How do you remove fuse box on Lexus is300?

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How do you remove a fuse from the fuse box?

I've fixed a lot of fuses. You've just got to pull. The tool they give you might not work, try some needle-nose pliers. Just grab it and pull. Maybe wiggle it a little. Sometimes they're just stubborn.

Where is the fuse box in a Lexus ES300?

Answer . It's located on either the right or left side of the engine. . At least in the 2002 ES 300, there are two fuse boxes. One is under the hood, a long black box with a removable lid on the driver's side, above the wheel well. The second is also on the driver's side, inside the car, close to the door; left side of steering wheel on the under side of the dashboard behind a hinged pocket-door that comes out if you open the pocket-door and pull gently it up and out, which allows the pocket-door to snap out of the hinge detents. At which point you'll see the fuses hiding behind. . P.S. There is a white plastic fuse puller tool that you can use to facilitate grabbing hold of a fuse to remove and inspect it which is in the fuse box under the hood, previously mentioned.

Where is the fuse box located on a 1993 Lexus gs 300?

There are two fuse boxes located in the 1993 GS300...on the US Spec Gs300, 1 fuse box is located under the hood on the right area facing side. The other is located underneath the dash, above the brake pedal, on the driver side.

Where is the fuse box in 1998 Lexus es 300?

I am not sure of the difference in the 97 and the 98 but i drive a 97 and the fuse box is located to the bottom left of the steering wheel behind the little change drawer.It may be possible that they have the same location There are also fuses under the hood on the passenger side. In my frustration, you have to lift and pull up on the change drawer. Remove the change first! :) On the back of the change drawer will be the diagram for where and what the fuses do. Stock up on mini fuses.

WHere is the Lexus fuse box?

There is one fuse panel next to the dead pedal on the drivers side of course and there is also one right in front of the battery under the hood. Replacing the fuses under the hood can be very tricky. See your local dealers parts guy for instructions on how to replace these fuses because most of them don't just pull out.

How do you remove Lexus is300 seats?

There are four bolts per seat for the front passenger and front drivers seats. There are two electrical connectors that must be disconnected before you pull the seat out. The four bolts are located on the bottom of the rail. two under removal plastic on the backseat floor and two in the front of each seat accessed by putting the seat as far back as you can. The rear seat has a bolt that secures in the middle rear of the seat. you can see it by pushing the seat toward the fron of the vehicle. like you were looking for a quarter that fell in the crack. Good luck.

How to remove a Sunfire fuse box?

Answer . You'll need to remove each wire terminal one at a time from the fuse box. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting a parts diagram beforehand.

How do you remove the CD changer from a 2002 Lexus IS300?

Yes I just did yesterday. Start by pulling out the panel that has the seat heat just pulls out toward you. That reveils to bolts that must be romoved. Than at the top of the dash there is a tray that many people put change and sunglasses in. This tray has a felt insert that you pry up with a screw driver. It just snaps in. This allows you to remove two screws. Once this screws are out the tray just pulls out. This allows you to remove the heater/air vents. They also just pull out. With them removed you can now remove the two top bolts that hold the stereo/air control panels. They are bolted together and come out as a unit. Remove all electrical cannon plugs and separate the units by removing the bolts on the side of the stereo unit. This was under the title. How to remove the car stereo for a 2002 Lexus IS 300.

Where is the fuse box on a 1993 Lexus LS 400?

there is two boxes, one at the engine's side and the other inside the car just in front of the driver's side under the driving wheel area, search there until you find it, its attached at the upper side ; its in the upper side from the fuel accelerator, hope that helps :)

Where is the fuse box on the driver side of a Lexus rx330?

To the left of the brake pedal (also, right behind the parking brake). It's got a black cover protecting it. When you're sitting in the car, it is just beyond your left knee and is a small black box 3"x 6" in size. The cover comes off by prying on the frontal snap.

How to remove cartridge fuse in a 2000 Lexus ES 300?

\nI am trying to replace my cartidge fuse in a 1992 Lexus ES300. The Lexus dealership told me I had to take the battery out and take apart the fuse box to get to the cartrdge fuse. The reason for taking the battery out is to make more room to work with and safety. It is hard to get in there beause the space is so small. You have to un-bolt the cartidge fuse and then put in and rebolt the new one. But there are wires connected to it (which I guess will not be connected once you unbolt it.) I am having trouble, so if any body knows anything....let me know!

Replace light bulb on a Lexus is300?

1- take bumper cover off.. 2-disconnect bolts from behind headlight assembly in engine compartment and from inside of wheel well to assembly.. 3-twist cap rear cap off, flip clips holding lamp assembly in place, and pull out lamp.. 4-im still learning how to check the ballst.

Where to get a fuse box diagram for a Lexus 1998 gs300?

I need a fuse box diagram for a 1998 Lexus GS 300. What is the site for a diagram with more in detail? I need to understand what each fuse does, also there are black square glass fuses attached to the fuse box. What do they control in my car...

Where is the fuse box for the dashboard lights in a 1994 Lexus ls400?

It's not usually a fuse that goes out, but the inadequate capacitorthat came with them from the factory. You will need to pull out thedashboard instrument panel and replace C212 with a new 10uf 16Vcapacitor, and C142 with a 4.7uf 25-35V capacitor and C147 with a10uf 50V capacitor. You can get the replacements for $1 at RadioShack. Need to be soldered and the wire leads are tiny. There'sgood info and diagrams on the Clublexus forums. If you're one ofthe many unfortunate people who brought their car to the dealershipand let them replace the whole instrument cluster, complete withnew faulty capacitors, and paid them $1,500 for that or more, thenI'm sorry for you.

How do you remove the fuse box from a 1986 Jeep Comanche?

Under the hood on the drivers side is the engine wiring harness. Disconnect bolt from the center it has 1/4" head. Pull out both connectors together. Under the dash on the drivers side the fuse box has two screws , top left and lower right, which hold box to firewall.

Where is the fuse box located in a 1998 Lexus sc 300?

There is one inside the passenger compartment and one under the hood - both on the driver's side. The one inside is down by your feet on the left side under the side carpet. It is roughly 3" by 2.5". The one under the hood is near the battery and is roughly 8" by 5". It has two slotted circles/screws in the top that you can unscrew with a coin.

How do you remove the cigarette lighter fuse in a Lexus LS430?

This one is a little bit of a curve ball. Normally the fuse box is located under the steering column on the left hand side. However, in this case the fuse box is located under the dash panel directly adjacent to the "open hood" lever on the left hand side. Their is a rectangular plastic panel that hides it. The plastic panel has a clip on the far side in the center that looks like a beed or a small ball. If you pull on the ball of the clip directly outward from its position (towards the gas pedal) the plastic panel will come off exposing the fuses for the interior. their is always a diagram on the back of the plastic panel to indicate the individual fuses and show their location. If your plastic piece is missing than I can tell you that the fuse for the cigarette lighter is one of the two lowest in the center column of fuses. Their are two 15amp mini fuses, one is for the cigarette lighter and the other is for the power outlet under the center armrest.

What kind of engine is in the stock Lexus is300?

The Lexus IS300 was the first design of the Lexus IS. It is available as a 5-door hatchback/wagon and a 4-door sedan. It is considered as a tuner (as in Tuner, Muscle, Exotic) which makes the IS unique because Lexus cars are usually exotic. From 1998 to 1999 it was the car of the year. It is no longer manufactured because of the newer models. It can be bought on the internet or at a used car lot. It doesn't have the extreme luxury of other Lexus's. It may not be the fastest car in the world but the IS300 and are popular with lower-class tuners. When Lexus designed the IS300 at the same time they also made the IS200. The IS200 was exactly the same as the IS300 except it had a 2-litre petrol tank while the IS300 had a 3-litre petrol tank (this is how all the IS Lexus's got there name). Also the IS200 wasn't sold in the USA. The Is300 was produced in the USA from 2001 to 2005. After 2005 it was then called the Is350. There was no IS 200. In japan it was called the Rs200. There were various models produced in japan. There was only one trim available in the US market. The Is300 also came with the non aspirated version of the legendary Toyota Supra engine. The 2JZ-GE.

Where do you find the fuse box for Lexus gs 300 2002?

The fuse boxes in the car are located on the drivers, behind the parking break, on the passenger side underneath the right side of the glove box (directions given from the persecutive of the drivers seat). The last 2 can be found in under the hood. One on the top right side and the other on the top left side (directions given from the perspective of standing infront of the car).

Where is the fuse box 1991 Lexus?

In the ES250 model, the fuses are located in 2 primary places. In the engine compartment, on the drivers side, along the top outside wall, in a black compartment. Just pop open the snap on hinge to gain access to these fuses. Secondly, inside the car, drivers side floor panel area. Remove panel door to access these fuses.

How do you remove the 2004 Lexus is300 shift knob?

You uncrew it Counter-Clockwise. It might be hard sometimes like on mine, ( I thought I was going to break it) It was just too tight. I recommend Holding the Shaft with one hand tightly to hold it in place and squeazing the ball as you turn Counter-Clockwise until it screws off.

How do you found the cigarette lighter fuse box on 99 Lexus ES300?

Look behind the change compartment (that's the little door just above your left knee). Pop it out one side at a time, then refer to the diagram on the back of said door. If the fuse is not the issue, it's a very good chance that your lighter is plain old broken. I had the same problem with the cigarette lighter (powering a cell phone adaptor) but it was intermittent. I found out it wasn't not the fuse but the center mount post (the positive terminal) of the cigarette lighter itself was loosened I had just to be tightened. The tough part is accessing the lighter itself. I ended prying it out from the top, giving just enough access to get to the bolt underneath with a tiny pair of pliers.

Where is the interior fuse box on the 1997 Lexus es 300?

I just got a '99 300rx with some fuse issues. There are three fuse buses--2 under the hood and one by the left knee of the driver. The trick is that they hid the fuse box behind a pull out ashtray. It's easily removed, and then you can get to the fuse buss there. Good luck

2004 Lexus is300 gurgling sound?

Your heater core is going bad, or there is air in the system. Happened to me had to replace heater core. I did it myself and it was a little bit of a pain. Took four hours.

Where are the fuse boxes at on a 92 Lexus sc 400?

There are 2, one is under the hood on the drivers side under a black plastic box screwed in by two large screws. The other is by the drivers left foot on the "wall" of the car (you might have to bend the carpet down a little bit and you'll have to be very flexible to get in there!), its a small black box.

How do i Change rear brakes on Lexus is300?

Very simple. After you have safely raised & supported the rear of your IS & removed the wheels, you will see a through-pin on the outer edge of the caliper. Remove the pins' retainer clip & pull the pin to the outside direction. This will free up the anti-rattle clip which is a single piece for both pads. Then simply pull the pads up & out of the caliper. There should be two anti-squeak shims behind each pad. Depending on the brand & quality of your replacement pads, you may need to clean & reuse those shims. I recommend you always purchase new shims & anti-rattle hardware. But if you're 'on the cheap' & they aren't broken, should be OK to clean & reuse. Use a small wire brush to clean out the area of the calipers where the pads sit in. You will also need to push both pistons back into their bores of the caliper to allow room for the new, thicker pads. A large flat screwdriver will accomplish this easily. It may be easier to loosen the master cylinder cap to allow to fluid to more quickly flow back into the cylinder. Assembly is the opposite of what you've just done. Pretty simple really. No need to remove or unbolt the caliper on this design.

Where is the fuse box located on a1995 Lexus ls400?

One fuse box is located under the hood on the driver's side of the vehicle. The other fuse box is located behind the kick panel on the driver's side, sitting in the car where the outside of your left foot would be.

How do you remove the fuse box from a Ford Focus?

There are two brass hex screws. Everything I read tells me to unscrew those then squeeze the plastic clips on the side and the whole thing comes out. I had trouble getting it to budge at first. Just work it a little and apply some force and it will come out.

How do you change 2003 is300 Lexus headlights?

It will vary depending on if you have HID lighting or Halogen Lighting which you did not include in your question. 2003 Lexus IS300 headlight bulb general replacement procedure: Purchase the correct replacement headlight bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the headlight bulb replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for bulb replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).