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How do you put anime pictures online that you made with gimp and not get a copyrighted message?

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use imgur(dot)com
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Deviantart.com is the best site
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Who made the gimp?

Spencer kimball & Peter Mattis made up the "Gimp" Raster graphics photo editor program which is competitor of photoshop but it is open source & free program.

Can you put pictures from your dsi online?

yes, if you go to "other" on the dsi camera, you can move your pictures to your SD card and then put them online or anywhere else.

How do upload a GIMP picture to DeviantArt?

Save your picture as a PNG or JPG. Then go to deviantart.com and create an account if you don't already have one. Once you have your account, click your username in the top le

Why are your pictures fuzzy when you scale them in gimp?

No program can add more detail than is in the original image - there are programs that can make guesses as to what the detai is, or you can add detail by hand BUT IT'S N

Can you remove pictures from gimp?

There are no pictures in GIMP, they're all on your hard drive. Delete then just like any other file.

How can i put anime picture to your profile?

if your on face book, then go to "google images .com" and look for the picture you want then right click on it and save it to your computer as a document and then when you go

How do you copyright pictures online?

You don't DO anything for copyright. It is free and automatic in over 160 countries that belong to the Berne Convention, including the USA. You can optionally use the copyr