s) and then if accepted, the machine will print a confirmation sheet that the fax was completed successfully.

How do you operator the cnc machine?

Well there are a few different types one is an opperator controlled that means that the opperator has to phisicly (?) hold buttons down to make the router move another type you input cooradanets or a design in to a computer program wich does the "button pushing" for you those two move the router not the material for you but another while technecly not a cnc moves the material being cut or milled. hope this helps. cgul

Operating system as an extended machine?

The Computer being a very complex machine appears to us the users as a very easy to use machine all thanks to the operating system. The operating system hides all the underlying processes that are going on in the computer like interrupt,memory allocation,time pulse etc and presents the user with a more simplified user friendly interface. Because in general sense an ordinary user is not interested in the complicated processes that go on in the computer system.

How do coin operated machines work?

The weight of the coin pushes down on a sensor, and the sensor reads the amount of money put in. Or sometimes scanning the size of coins.

How do you operate a dishwashing machine?

Every dish washer operates differently. The dish washer should beloaded, have soap added in the appropriate labeled spots on theinside of the door, then press the buttons for the type of washthat is required.

How do you make a lottery machine with events on Blockland?

i think i have an idea. if your good at modeling and building,or your friend is,ask him/her or you just make the lottery machine from modeling it or building it. if your talking about tickets,then make the print yourself,find a print thats good,or just make it plain.if your talking about the number picking,then i suggest you make circular or just plain bricks then when you click it,it will tell you the number. Now for the eventing. when you click the machine,it will make the ticket,or whatever come out,or if you build it,press a button,then it will despense it. you can tell me what U R doing and i can help ya out. my name is *BlackOut. i can help you with alot of your troubles.

Different operations in lathe machine?

The main operation in a lathe machine is to turn material. In alllathes, a piece is held and rotated around an axis while metal iscut.

What is the meaning of operation in lathe machining?

An "operation" is one step in a manufacturing process. Typically, there are a number of operations required to manufacture any given part, and you try to do as many of them in a single machine setup as possible to save time and cost. Considering lathework, you might have a part that requires this set of steps to make:. 1. Rough turn stock / 2. Final turn outside diameter. / 3. Turn snap ring groove / 4. Turn thread undercut / 5. Cut thread / 6. Knurl / 7. Face / 8. Cutoff. Each of these steps would probably use a different cutting tool in the lathe, and would be an operation. Depending on the sophistication of the lathe, all the required tools might be loaded into a turret in the sequence they are required. That would be the setup.

What is shaping in lathe machine operations?

Although shaping usually refers to removal of material from a staionary object, material removed while rotary broaching with a Slater broach on a lathe is very similar to a typical shaping operation.

Operating system as a extended machine?

Problems: 1. The computer has a complex stracture (CPU and other diffrent components). 2. small set of primitive commands (changing from one computer to another..) The operating system is answering these problems by adding a new abstarction layer (it's actually hidding non important or primitive elements).

What is the machining operation called turning?

Turning refers to rotating a part around one of its axis, then using a cutting tool to change its diameter. The machine tool designed to carry out turning is the lathe.

Using machines to operate other machines is called?

I think its called operating i am not sure but type this question you asked into and it will probably pop up. I hope I helped answer your question throughly.

What are operations done in lathe machine?

The three basic operations that can be performed on both a metal or wood lathe machine are turning, boring and facing. At least one--if not all three--of these functions will be used each time you work on a project. The only things that will change are the tools used and the speed and feed of the lathe.

What is bare machine in operating systems?

it creats a backup point in the computer when the operating system is currepted or at time of destroy your computer.

How do you operate a cnc machine?

Most of the manufacturing companies are now equipped with the CNCmachines as the markets have got very competitive; however, gettingthe expert labors for operating these machines is becoming quitedifficult. The machine operators of these days prefer to operatethe machine by programming instead of operating it manually. Inmost of the machine tools training institutes the new operators aretaught manual machining as well as CNC machining and programming.

Operations at Hoeganaes Corp in Cinnaminson NJ?

there are no production operations at hoeganaes, they are in the process of tearing most of the buildings down

Does Groux Catholic Tours still operate in NJ?

As of August 2014, Groux Catholic Tours still operates in NewJersey. The company is located in Trenton, New Jersey.

How does coin operated machines work?

Inside the machine, either there is a scale that measures the weight of the coin, or by sensing the coin size.

How do you operate washing machine?

Connect the washer properly. Make sure the water hose is properly connected to the faucet. Plug to the right outlet and press the on button. You can refer to the manual for the proper way of operating your washer. It depends from one washer to another. In most cases, you have to load your clothes to the washer drum. Add the right amount of detergent, fabric conditioner or bleach. Press the button of the washing cycles that you want. If there is a water level, also indicate the water level. You can find all the controls on the front screen of the machine. Once you have programmed it, you can hit the start button.

Why don't Wawa have lottery machines?

It is a philosophical objection on the part of the heads of Wawa. They feel that people who would come just to gamble on the lottery would get in the way of the people they really want: the people who come in to shop, order sandwiches, and generally buy Wawa's products.

How do you operate the time machine on poptropica?

Big Time Machine : When you see the time machine in the lower right in Pendulum's lab, just go to left of the floor and you will find a downhill ramp going left. . Follow the ramp down and keep walking right to push the giant plug into the wall. Then just go up the ramp and enter the machine by clicking on the entrance. Handheld Future Time Machine : Simply click on the handheld time machine that you get from your future self in the lower left corner, click on an era, and press the green knob.

How do you prepare drilling machines for operations?

Make sure they are well oiled so they do not tighten up and stopworking, and make sure it is clean so you can't get cut or injured.

How to operate the PCOS machine?

Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine voting - A voter will be given a paper ballot. There are ovals next to each candidate. The voter shades in the ovals beside the candidates they want to vote for, being careful not to put any other marks on the ballot or to damage the ballot in any way and to shade in the oval dark enough so the PCOS machine can read it. When a voter is finished marking the ovals beside the candidates he or she is voting for, it is inserted lengthwise into the machine. It does not matter if it is inserted bottom or top first. The voter does not have to force the ballot into the machine. Once the machine senses the ballot, it will "pull" it through and read it. If the ballot comes back out, you need to check it to be sure the ovals that you shaded are shaded well and reinsert the ballot into the machine. If it comes out again, recheck it and reinsert it. A voter has four chances to insert the ballot and have it read by the machine. After the fourth time, it is marked as an invalid ballot. Having your ballot read by the machine should not be a problem if you check your ballot for damage before filling it out and be careful to completely shade the ovals beside the candidates you are voting for. You also want to be careful not to vote for more candidates in a certain race (for example, president) than you are allowed to. In most races, only one candidate's oval should be shaded.

Can I transfer my NJ boiler operator license to a ny boiler operator license?

NO. You need to have 5 Years of sit time in NYC to be eligible to take the exam. 1 year with a mechanical engineer degree and 1 year if you have at least 4 years of sit time with a blue seal.

How do you operate a vending machine?

Put the coin into a vending machine and press the button to put out a drink or a snack. and your selected item will be dropped in the tray of vending machine.

Who operates the heart-lung machines?

Very often, a MDT (multi disciplinary team) approach will be taken when deciding to put someone on a heart-lung machine. - The Doctors will decide the appropriate settings and review multiple times throughout the day, and the nurse shall maintain and adapt the settings as they see fit, depending on the patients tolerance and condition as time goes on.

What is facing operation at lathe machine?

facing is the proccess of reducing length of the work piece. it is done using cross slide. the tool is fed using the carriage.

Can narwhals operate machine guns?

Yes, they are beasty and kill unicorns and dragons with their 105 caliber sable round blastin' awesomeness

What Army units operate at Fort Dix NJ in 1973?

Third Brigade trianign BAsic recrutis I wen tin in Jan 73 was asigned A-4-3 Comapny A 4th Battalaion, 3rd Brigade Youhad the 412th MP Comapany 511th MP Comap-ny and the 532nd MP comapny all part of the 759th MP Battalion

Is a laminator machine easy to operate?

Yes a laminator machine is relatively easy to set up and operate, all you need to do is insert the paper and then hit start and the laminator will start laminating.

How the lottery number machine works?

There are two types: those that use gravity such that the balls drop out the bottom of the tombola and those that use air to force balls out of the top of tombola. Both may employ rotating arms spinning in opposite directions to thoroughly mix the balls. The balls themselves are weighed and calibrated so that the ball with number 1 is the same weight as 88 (the amount of paint in the number can affect the weight slightly). See related links, below, for more information.

Can NJ lottery winners remain anonymous?

According to an email reply from NJ Lottery officials they are required by law to disclose information about the winner if someone asked them because of the Public Record Act or something like that. Also, if it is a huge jackpot, they would like to announce it and make everyone know that it is possible to win - it's publicity for the lottery. You can, however, request a low profile news conference and request to be anonymous if the jackpot is small - Pick 6. This is according to an email I got from NJ Lottery officials when I asked them about this about maybe 3 years ago now.

What is the salary of a machine operator in USA?

You are right. I would also include the industry that the operator works in. You do not make clear what to include in your salary question? Whether you want the hourly rate of pay for the job or whether you want to include benefits which will nearly double the hourly rate. A good # to use is $10.00 to $15.00 not including benefits & insurance for a basic machine operator's job. The salary of a machine operator depends on the type of machine being operated, the region of the US in which the operator is located, and the company the operator is working for.

What is centering in lathe machine operation?

Centering a work piece usually refers to when the piece is put into the chuck and the end faced off and then centre drilled to provide small tapered hole which can then accommodate and be supported by a running centre in the tailstock. In the case of a work piece being held in a four jaw chuck, centering would refer to adjusting each jaw to get the work piece running in the desired axis.

Do you need a CDL to operate a 24 Gvw truck in NJ?

Generally, no. However, there are two exceptions to this - 1: if it's a vehicle transporting a quantity of hazardous materials which requires placards to be displayed or 2: if it's a bus designed to transport more than 15 persons (including the driver).

Does the lottery machine check your raffle number at the shop?

Most lottery machines now have the ability to check raffle numbersat the store. Through the use of bar code scanners this is nowpossible in most areas where lottery tickets are sold.

How does a bike operate as a simple machine?

A bike is not a simple machine. It's a collection of several simple machines ... specifically, in order to even be a "bicycle" it must contain at the very minimum two simple machines (two wheels and axles).

What are the requirements to be a heavy machine operator?

There are a number of requirements to be a heavy machine operator. Depending on the type of machinery that is being operated, firstly a good level of health is required as the place of work could require some minimal lifting and carrying of smaller goods, in addition to this a college or apprenticship scheme may need to have been completed as will a commercial drivers license test that sometimes has a fee attatched to it.

How do you operate digital theodolite machine?

A theodolite machine is a tool used by land surveyers to measure verticle and horizontal angles. A digital theodolite machine is one with a digital display. You may fine video instruction on how to operate this machine on youtube.

Where can one take a look at the last winners of the NJ Lotto Lottery?

In New Jersey, the lottery maintains a public record list of winners. Consumers can request a copy of a winners list by going to the states Open Public Records Website and looking under the Treasury Department.

What lotteries operate in South Africa?

South Africa has had a National Lottery since 2000 including the main Lotto draw and a Lotto Plus option. There have been previous national lotteries but these no longer operate.

Where can someone view NJ Lottery results?

Anyone can get the NJ Lottery results from a local gas station. But if they are not going out then they can go online to the NJ lottery to get results.

What is a facing operation in terms of machining?

The facing operation is the part of machining where the final surface is given it's finishing touches. Usually this is done by fine turning of the surface to produce a highly polished and smooth surface.

Does a lottery machine in the shop beep if you have won?

We had 6 numbers come up and had the ticket checked in Sainsburys.A little receipt flew out of the machine saying "Please contactLottery HQ." The woman said you must have won over £5000. Luckilywe won more than that so hopefully you will see the ticket fly outof the machine some day!!

What are the operation that can be performed in drill machine?

Drilling machines are designed for drilling holes using a range ofdrill bit types. Drilling machines are normally stand alonemachines and are not portable.